38 thoughts on “Tense Pro-Gun Rally Ends Peacefully In Virginia | NBC News NOW

  1. Gov blackface lied there were no credible threats he wanted people to stay home or protest the gun owners his claim of white supremacists was just a way to summon counter protesters. He wanted a Charlottesville.

  2. 1.) Not white supremacy: blacks, hispanics, Antifa, conservatives, and Black Panthers in solidarity today for their constitutional "shall not be infringed" gun rights.

    2.) The media calls them fascists when it was fascist, Nazi Germany that decided who could own guns when they virtually banned them.

    3.) The media lied again in trying to link this to Charlottesville and thus smear gun ownership as there were left wing antifa and Black Panthers people there in solidarity with others.

  3. Once again, the left looks like a fool…. get that many liberals together and it is a bloody mess. The only thing is the censorship the left does at YouTube that has took down the thousands that marched in the streets with guns. Seems YouTube wants everyone to think everyone conformed to their no guns allowed policy. They didn't and will not because it is a right given from God (not the government).

  4. SJW: " We need more gun control, don't you want to protect the children!"

    Also SJW: "Women have the right to choose!"


  5. I haven't read a single retraction or apology from Gov. Blackface to U.S.citizens for his hysterical behavior and urging police to not only violate the U.S. Constitution, but to keep peaceful pro-2a protesters away from the capitol grounds.

  6. This proves something, that guns reduce the amount of violence. If criminals or evil people know you are armed, they aren't even going to bother showing up. This should show the country that law abiding citizens just want to live free, we don't desire crime or desire shooting people. We want our guns for the right reasons, for protection, hunting and to keep the government in check. The only person arrested looks like she was part of antifa and was looking to start trouble.

  7. So Democratic did you learn anything. We Republican have peaceful rallies.
    MLK said it and we showed it. Lol MLK was a Republican he would have been at this rally.

  8. LMAO! These idiots who want to take guns away from responsible law abiding Patriots never cease to amaze me with their fear mongering.

  9. Of course there wasn't violence. They weren't the typical bunch of spoiled, deranged psycho & sociopathic leftists.
    Thanks for the free pro-Trump advertising!

  10. What's he talking about new legislation? The right to bear arms. And had their police concerned police should be hung for treason.

  11. They suggest that the only interesting side to this is that there was no violence. 91 of 95 Virginia counties voted to become sanctuary counties to oppose Governor Northam's proposed laws.  As written in the Declaration of Independence," Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed."  Does it sound like the Governor has the consent of the governed?  Does it sound like he minds? That's not an interesting side to the story?

  12. Because it’s our second amendment right and no politician will ever take that away…It’s pretty ridiculous that the government would go after people that obey the law instead of the criminals.. it was a peaceful rally because everyone there was your neighbor.

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