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Teleporting Machine – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, what are you making now? Hey Motu, my friend, I am making Teleporting machine. Teleporting machine? What happens in it? Through this machine we can go anywhere. If the rays falls on the person , command the machine and person is ported to the location. Snap of the finger the person is vanished and appears in the said location. Wow big brother!! This is too good. I am hungry, feel like eating cake, I will send Ghasitaram to get the cake from the shop. Oh my lord!! Not me!! Ghasita go to the cake shop and get a big cake. Oh my lord!! I am dead. Motu, what did you do? Run!! Help!! I won’t spare Motu!! Oh my lord!! Motu!! You came empty hand, where is the cake? Dr Jhatka, he sent me to the cake oven , don’t allow him to touch the machine. He will misuse it. John becomes Don!! Give me the machine. This machine belongs to me , you all go in the black water location. Send these people in the crocodile lake. Help!! Mummy!! Oh my lord!! John will be the don. I called you back, because I wanted to see the fear in your eyes and face. Ok, bye bye, enjoy. Send them to the Island. Oh no!! Ghost!! Run!! Hey these crocodiles are calling us ghost. I have never seen a talking crocodile in my 20yrs of experience. Now, what to do? Oh my god!! Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. John, quickly give the machine. Which machine ? Where is the machine? Here we don’t have any machine. Hey, don’t act smart with Chingam. Motu Patlu called me, I know everything, quickly give me the machine. Then take this sir. Put him behind the bars. Oh my god! I am in jail. I won’t spare you John. Swear on the law, swear on mother India. I won’t spare you. Sir, you in the lockup? You are great, you are the hope of India. Oh my god!! First get me out of here. Go and get the money from Furifuri nagers bank, go. What is this happening ? In the presence of Chingam, bank are getting looted. John is looting everyone. Oh my god!! How did you all come here? Chingam sir, crocodiles thought that we are ghosts so they ran away and we came here. Ok, lets search John, he has harassed everyone, looted all the banks. Come with me. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, impossible.John surrender, you are been surrounded. You cannot escape now. Give that machine to me. John will become the don!! Nobody can catch me. Send all these people into the clouds. They should never come back. Send this Inspector to his mom and dad. Let him have Idli and Dosa. Oh my god!! How come you are here? know you have come to have my homemade food. Oh my god!! Let me go, I haven’t come to eat food. Oh my god! Now have this, don’t go. First finish all this the only you can leave. Big brother, tell me how to catch this devil John? Patlu, you think of something. My brain doesn’t work on an empty stomach. Idea!! We are black shaded thieves, no nobody has seen us before. We are experts in looting the bank but we are not able to unlock the locker of Kamalpur bank. We shall be glad if you loot it. Which locker are you talking about? The locker has lots of valuables, you must have never seen so much. John brother,these Goons will be appearing the world record books. No one has dared to loot that bank till date, you all will become the kings of thieves. Yes John brother, they won’t be called robbers but skilled thieves. John will become the don!! Why should I send these Goons? I will make history, I will be famous. Take me to Kamalpur bank. There is no money here, its electric current here. Run!! You cheated with John the don. You gave me current, I won’t spare you. No Chingam sir, don’t shoot. John don’t move from your place, or else I will send you to the crocodile lake. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s we, just impossible. Now, lets go to jail. This is cheating, its unfair. They fooled an innocent man like me. Should I send you on that Island? No!!

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