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  1. The whole point of the feds is to make sure the states DO NOT infringe
    on the bill of rights. Yet, what do they do? They stick their noses
    into everything they shouldn't, but allow the states to infringe on the
    bill of rights. The whole thing is a joke, and while Trump at least
    brought this to the mainstream attention, it's not going to get fixed
    until Repubs grow a backbone.

    There is only 1 1st and 1 2nd amendment, it is right there in black and
    white, and the feds have, through Heller, made sure everyone knows what
    the 2nd means, and through various decisions, what the 1st means. Any
    law that infringes on this by the state is in violation of the bill of
    rights, period, yet we're moving further and further away from the feds
    enforcing the one thing they have the power to enforce, and closer and
    closer to imposing laws they have no power to do.

    WTF is going on.

  2. Aren’t these the same people that eat tide pods and drink hand sanitizer? Yep, a bunch of brainiacs indeed.

  3. Yes let's all acknowledge gun violence and try and take away guns from lawful gun owners, but let's not see the black on black violence that happens every single day let's not acknowledge the hateful groups only the white hateful groups! The left is so biased and corrupt that they don't even know what the hell they believe anymore! #walkaway

  4. Gun grabbing bitches think they can do shit? HA, not hardly! Technology is changing the landscape. Gun control has lost. See what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N_Oo6Ulba8&t=149s This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jFjtE7bzeU There is NOTHING YOU CAN DO. If someone wants a gun, they can get it. Eat shit bitches!

  5. In the US, it is a constitutional right where guns are a capital offence here and in some other countries. Other countries are in between

  6. Criminals won't follow laws????

    Good point, lets get rid of all the laws criminals won't follow! 😂

  7. Yes well these would be the same teens that couldn't find their own country on a world map and have never heard of any others. Lets be honest here, Americans AREN'T exactly hailed for their intelligence levels now are they? This lot is just more proof of that.

  8. It's like the chicken and the egg thing, which comes first, guns or evil people? Guns are tools and are suppose to empower the weak! Also that nickname "lockdown generation" is a little out of touch with history

  9. anyone who wants to come for my guns,you better have your big boy pants on that day because it's not going to be a easy task 🙂

  10. Shooting for whom? Are you guys sure that guns are only being used for protecting yourself? I couldn't comprehend at all..If there was a difference with my opinion, please tell me softly. As a foreigner's view,
    I witnessed So Many Americans who is willing to get consent to gun possession.

  11. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be INFRINGED.
    Infringed means restricted, limited, or undermined.

  12. Until you guys come to detroit and stop gangs from owning illegal guns, I'm not giving up mines thank you very much.

  13. I’m a teen and I do not support the gun control I’m a supporter of the second amendment if you study history then you would understand the greatest minds knew what they wanted a right to bare arms against kings

  14. The entire world knows Americans are not terribly bright. So these uneducated American teens are just more examples of that fact. The future is secure for more of the same. The minute they open there mouths confirms that. Most Americans cant even find their own country on a map – its scary to think they have guns, or are even allowed out after dark. They seem happy to kill themselves by the truck loads like they already do, so they get what they deserve. There's no accounting for stupidity.

  15. Democrat : guns are bad they kill people we need gun control the NRA is bad and are bad people
    Also Democrat : walks into planned parenthood to get an abortion and advocates for late term abortions just seconds before birth.

  16. So, if a citizen buys firearms for self-defense because there are many people with guns with bad intentions, does that mean that the United States is the worst place in the world?
    An industrialized country with little more than 200 years of history has so much evil, so much fear of each other that everyone needs a weapon?
    I can understand the point of view of the business, tho

  17. Come on NPR 1. "Now that a bunch of rich white kids have been shot we want to do something about it"?
    2. "We are the ONLY generation that has to deal with this?"
    FACTCHECK: School violence is not at a historic high, its actually downtrending, its just that more people are being shot on average of occurrence. School shootings, and students bringing weapons to school happened more frequently in past decades. DO some actual scholarly research and not what you can just search up on the first page of goog.
    for instance: (Brock and Reeves, 2018, Behavioral Threat Assessment)

  18. Yeah I really don’t give two shits what a handful of indoctrinated children think about guns. They need to grow up, pay taxes, get a job and experience at least 10 more years of life before they can preach to me. If they want to get angry and throw a rally it should be an anti Nikolas Cruz rally!! They got a bone to pick it’s with him..he pulled the trigger. He let many people know beforehand and they did nothing and said nothing. Wheres the outrage over that? I sympathize but trading liberty for a little security doesn’t work. My AR is safe at home. It doesn’t kill children. The 2nd is a right, and rights aren’t for sale. They can’t be bargained with or bartered. You wanna change something? Focus on the nuts who do this shit. Go after the ACTUAL source of the problem. Mental health, gangs, poverty, drugs. Stop using tragedies as an excuse to strip away my rights. You need to accept no matter how many kiddies you get to scream into a microphone..guns aren’t going ANYWHERE in this country. Now or a thousand years from now. No law can be passed, no President can sign them away, no court can strike them down. The only option is to acclimate or keep pushing until you get a very violent response. Or move..I heard New Zealand and Europe hates guns too 😒

  19. I have guns and I'm trained. I've had several background checks and hold a clearance. I've been to some of the best shooting schools and courses of instruction around. Should I be allowed to have guns? Yeah, I think so. Should your typical person without any of this? No, not in my opinion.

  20. Does anyone remember the first bill Donnie signed as our fake president? I do…https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-sign-bill-revoking-obama-era-gun-checks-people-mental-illnesses/

    Those NRA suits are expert alt-right fear lobbyist. Giving that alt right cult support is a sign of cult followership.

  21. Except it’s illegal for anyone in Indiana to sell a gun to anyone other than an Indiana resident. It’s also illegal for you to bring that gun across the Illinois border soooooo….

    The man 1) committed a felony by obtaining a firearm 2) committed a felony by armed robbery 3) committed a felony by murder and y’all want more laws for him to break? I’m sorry to hear about your brother by it doesn’t matter what laws are on the books. Criminals break laws

  22. Some of these inner cities and some of the rural south are victims of globalization and neo-liberal economic policies and have been sacrificed. There Is nothing for the youth to look forward to and nothing for their families to do to privide for and guide their youth. These kids take up arms in gang activity because their is no other mechanism for basic survival. Camden NJ, is a good example. There is nothing that could be done to revive Camden. No amount of social programs will reverse the collapse of the social construct of Camden.

  23. 14:35 " knowing how to take care of yourself" a basic fundamental principle that many Americans have unfortunately given up or never had.

  24. Every house in my neighborhood has a gun, but I don’t hear gunshots at night except when I’m at the range. Every person here in Arizona carries a gun or at least know somebody who carries a gun, I’m worried about getting shot, why?

    Because it’s a people problem!!!!

    Where I live in Arizona, Scottsdale to be precise is a nice planned community.

    We don’t have gangs killing each other, drug dealers shooting other drug dealers, people respect their community, we all watch out for each other, our neighborhoods are pretty active with neighborhood watch we all know each other, we strive to be good neighbors and provide a safe and watch for community. We have good schools, we have good roads and it’s considered a desert paradise.

    We probably have more guns in this state then a military base lol.

    But nobody is worried about getting blown away because our people here are different.

    The criminals know that if they mess around with an innocent person they probably won’t see anything except a muzzle flash.

    The point is we have the same amount if not more guns than Chicago yet we don’t have the type of violence that you guys have because we are totally different people.

    Which brings it to a people problem.

    Now obviously there are the nuances in this debate because there is a bigger Socio economic difference.

    We have a better education system, less crowded classrooms, more opportunity and we do have the same problems that any city does but it’s very limited.

    And I understand if somebody is growing up around violence and crime that’s all they really know and they are used to something like that where if somebody grows up in the suburbs and has positive reinforcement then they’re probably not going to join a gang or sell drugs in the future.

    You can complain about guns all day and it won’t make a difference because they are not going anywhere because they are tools made to survive multiple lifetimes but what you can try to do is change your community by working with the police, forming a neighborhood watch, not letting these gang members and drug dealers take over your streets.

    Maybe strive to be a better person? If things are not going just right for you maybe you shouldn’t break into a car to make a quick buck? Join the military if you don’t have a bad record, people have choices in life and the choices that we make affect the outcome of our community.

    It is on you to change where you live and the violence guns are only a half measure and while they do make it easier for somebody to kill the action that the individual commits is still ther it is on you to change where you live.

    I think many of the people in Chicago have excepted that this is now the lifestyle, bullshit make a better path for yourself and your love ones and don’t let those stupid thugs destroy your life and those around you.

    Like I said try working with the police instead of telling them to fuck off or hands up don’t shoot.

    Gather with your community to form a neighborhood watch and stand up against these pieces of shit, they only rule your neighborhood because you let them make the criminals afraid of you guys not the other way around or you your neighborhood will always be violent and you will always worry about getting shot

  25. Just let every man woman and child in America have their beloved guns, hell let them have 10 each. Throw in a flame thrower as well. This video proves the stupid doesn't fall far form the adult stupid tree's. And no one does stupid as well as America does. The future of Americas future mass slaughter is alive and well. If they are happy butchering themselves at the rate they do then why should anyone else care. Obviously they dont! They wank on about rights, liberties, freedoms – while ignoring the thousands of dead Americans who that doesn't apply to. They are too busy being dead to care about that. Maybe the 2nd appendage didn't include THEM. So since Americans support , encourage and delight in murdering fellow Americans – then just let em do it. Saves their other enemy's the bother I suppose.

  26. You don’t see people trying to ban cars because of the amount of fatalities there are cause of car accident and drunk drivers. Just like it’s not the cars fault it is also not the guns fault. A gun is an inanimate object.

  27. That black chick should be fighting the rich and law enforcement and politicians not gun owners,the greedy rich and government regulation are the cause of the crime in the world.

  28. Every other house on his block don't abide by illegal gun laws and regulations. And they don't get them from dealers and gun shows dumb America.

  29. Gun control does take guns away indirectly. Here is a crude example. Government doesnt ban cars but it cans tires. You can have a csr but cant have tires. As soon as you put tires, you're a felon. Now possessing a car with tires is illegal and government can confiscate it and send you to jail. Government will say you can keep your car, we are not banning your cars but by banning tires, they indirectly ban your car. That was a horrific example but thats what i could come up on this instance. " We are not banning guns, we are bannig assult weapons ". ASSULT weapons have been banned for a long time but by changing the meaning of assult weapons, they include features in a gun that will outright make it illegal. So thats how they take your guns away. New York State overnight made most of gun owners felons. New Yorkers (exclude NYC) outright rejected the new law and only 4% complied. More than 90% do Not comply with this new law and thats New York, imagine other states.

  30. Fuck NPR, fuck liberals, fuck the MSM, fuck the (((actors))) pushing this biased bullshit, fuck anyone against the 2nd amendment and fuck the far left.

  31. I'm for the second amendment, especially in light of what it was originally penned for: the armament of a makeshift militia for the defense of the United States against any foe attacking our freedom. At the same time, I am a strong advocate of stricter gun control in terms of the selling of weapons to individuals who have questionable actions on their criminal record or who have mental health problems that could make them a risk to the public.

  32. Something i noticed about this video: the pro-gun teens are mostly white while most of the victims are black.

  33. NPR Like to beg us for money and use money from government and private corporations and still claim to be OUR radio station, yet they are so far left leaning they are almost off the scale.

    They claim they aren't trying to take our guns, but many of them have actually said they are, and they would get is reduced to BB guns, and yes, I can stand on my deck and keep and bear my BB gun, and I can even form a militia, the BB gun brigade; but what I can't do, is maintain a free state, and that is the very reason the 2nd Amendment exist. Anything that hinders that ability is an infringement.

    The difference between a free state and a police state, is free states are under our (the civilians) control, and a police state is under the police control. In the beginning, people had muskets, but that's also what the military had. Over the years they got more and more powerful. Now they have A-bombs and Nerve gas, and yes it's too much power for individuals to have, but the police are another story. That is a military force designed to fight civilians, therefor in order to maintain a free state, we can have any weapon the police can have… NO EXCEPTIONS!

  34. Democrat politicians take advantage of the many liberal American women who suffer from hoplophobia an "irrational aversion to weapons." It is also used to describe the "fear of firearms" or the "fear of armed citizens. They also have bad cases of the fear of freedom called eleutherophobia. This fear could have had its roots even in the bible when during the time of Moses, the people grumbled when they experienced difficulty in the dessert and wished for slavery back in the hands of Egyptians rather than being free. This could be due to the fact that these people might have only known the life of being a slave and did not know how to act when they had to do things on their own. These people are more likely to be followers than leaders, and could not do anything without anybody telling them what to do. Unlike the strong conservative American women.

  35. Another pointless presentation on guns in America. You’re not going to change minds on either side.

  36. A lot of people use guns for defense not for attack. People who want to ban guns will leave millions of good people defenseless.

  37. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" long live the second amendment

  38. At the end 2018, there are now over 857 million firearms in worldwide circulation. While 393 million firearms of all types are own by ordinary U.S. Citizens (est of roughly 100 to 130 million gun owners in the United States).  More than enough firearms to armed every man, woman, and child in the U.S.  Any of you tyrannical governments or wannabe dictators want to try and go to war against us knowing how well armed we are?

  39. You can’t choose what someone does or owns anymore. Then someone can tell you what to wear or drive Biased anti rights video.
    Maybe people should be concerned about all the unborn.

  40. Great video with personal stories and opinion without edit or conversation distraction traveling way off base. Enjoyed it very informative.

  41. There are laws against murder, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, any other laws are just infringements on the 2nd Amendment.

  42. Why does NPR do nothing but anti gun propaganda ? Firearms are a part of our culture. I have been a gun owner since I was 11 years old. I have taught many kids from this generation to enjoy shooting . And to understand the the personal responsibility that goes with the use of deadly weapons. Americans will not give up the right to our guns

  43. What's funny is that in one situation, police officers literally had to borrow guns from a gun shop to stop a violent criminal because theirs weren't powerful enough.

  44. "A girl in my class coined the term lockdown generation, no other generation has had this fear". What are they teaching these kids. Black schools in civil rights era, All schools in the cold war era. I mean seriously wtf. Schools have always been a battleground for the past 80 years. Maybe since we removed religion and gun education from schools?????

  45. Guns don't kill people, it's the people killing people using a gun and they can't just go off themselves! FYI guns gave us all our FREEDOM not some sticks and stones this ain't the stone ages 🤦🏽‍♂️ God bless America🙏🏽🇺🇸

  46. You also have to blame all media & social media also because if people see things that glorify the wrong things then of course someone else is going to want that same attention and do the same thing. It's called the monkey see monkey do effect! 🙈👀 If the media didn't cover so much violence then it probably wouldn't be that much violence going on in the world! Don't believe me..watch the movie NIGHT CRAWLER

  47. Want to know something? I’m a teen. I don’t say that on the internet cause no one will take you seriously. And I’m here to say, the teens in this video don’t speak for us all. I happen to know more about gun laws and crime statistics than almost anyone I discuss the subject with. Those of us who know the actual statistics and laws will never support gun control. I can’t wait until I have a say in who makes these decisions.

  48. You all have been duped by a false flag done for the sole purpose of turning Americans against guns so they can disarm Americans and take over. Guns mean freedom. You had better read what our founders said about guns and why we have the 2nd Amendment

  49. They say that the states with the most gun owners has the most gun crime
    Well the criminals don’t own guns any more, do they?
    My point is, most of those gun owners have the guns for protection. It’s the fact that some people can you know, BREAK IN and STEAL the guns. What are you going to do if you ban guns and then what? Fistfight, stabbings, hands, knives, axes, saws, sticks, poles, anything can be used to kill. And some more or less effective than guns however, most people don’t know this because they are eggplant headed libtards who watch too many movies and assume everything bad has to do with guns but no, it doesn’t remember, EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon not just guns.

  50. "No other generation had this fear (of school lockdowns)"

    Um… you must not know about the nuclear bomb school drills in the 60's

  51. I guess the little girl that said the “Lock down generation is the ONLY generation that’s had to deal with anything like this” Didn’t pay attention during history class and how generations before her had “BOMB DRILLS” to somehow protect them from an ATOMIC BOMB!

  52. Hey NPR ever read your own journalism? Your own article says Russia has 2.5 more homicides than U.S., even though Russia has 50 million people less than U.S. and only 13 million guns in public circulation, while U.S. 250 to 300 million firearms in public circulation, U.S. has near 2000 percent more firearms and Russia has 2.5 times more homicides.

  53. The 2015 statistics from FBI shows Hawaii – has over 45% firearms ownership with only 4 gun homicides for the year, so much for more guns equals more firearms deaths, Rhode Island has only 5.8% firearms ownership but had 10 homicides, statistically Rhode Island has over twice the firearms homicides as Hawaii and Hawaii has over 700% higher firearms ownership, showing just the opposite of the media claims.



  54. One of the few right things Trump did was to ban bump stocks.
    I think guns should be allowed in the house only if one lives alone, or if all household members are aware of the risks of guns. Also, guns should not be permitted in public unless one is going hunting, and then they must take the gun directly from the house to hunting area without taking it out of the car.

  55. If you care more about having something you want than you do about whether or not other people will live, you need to reevaluate your moral principles.

  56. Everyone that supports high gun control, please move out of the USA and try living in these countries with severe gun control laws. In many of these countries, a normal citizen cannot protect themselves or families because it's almost impossible to get a gun legally. You know what's not impossible? Getting a gun illegally. So let's see, who's going to get illegal guns? A normal citizen who want to live a normal happy life, which puts them at risk or being arrested and spendimg time in jail? Or a person who has bad intentions to begin with, and is going to commit crimes like robbery, assault and homicide anyways?

    Unless you have ALL illegal guns off the streets or close to 99% of them, like some of these countries with very high standard of living in Europe, gun control will not be effective.

    The USA is garbage compared to these countries, with illegal guns all over the place. So criminals are still going to have guns if severe gun control laws are passed, the average law abiding citizen will not.

    Go live (live not a vacation) in a country (outside of Europe) with severe gun control laws, and see how bad it is to even go outside. You may get kidnapped, rapped or killed just for being there……because in those countries gun control laws make it very hard and often impossible for a normal citizen to acquire a gun….whereas criminals are loaded with all type of guns and rifles, because illegal guns are all over the place for criminals with that intent.

  57. Don't get me wrong, I want to see the people who conduct shootings burn in hell. But the guns arent the problem. I'm almost 16 and I don't support gun control I see guns as a way to protect myself and my family and to feed them.

    NPR you created a biased video with a conclusion you made before the video

  58. These young people need to know the facts like at least 11 people die everyday while texting and driving! This isa verified number which adds up to 77 people dying every week so this number is much greater than guns! These young people do not know much about guns and should know the facts before they take a stance on guns!

  59. I want to share what my generation had in elementary school. We had nuclear bomb drills, and lot's of discussion what to do in the event of a nuclear strike. I think many people have forgotten that we've done drills like this before.

  60. Where is the rage when black kids in the inner city are being gunned down everyday. They powers to be are using fragile white kids fears to push their bullshit agenda

  61. i just dont get it….we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. using the logic that people are inherently bad, if we are doing so much to socially isolate bad people, why do we still have this problem? there are mentally ill people who dont shoot up malls and stores living perfectly normal lives, other countries that dominate the gaming industry, and countries literally at war that still dont have this problem. sometimes i think some americans just have too much fear and mistrust and think 90 percent of the population is out to get them.

  62. The problem is these kids are being raised to have no morals, to have a victim mentality, no real consequence to their actions, to be soft, and to think that the government is their friend when in reality the US government is a mere shadow of what is was designed to be, it is the most corrupt government that has ever existed. Raise your kids with respect for themselves and other, strong morals, a love of God, and bust their ass when they need it and the problem will go away.

  63. 15:30, truer words have never been spoken, and by a kid, so why did this video spend so much time on the anti-gun sentiment, and not balance it with the opposing view? Come on NPR, you are better than this. Nothing about the fallacy of "gun free zones", hardly anything on firearms training, just emotional pandering.

  64. wow…80% against guns 20% middle of the road on guns…just another npr propaganda film…..pure liberal sensationalism…..what liberal agenda driven low lives standing on the graves of our children to rape the rights from the good citizens….

  65. Why are the opinions of children now considered valid? When I was a teenager, nobody asked my opinion about matters of import, and rightly so. The mind does not achieve maturity until about the age of 25. Teens are basically working mentally with half a brain, which is why they are such dunderheads so much of the time.

  66. I once a raging leftist tell me npr was an unbiased neutral news source. This is not news. This is left wing propaganda. 😆

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