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Techpriest lection: Bolter-rifle

Go on! The servitor with the recorder is ready. I will not do it! But this is an order from Mars itself, Cawl will help get the permission for our own research. But this is techno-heresy! what the ward So. Start! Greetings. Today I … would like to … talk with you about bolter-rifle for the glorious Astartes. Someone says that after the awakening of the primarch Guilliman, a new era has come for the Imperium. And the creation of this weapon clearly demonstrates this. Because before we burned for this. Just look at its elongated trunk. Because, when you make your way through the narrow technical tunnels of the ship, the long trunk is, for sure, exactly what you need. or when you trust the design of a drain servitor. After all, you know, when the enemy finds out that the Astartes is storming him, he panics. Getting nervous, and seeing you appear around the corner, can shoot from behind the nerves and damage you any visors, which will make you take off your helmet. In the case of a bolter rifle, at first it will appear from around the corner, and crazy bullets will go into the void. I think there will be no other negative effects warning the enemy about your appearance It seems they said that the structure has become stronger. Yes! After all, when you are on an enemy ship, there is always a danger that they can sneak up on you from behind. And here a new invention fits perfectly. You take two bolter rifles, and with the help of the inhuman force of the spacemarine, push them into the wall, creating a barrier that will not move an ordinary person. A big plus is that at the bolt rifles now have scope by default Yes, it seems that Archmagos Cawl managed to find the STC of the ancient Terran techpriest Picatinny. Its so-called rail allows you to set sights and other improvements to weapons much faster than before However, if you are as strong as the Astartes, you can probably set the scope anywhere you want. And you can set it to the rail … what’s the spacemarine needed there … purity seal probably can be hung. Thanks to improvements, now the bolter has a great distance for effective destruction of targets. True remark. In this, it compares favorably with its previous versions. I wonder how in this they didn’t crap Well, we told you about the creation of the wonderful archmagos Belisarius Cawl. However, you know, I think such a weapon can not be transported with another, no, he needs a special container. Now, in this special container, he will be much better. It’s good that I already stopped recording.

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