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Tec 9 Update & Pistol Revamp!

Welcome to a new edition of “WarOwl reacts”. Let’s see what I said a week before the new Tec-9 changes.
– “A lot of people think the weapon’s cheap I think it’s pretty, pretty nice. I mean in terms of all of the pistols being a little bit too powerful, I can understand that, but I wouldn’t like single out the Tec-9 out as being…”
– “WarOwl I am your brother…” Greetings, I, TheWarOwl greets you. This is just a quick video to go over the recent Tec-9 changes. You gotta know this stuff. Valve has taken on the responsibility of balancing the pistols in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and instead of doing them all at once, they’ve decided to just start with the Tec-9. I guess as sort of a case study, and it has been drastically changed. So again, ‘ya gotta know this stuff. I was initially very optimistic and pleased when I saw that these changes were pushed to a public test build, so we could try ’em out, give feedback and get used to them before they actually go into the game, which I’m sure a lot of competitive players did, so thank you for that, that’s awesome, but I was a little bit surprised when those exact changes, were then just, pushed into the game, despite feedback and all the discussion that was going on, just… That’s what we got. Oh, they fixed the crouch-jump thing too! Regardless of our opinions about the changes we have to adapt to them the best that we can to give ourselves the best competitive edge. The accuracy of the Tec-9 has been drastically reduced while the first shot accuracy has been increased. The ammo capacity has also been decreased from 24 to 18, but it still comes with 5 magazines. This means the new best strategy with the Tec-9 is to go for accurate one-tap headshots, similar to the Deagle, except you can’t do this with a Deagle. That’s right – just like with the USP, you can hit an accurate first shot while running. This is by design. It’s worth noting that the Tec-9 is a one-hit headshot at close distances. How close, you may ask? To give you a good idea, when you peek A Main on Cache, the distance to a player standing in front of the forklift is a one-tap, but the distance to a player using the forklift as cover is right out of reach. The Tec-9 is now officially a more precise weapon than the AK-47, so if you want to be known for your one-taps you might have to switch to using the Tec-9 (That’s a joke don’t do that). I would NOT classify this as a Tec-9 nerf – it’s more of a revamp of its role. In fact, it’s a far better weapon now in regards to first shot accuracy, instead of spamming. The Tec-9 was a BIG part of the meta – its strength came from its high damage output while moving and spraying, coupled with a massive magazine capacity. Certain rounds terrorists would call a Tec-9 armored buy, a cheap way to get a possible win, and then use utility and positioning to close the distance gap, giving them the best chance of success. This role has been changed to emphasize more skill-based gameplay, in the developers own words, “The Tec-9 has been adjusted to emphasize aiming while retaining the weapons high mobility.” And now for my opinion, I’m glad Valve is focused on making the game more skill-based and less random. However, they did this by introducing more randomness in the recoil, there was a lot of skill involved in controlling reliable weapon recoil. Nevertheless, I think this is an improvement to gameplay and addresses the concerns people had with the Tec-9 in particular. I have a crazy theory with no merit as to why they might have made these changes in this way. Consider that Valve wants every weapon in the game to be viable, which pistol is not viable (The Dualies). Oh yeah, and the revolver, let’s see how they handle that. What if removing the close-range spray role from the Tec-9 was in order to promote the Dualies in a similar role? I think the real concern people have with the pistols in CS:GO is that they are highly random and also do a lot of damage, so they promote less skill-based gameplay while also making it a little bit easier to win an eco round. The P250, a weapon that costs $300, is a one-hit head shot at close range against armor. The M4A4, a primary that cost $3100, is not. I don’t think the pistols are “completely broken” like a lot of people say, but I welcome any improvements. It’s clear that Valve is now taking on this difficult task, so let’s try and support them and provide good feedback, especially when they come out with those beta builds. As it is right now the weapon is a one-trick pony and while it does require more skill to execute and Valve did accomplish their goal, I feel like it could have been balanced a little bit better. A game like Counter-Strike is a very fragile, balancing act. If you push down on one value, the rest of them will all start getting out of whack. It’s like the ancient device at the end of Stargate SG1 when they’re trying to stop the Replicators. In my humble opinion, it might have been a better idea to do a slight damage and armor penetration nerf across the board for all of the pistols at the same time and then for the Tec-9, maybe we can drop that idea of it being a run-and-gun weapon, add a little bit more of that movement inaccuracy to it, so people aren’t just running and spamming it, get rid of that one-tap thing that they added, and kind of value the whole strafe shooting aspect of Counter-Strike, you know, having to stop your movement in order to get accurate shots. I think that would have been a little bit of a better idea. That is my opinion about it though. However, do not TOUCH THE DEAGLE! If you are not able to Juan-Deag in this game, there will be riots! 1.6 players and Source players living together, mass hysteria! Thank you folks very much for watching. I am TheWarOwl, and I still have no closer. WarOwl in Grandpa voice: “I don’t like when things change”

100 thoughts on “Tec 9 Update & Pistol Revamp!

  1. Loved the Stargate reference. Also Valve already has that covered, since one of the models from the T side looks exactly like Baal

  2. In my opinion, what should happen is the base damage for most pistols should be nerfed. No pistol, bar the Deagle, should be able to one shot people with head armour. Its ridiculous. The M4 on the other hand should have a range modifier, where if your within say, 128-250 units of someone, your expensive rifle should one shot helmeted opponents but further than that will only deal 98. Running and gunning with a pistol should be punished the same amount as say a cheap rifle, because running and gunning is a space for SMGs, which deal pistol caliber damage but at faster speeds. Thats why they cost more.
    A pistol should be last resort or if on ECO should be a rewarding kill.

  3. I think they're done with the R8. It's good for killing distracted AWPers from long range. That's about it. I mean, assuming you can aim.

  4. it's 2017 and you're still surprised when Valve pushes proposed changes out to a live client without acknowledging feedback?

  5. the m4a4 cost more because they think the CT should win the pistol due to the usp-s so at the end the pistols does balance the game

  6. I still think being shot once in the game causing you to go slow as fuck is absolute bullshit. If I get shot no matter where, I'm not gonna slow down and go "oh ow here hit me daddy". I'm gonna sprint as fast and far away as I can go just so I dont die. But nope according to valve in real life when you get shot god spawns molasses at your feet to finish you off and never give you a chance unless they can't aim.

  7. 2:53 "changed to emphasize more skill based game play" I have to disagree. The fact that the tec9 was so good at running shots and the fact that everyone knew this, gave it a unique place in the game. If T-side lost a round and had enough to buy tec9 + armor, then it was the CT-side's job to predict this and change their strategy accordingly (eg. smoke off bomb site entrances to prevent rushes). Now we just have another version of the deagle. Before you had the choice between a very accurate one headshot kill deagle, or a rush and spray tec9. They are trading in gameplay variety and strategy choices for a more balanced game, which is something I strongly disagree with. A more slow, waiting-out-the-other-guy type approach is really the last thing such an Esports viable game needed.

  8. 3:55 I really don't understand why you tirelessly keep making this same point over and over and over again. For someone with so much game experience and insight, it almost seems like you are purposely making a (excuse my language) stupid point to address an issue that a large part of the community might think is an issue, but really isn't an issue. The pistol is not a spray weapon, the m4a1 is, so despite the difference in damage, the chance of killing someone is still greater with the m4a1 therefore making it worth its cost. If you disagree, why don't you go ahead and run around with a p250 every round? I mean, you seem to think it's such an overpowered weapon.. Your team will love it I'm sure.

  9. Tec-9 is supposed to be a 1/4 price negev with deagle rounds. Now its a cheaper more noob version of the friendly deagle

  10. how dare he say the revolver is not viable?! Its completely viable! i can destroy with it! and thats saying something.

  11. I find it odd that People in my rank (Silver 1) are switching to the CZ-75 Auto, since in theory it has larger downsides. Why not learn to use the Kek-9

  12. I usually don't ask this but do you think owl that they could rework the deagle for its horrible standing shot accuracy like I've had it where I'd have a aim at there head standing still mind you, and I'd hit there neck or head. Do you think they might atleast fix that none the less I love the deagle still its awesome as a weapon, Its just in my own opinion I think they could tweak the standing accuracy slightly so shots hit where there aimed at. Keep up the lovely videos though love coming down to watch them <3

    i dont ind the 18 magazine, but it just feels inconsistent, i mean they did the five seven perfect but not this tec 9

  14. that p250 vs m4 comparison at point blank range was sick as fuck … dualies are shit in competitive .. i agree and I never really used p250 earlier because it had shit range nothing i hit ever seemed to land a shot .. I was like wtf … now it seems okay .. whenever i want an upgraded pistol it was always a five seven or deagle ..

  15. Personally, they should make the Tec9 REALISTIC – meaning they should make it a complete Piece of Shit that jams 2-3 times per magazine, and has an absolute SHIT accuracy because of the terrible stamped and welded sheet metal sights.

  16. so u want strafe shooting…
    on a t side pistol…

    while u strafe shoot in the open the ct sitting headshot on cache b will either spray into ur entire exposed body or just sit there throwing his nades till u get swarmed by rotating cts…

    u need the running accuracy otherwise theres 0 pressure on the ct…
    the whole game is if u miss ur first bullets u a) die b) get low and die when we get close c) we get close as 5 ppl and mow u down… and a ct has to play around that…

    if u take the "we get close u die" threat away and replace it with a "we will try to 2 tap u close range very slowly" the ct has all the cards in his hands…

    moving accuracy is fine u need it… just watch how 5 deagle ecos work out for ts if they dont have 2 ppl hitting their first shot onto a bomb site… they get destroyed…

  17. i worked it out! its not "i still have no closure"…
    its "i still have no clothes on", your secretly a nudist and have just been editing clothes on in post.

  18. 1 pistol I think needs a buff is the CZ75 Auto cuz it has only 24 shots in total pluss its an auto pistol so it needs more sp/m ( shots per magezine )

  19. I like the idea of the tec 9 but I hate how random it is after the first shot. Still better than the p250 though since there's at least still a reason to buy a tec 9

  20. Ok so i have nowhere else to make suggestions on making every weapon viable so ill just do it here :3 first of all let us have every weapon and not have to choose between the deagle and the revolver, the cz and the other two things, the two m4s and the p2k and usp (the only thing we should have to pick there is what we want to be spawned in with). Ok so now that ive said that the only other thing i wanna say really is to make the m249 actually affordable because the m249 is actually kind of a good weapon the only problem is its 5000 dollars. Ok so thats my opinion but idk

  21. It is a nerf, it's basically never used anymore…

    I wish they moved the game back to the winter offensive days, even with all its problems back then it was a massively better game

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