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Teacher On Administrative Leave For Keeping Firearm In Classroom

15 thoughts on “Teacher On Administrative Leave For Keeping Firearm In Classroom

  1. All teachers should be armed in case of a school shooting they can protect themselves and the students

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Democrats are the one setting up these school shootings because they want to take gun rights away from good people and turn America into a socialist country.

  3. 🙄🙄ok shaketha..,and if something happens i bet those school admins will be the first to run away… So the school police here should be unarmed? A student might grab his gun

  4. As soon as they showed the Vegas survivor I knew this was bullshit. "I know what it feels like to be hunted." HAHAHA

  5. Homeboy was both my Biology and Anatomy teacher. Flat out, greatest teacher in the school. He didn’t deserve this treatment.

  6. This man is a hero and told it all to me he was the the los Vegas shooting helping almost 30 people to safety and one amazing teacher he doesn’t deserve this at all.

  7. Mr. Nguyen is an important role to us. He always spoke out on behalf of School Shooters. He never ever thought about such vile things.

    I was taught by him last year, as a freshmen. I sat in the front areas of his class. I don't believe he deserves this. But I do understand the amount of fear these people receive from the information that he had a gun. In my eyes, I believe it was idiotic to remove his role as a teacher of 21 years. This gun can't kill people, the people who get the gun will. He is a trained police officer, survived a devastating shooting in LV, taught me compassion and strength, and made sure that every student was taught a lesson.
    To know that there are people out there that paint him as a monster, is ridiculous.

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