100 thoughts on “Taurus Curve – Is It Terrible? | Pro Shooter Gun Review

  1. I would'nt own that thing even if it could shoot a pimple off of a lady bugs arse at 100 yards. We have to draw the line at ugly somewhere gal.

  2. Holy smokes! And I don't mean the gun. What a beautiful lady!
    All that garbage one has to go through with the magazine disconnect seems to me like an accident waiting to happen.

  3. Kirsten could make multiple videos on absolutely nothing and I would still be watching, just admiring wha seems to be a replica of Eve when she was still perfect in every way possible. I love you so much

  4. You mean this video was a gun review? The minute Kirsten turned around and put that thing in the back I lost all context. I'm sorry, I tried watching it over…

  5. I'm new to this channel and I have a question for the Kirsten Joy Weiss.

    I hope she'll respond.


    Have you ever reviewed the Le Petit Protector or the ring gun in your videos?

    It's a 2-4 mm caliber 3-6 rounds ring gun that was made in 1800's.

    If not, can you review it?

    It's only disadvantage was its small caliber but can you review it and find more pros and cons of that weapon?



  7. Mmm…  As a gun enthusiast I usually enjoy watching a good number of videos of people (usually hairy guys) providing all sorts of opinion.  What a delightful surprise to find myself watching a drop-dead gorgeous woman, with a killer smile, providing the same information 😉
    Oh yeah…, the gun…
    The only thing attractive about the Taurus Curve is the price (around $200 for the .380).  Other than that, I did not like it at all.  I had the opportunity to fire 30-40 rounds with it recently and I didn’t like it.
    The same day I tried the Taurus Curve I got to try two other 9mm handguns: The Walther PPQ (around $450) and the Sig Sauer p320 RX with Romeo 1 red dot sight (around $880).  Perhaps my mistake was to try the Taurus last.
    The P320 (Sig) is one of the best guns I’ve ever held in my hand, but at almost $900 it’s kind of pricey.  The real surprise was the PPQ.   It is an excellent gun.  Superb ergonomics, excellent grip, very accurate shooting, one of the best triggers in its
    category, easy to take apart for cleaning, and it loads 15+1 rounds.  While a bit heavy for conceal carry when fully loaded, the PPQ is definitely one of the choices to consider for my next handgun. 
    If you haven’t done it yet I would love to hear what you think of the Walther sometime.

  8. To be fair, I don't think you could concealed carry a sheet of rice paper in those skin tight pants without it printing, lol. I like the channel. Still wish you could be shooting with Gunny.

  9. CRAP. Disadvantages outweigh the few advantages. Far better to have a conventional small flat semi auto.

  10. quando se destina ao mercado exterior, a Taurus tem o controle de qualidade. mas o que fazer em um país onde o nosso melhor café vai pra fora e o pior fica aquí….em tudo no Brasil ficamos com a sobra.

  11. A key purpose of holsters is to cover the trigger. Especially for pocket carry, because a gun doesn’t stay in exactly the same position. A holster keeps your finger off the trigger until you draw the weapon.

  12. Total JUNK!
    I sent a Taurus 7 shot steel ported snub nose for warranty work. After casting them down again & again they said we cant repair your revolver, pick 3 replacement options. All crap but I chose 2 poly revolvers and 3rd the curve. I recieved the curve. Couldnt get rid of it fast enough. It's as thick as a dbl stack 2 accommodate for the curve laser/light janky crap. Horrible customer service POS gun!

  13. OK, lets be honest, I was too busy looking at her incredible curves to look for a gun imprint and I am sure most guys did also

  14. i went to the gun store by me. they tried to show me that gun .but i didnt even want to look at it. terribly ugly odd shaped gun. not even interested . i dont have alot of money to spend on guns so when i do spend i want a gun that looks and feels like a gun.glad your honest about guns and not getting paid to promote trash guns! thanks kirsten!

  15. When I saw the grip, I couldn't keep a straight face, but I'd say it's definitely not the WORST gun ever. I do respect that they tried to innovate, but this idea failed.

  16. 2:06 when you go to pull your wallet out, but pull the Taurus Curve instead @relatable

    In seriousness, I love the look of the gun, I'd have it just for the concept and features. But it's like a Deringer 3.50 vr or something

  17. The FireArm has its place, However I would only use it as a Back Up FireArm . Ankle Holster would be ok for me.

  18. Do you believe there are countries were you are not allowed to defend your self, that's the job of the police, but they are never around when somthing happens!!

  19. my god,a women with a gun is so sexy. i mean even without a gun Kirsten is hot A F, and she has a head on her shoulders, she has everything going for her !

  20. Thanks, I'm looking for a good conceal and was curious if what this pistol lacks it makes up for in concealment. Good review.

  21. Goodness she is a sexy little thing! Looks like Scarlett Johansson little sister!

    talking about the gun of course 😘

  22. A very nice curve to test that curve, if i do say so myself.

  23. Ok, a gun just need to be useful and it's all… however, this Taurus have a terrible finishes at the plastic body… anyone can to do better at home with a simple 3D printer. Wakeup… people don't need more companies to do guns… we can to print it now. =)

  24. Ahh crap I was really getting into this gun until the righted thing came into play lol…well looks like I got some extra practicing to do. Thanks for the review

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