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Taping a Smartphone To A 10 Ft Rocket

Hey guys for this video Lenovo Sent me some of their cool new moto mods including their brand new Smartphone the Moto Z Force so I brought you out to the middle of the Nevada desert to turn the Z Force into the G Force by strapping it to an oversized rocket and sending it to 20,000 feet now if you haven’t seen these Moto Mods before They’re actually pretty cool, and they sent me three different kinds the first one is called the JBL Sound Boost and this is like a speaker that clips on to the back of your phone and Totally amplifies the sound the difference in the phone’s volume before and after the mod is substantial This one’s the Hasselblad True Zoom Lens featuring a 10 time optical zoom which means from a safe distance You can still get the really tight shots you need the third mod is an insta-share projector So you can capture this footage and play it back on a screen up to 70 inches wide it’s very cool So the time has come to strap our cell phone to a rock and this is what we’re going to be working with here this Is a ten and a half foot long rocket 60 pounds in weight and fueled by a motor that’s going to deliver 750 pounds of thrust If you’ve seen my series on building the randomizer rocket you probably know I’m pretty dang proud of this thing But the funny thing is in this case my randomizer isn’t even as big as the motor in this thing The sugar Rockets for my randomizer cost anywhere between a dollar to a dollar fifty to make the motor for this thing cost over seven hundred and fifty dollars and here’s why it’s an N class rocket motor weighs about 26 pounds burns for four seconds and puts out 750 pounds of thrust so we need an extremely reliable way to secure our phone to the rocket and for that we’re using duct tape Also made this little abs form on my vacuum forming machine I literally just heated up a piece of plastic in the oven stuck it over top of the phone and turn on my shop Vac And that made a perfect mold of the shape of the phone you can see I cut a hole through the side here So we can remove the phone and put it back in place And I also cut a hole out of the front here still when the phone clicks into [place] we get the full field of view as the rocket launches to 20,000 feet and the drill to hold on the side so as it’s recording we can just verify it still going before we send the Rocket into outer space no idea if it’ll work or not, but the Moto Z Force has a shatterproof screen So if any cell phone is going to be the right candidate. I think the is it let’s go strap it up Check this out guys We got the phone mounted to the rocket we use duct tape and electrical tape to secure this thing and here’s the idea We made this slit in the side so that we can pull the phone out Get it recording and slide it back into place just before the launch and we’re going to secure it with a little more duct tape just to be sure So our phone is strapped to the rocket and everything’s in place. The only thing left to do now is flip the switch This is the moment of truth guys will at launch the z Force is getting some g-Force Yeah That was awesome Go check out the damage [Yelling] Man that rocket blasted a crater and sprayed dirt until tomorrow That is incredible Perfect flight I can’t wait to get that phone back and see what kind of footage we got The only question is now are we going to get the rocket back more importantly are we gonna get the phone back in one piece Let’s go find out So the parachute deployed the rocket has landed right now. We’re on our way to find it using one of these things Man, that’s awesome. Okay? Well we found clays rocket. So we just found it one of our buddies rockets went straight into the ground We’re hoping that didn’t happen ours. Sweet nectar we found the rock of the where the heck’s the phone oh That’s where the phone used to be. Oh no no no no, it’s on there! I can’t believe it survived This is amazing guys this just survived a mock flight. I am really anxious to see if that recorded any footage not quite sure Look at that still recording that means we got it guys. I cannot wait to see if this works That is cool. We got it. I almost hit delete I am gonna put this away and transfer it and take this home and play it on the Insta Share projector on my hotel room wall nice job guys that was amazing wooh We did it the little beeping buzzing and whizzing computers on this thing just told us sixteen thousand eight hundred feet is actually how High this smartphone just went it’s a supersonic smartphone So there you have it guys the world’s first mach 2 cellphone mod. It’s actually really impressive we pulled this off Yes! Thanks so much for joining me for this video, and I’ll be looking for you the next one talk to you then Out here in the middle of the desert you wouldn’t believe how long it took us to actually to find this thing.

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  5. Rocket lands on Area 51 .soldiers "WHERE BEING UNDER ATTACK" few minutes later soldier 1 "oh never mind just a a tall rocket bruuuuh"

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