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TangoDown Enhanced Slide Stop for Glock®

The TangoDown Enahanced Slide Stop for Glock
was specifically designed to get your pistol back into battery faster.
The design moved the thumb pad slightly forward of the factory position, so your thumb gets
to it quicker. It’s shaped to aid in positive contact, even when you’re wearing gloves,
and is made from durable 4130 steel. The Slide Stop is easy to install onto your
pistol, simply remove the slide, then locate the trigger pin on the left side of the gun.
To remove this pin, push it out from left to right and as you’re pushing, you may need
to wiggle your slide stop around to get the pin to come free. With the pin out, simply
lift the slide stop out of the top of the frame. Now you can place your Tangodown slide
stop into the frame, line up the hole in the slide stop with the hole in the frame and
re-insert the trigger pin until you hear it snap into place. All that’s left is to put
the slide back on the frame, insert an empty magazine and lock the slide back to test your
new stop. That’s all there is to it, remember, like
all products sold by Brownells, the Tangodown Enhanced Slide stop for Glock is backed by
our 100% unconditional forever satisfaction guarantee.

3 thoughts on “TangoDown Enhanced Slide Stop for Glock®

  1. I added a vickers slide stop to my gen 04 Glock .45acp model about 3 years ago. Its a bit stiff to use & the edges can be a tad sharp. I honestly didnt see a huge improvement over the factory Glock part but if you want metal accessories or feel the vickers add on might help with gloves, sweaty or dirty hands, etc then buy it.

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