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Tales From A Sniper Hide – Story Time with Shawn Ryan

All right everybody’s been begging for a
storytime so here we go so this storytime takes place and right in
Baghdad right around Baghdad the outskirts of Baghdad it was right around
2000 early 2006 and that was on deployment with SEAL team 2 and we were
kind of like one standby cuz there was these elections going off and somehow
someway we got tasked with doing protection for whoever the new fucking
President was gonna be at the time which nobody was excited about everybody
fuckin hates that kind of work and but the elections were all fucked up so we
didn’t really have anything to do other than go to the gym play xbox and get
hammered in more zones so I was lucky enough to have this badass lieutenant
who was like really hungry for some good work so he started farming us out to all
these conventional army units and this is back when IEDs were just everywhere
they had just developed terrorists and just developed this new IAD called the
EFP and we were just it was bad time for IEDs so basically what what happened is
we got farmed out to all these different conventional units that we’re getting
blown up and we would go there kind of set up a targeting package plan
everything and we would take we would kind of cherry pick a couple of army
guys from each of these units trained them how to do I don’t how to set up a
package and take them on the OP and then when we left you know be turned over to
them and they would know how to do all of this shit and we were actually pretty
damn effective at it so so the last one we did this is one of the last ones we
had gone out with multiple units and usually we wind up killing guys within
the first 24 hours and problem solved at least for that week and then we would
kind of move on to the the next the next unit
well this just happened to be like right oh shit sorry shits blow them right in
my face I got to get up holy shit sorry about that it’s like the winds
been going in this direction non-stop and then I talk about killing people and
then it comes right back at me it’s kind of like I don’t know something weirds
going on I don’t know not that I believe in any of that shit but so anyways we’ll
go out and teach these guys basically what it was a sniper operations we would
figure out where they’re playing the bomb what day it is what time and
sometimes it got so specific it would be you know whatever day at 10:00 p.m. and
you know would be there and fuck get rid of them
so anyways last stop go out get the dudes but caveat to that is once you you
know kill the guys to take care of the problem they always want us to go back
for like another two or three missions just to make damn sure that we got rid
of them and you know once you it usually it’s just these guys that are you know
just trying to get some fucking change so then go party for the weekend or
whatever and then they have to find somebody else to replace the guys that
are the terrorists that are planting the bombs so we’ll go out for a follow-on
mission and nothing would happen and then we’d go on for another follow-on
mission after that and nothing would happen and sniper operations in general
are fucking boring as shit even if you do wind up sense of combat they are
boring you’re sitting in the same fucking spot watching the same
fuckin thing all day every day until something happens
know what so for the follow ones you know going in there that there’s a 90%
chance nothing’s gonna happen because everybody who is raised in hell is
already dead so they have to find more people to raise hell and so when you’re
getting that kind of mindset and you’ve been at it for you know 180 days you
start to get kind of lacks today’s ago which is fucking horrible and I hate to
admit that but that’s just how it goes and so anyways this last stop it’s the
last time we’re out we are in our own head we’re like well fuck pretty fucking
got these guys nothing’s gonna happen and one of my sniper partners was a original Team six guy and we’d be up
there sitting on the top of this mount which you know if you’re a sniper you
know anything about tactics one of the things you don’t fuckin do just sit on
top on top of a mount or a mountain because you’re gonna silhouette yourself
especially if there’s moonlight right well so we sit just under it so our
heads are probably sticking over this little mound of sloped dirt mound maybe
20 feet high and we’re up here shooting the ship like this he’s telling me about
you know kind of like how it originated and how he had been recruited and all
this other shit and bitching about how we know nothing’s gonna happen cuz we
already fucking killed all the bad guys and this two fucking tanks start rolling
down the road and we’re like oh shit you know what
what the fuck are those things and they start getting closer we didn’t know what
they were at first I start getting closer and you can hear like the tank
metal tread like just going through on the road it’s getting closer and I like
got my nods on and I’m trying to focus in and I’m like what the fuck I’m like
holy shit that’s like two fucking tanks after our ass or coming down our road
that we’re we had eyes on and we’re like out in the weeds and shit this is most
of the sniper stuff was in like an urban environment like a like a apartment
building but this was like we’re like wearing ghillie suits or helmets at this
time cuz it’s dark we got our gilli on we’re like got our hide site behind the
dirt mound and we’re basically just sitting there stargazing until these
fucking two tanks come rolling in and I’m like oh shit like that’s the ia
that’s the Iraqi army there must be doing a patrol or some shit
so rather than make a bunch of bold movements we’re on this mountain like
this and we just kind of like lean back and try to flatten out so that we’re
like level with the grade and a fucking hilltop and these tanks start getting
closer now we also had two guys at the bottom of the hill also I think was a
seal and one of the army guys that we brought and then we had like a handful
like I don’t know maybe two more guys than our hide like kind of watching the
gear and shit and I’ll be damned like we’re on this hill and this fucking tank
stops like here’s a hill they’re coming down the road and the tank stops both of
them like right here and I’m like just looking at this fucking thing going holy
shit and by the way the ia the Iraqi army they are supposedly friendly with
us there we’re on the same team we’re trying to get rid of terrorists not each
other well you got to remember this road had been getting hit
like Don stop like bombs every day and till we got rid of them so everybody
that travels that road is is like their fucking ass is about this big because
they’re all puckered up waiting to get blown up so we see the tank turrets just
fuckin goin and I look at my buddy I look at my sniper partner and I’m like
holy shit those fucking things are pointed right at us and right then you
just hear this Shia in the fucking turret gunner and the tank was lighting
our fucking hilltop up with a 50 Cal we got our stupid little M fours and
nothing else we have our QRF our quick reactionary forces like 60 minutes out
we had no air support at that time because they were all booked up with
higher profile shit and we’re sitting there all I can feel the fucking dirt
like kicking up on my face from the 50 Cal around she’s fucking launching into
the side of this hill and my sniper partner is like just fucking stay still
just stay still I say fuck you I’m out of here so I just
get up run over the fucking mound and then it becomes all so we get the guys
on the bottom side who had already said fuck it we’re out which is they picked
up that movement which is why they kept lighting that damn Hill up so now the
four of us are on this back side of this hill we got a tank here another tank
right behind that one kind of like covering and we start playing this
fucking cat and mouse game where that this tank would come over start lighting
the hill up from this side so we’d run around like a like a bunch of fucking
mice running from a cat like oh shit starts lightening up over here then
you’d see then you hear the tank rolled back around the other side start
lighting it up over there would probably did that for a good I don’t fuck I don’t
know it seemed like forever maybe there four minutes and we got back around to
where the tank was on this this side of the fucking Road now both of them are
shooting at us at this point and this isn’t a big hill like the dirts just
disappearing and we had like these tall reeds on the on the back side of that
hill so all four of us just say fucking basically running with our fucking hands
up in the air like get me the fuck out of here holy shit and maybe another I
don’t know five or six minutes of that shit they finally had just said uh well
fuck it I guess they’re dead or whatever because they then they were doing recon
by fire as well that means they were just like shooting in all directions
just seeing if they would get a reaction out of us or see bodies and anyways they
got bored they left and turns out one of the army guys had left his radio on the
on the front side of the hill so we thought so we actually had to go back on
the target go to the front side of the hill because these radios are encrypted
and if you lose the fucking crypto then basically depending on what crypto
you’re running the entire military has to change their code so army guy doesn’t
want to go long story short we had to fucking tell them I hit it’s like you’ve
got to go get your fucking radio we don’t know where the fuck it is and we
got it called for an extract obviously at that point
sniper gigs up there was just a tank engagement and so we call on our guys to
come get us out and anyway so whatever morale the story don’t silhouette
yourself on a hilltop outside of Baghdad

100 thoughts on “Tales From A Sniper Hide – Story Time with Shawn Ryan

  1. My boss at work kept trying to talk to me while watching this. Had to turn it up while staring a hole through his face.

  2. I wanted to enlist so bad at the start of the war. But I had a daughter and my parents had already lost a son tragically. I knew in my heart and gut that if I did, I wouldn't be coming back home. Which I was completely at peace with. I thought on it for a couple of months. I didnt want my kid to grow up without a dad and my parents losing their only living child. I wanted to be there with these guys so much it hurt.

  3. I was offered sex with a 21 year old girl today. In exchange, I was supposed to advertise some kind of bathroom cleaner. Of course I declined, because I am a person with high moral standards and strong willpower. Just as strong as Ajax, the super strong bathroom cleaner. Now available with scented lemon or vanilla.

  4. The tanks have thermals, which is how they saw you.

    While they might have been firing their .50s, it was probably the coax (7.62) mainly, as the .50 didn't have a sight capable of doing anything at night in 2006.

  5. Shawn, when you said "Here we go" I thought you were gonna spit some fire water into your campfire and make a grand entrance…….. nope! Storytime time….. Storytime and gun reviews…. what else is there? Bad ju-ju in the winds huh? Stay safe…. Thanks and Blessings!!!

  6. Shawn you're a credit to humanity….brother.I'm an army veteran and recently retired law enforcement…..your videos and humility is refreshing……THANKS

  7. Awesome story Shawn! Second moral of the story: the gear should never leave you if you want to make it back to base/FOB.

  8. "don't silhouette yourself on a hilltop outside of Baghdad." Nice. Weekendplans ruined. What am i gonna do with my time now?

  9. Iraqi Army tanks are supposed to be working with the U.S…. But it looks like there is no way to coordinate with them and identify yourselves.

  10. I’m just back from Bolivia, was a quick mission, due to the fact I was playing on Arcade Mode… Shit still got pretty real though a couple of times… I’ve been drinking a lot… I think I’m suffering from PSSD (PlayStation Stress Disorder) I gotta get my mind back in the Game for Ghost Recon Breakpoint!!! ✌🏻😎🍀🥃🎮🇮🇪

  11. This is a great channel All the stories.. The Bears the guns, the bullets, safety, Gun parts, How to survive and protect your family killer clowns. RUT!! Anyways.. the videos keep em coming. Hooyah Vigilante Elite. 👍🏼

  12. Shawn every time the smoke blows in your face you say i hate those fricken Rabbits then it switches direction. Loll it really works

  13. my buddy cherry got stuck in one of these ops and meet the devil and earned his self a silver star with valor plus the memories of everyone in his small kill team dead

  14. # God bless you for having the courage to be deployed in the dangerzone over there, serving the common good for the U.S + the rest of the world, ridding the middle east of evil men + wrong doers.
    2 guys on foot V'S two armored tanks ! HECK !! :-/
    Once again thanks for your service to the world, and God bless yourself and your family .

  15. Love these stories mate.. I just finished reading Extreme Ownership – Jocko and Leif – great to hear it from you .. much respect ✊🏼🇦🇺

  16. See that's what most of you modern-day veterans always talk your shit let me tell you something perfectly straight you fight for a murderous government and you are a murderer I'll tell you the difference between killing and murdering killing is what you do when someone invades your country murdering is when you go to someone else's country so are you a killer or a murderer I believe you're a murderer you need to be deprogrammed from your indoctrination because you damn sure didn't kill any of those people over there your a murderer murdering for an agenda and you damn sure didn't fight for my freedom so keep that phrase the fuck out your mouth

  17. This guy may be able to kill me 50 different ways and be the baddest ass of all asses, but he can’t tell a story for shit! Have a few drinks, then come back at this bro. Because I legit fell asleep.

  18. Had a similar story like this…it was during the invasion and our team was attached to a couple LAVs which look like BMPs….we had infiltrated into Iraq before the ground invasion to light up ground targets. It was about 5 hours into the invasion and we smoked all our targets. A set of Apaches came over circles over our heads then lined up on us…after a few min dude says he’s acting like he wants to do a gun run wtf…do we have our fire flies on? OH SHIT TURN THE FIRE FLIES ON! he then creeped over head…close call had to laugh it off

  19. There are definitely better ways to spend your time than reading all the comments on your videos. The good shit isn’t that great, and the bad shit is poison for your brain.
    Channel is fucking great and continues to get better. Keep it up man.

  20. Is it just me that laughs while talking about my time in the army in Scotland. My wife looks bored shitless when I talk about they days and the guys I trained and served with. Unlike america in the day in the Scottish regiments you were all in one at basic until you went to your individual regiments. Best days of my life, laughing with your brothers while taking fire, heads down bullets cracking above you.
    I feckin miss they guys every day

  21. We had a guy almost blow up the carrier I was on 100 miles from the coast of Afghanistan. Hangar bay 3-an s3 parked overlapping safety chain around weapons elevator hatch w/ 2 flare skids full of live flares. Next to that-2 lox containers.
    Hangar bay 2-live bomb onload going on with bay full of gbu's.
    Hangar bay 3-hazmat
    This mfer was not qualified to run elevator. He goes over there after being ordered by his Superior and opens the fuckin hatch. Instead of sending the car below hatch to below deck. Flares start rolling. Yellow shirt runs over and hits emergency switch after bird was crunched and safety chain popped. Heads rolled that day. Here comes admiral, co, xo, maintenance officer and others.. not good.

    You are helping guys, including yourself, to heal. Keep it up and thank you for your service.

  22. Thanks for the insight here Shawn! It makes me have even more respect for the men and women overseas defending this country with their lives.

  23. Makes you want your clean socks and aspirin. As well crypto isn't fun having. Long story short, out to sea in the Atlantic, guy trips over helo tie down strap at night and crypto device falls in the ocean. Let's just say it was a late night and talking to government fucks with sticks up their ass made for a shitty end to poker night.

  24. When you said "Tanks" I immediately grabbed my popcorn because I just knew you were going to say, we called in some a-10 close air support that shot them to shit. Great story keep them coming!!!!

  25. If they were Iraqi tanks, why was there not communication/coordination regarding who would be operating in the area? I'm asking this understanding that they were not always or often reliable, and that some may have been playing both sides. My goodness, stories like this fucking one — that ended as well as possible given the circumstances — represent just a mere snippet of the chaotic circumstances our brave servicemembers endure. God bless.

  26. I feel better now knowing camp fires bother navy seals too😂 I always feel like a bitch when the smoke hits me and I’m like choking and moving

  27. I love how the music is building in intensity and then leveling out and then dying down as his story does the same.
    Great story but what about that radio man?! 🤣

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