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Reinforcements! One second- We don’t have one second! I’m out! Twinsies Reloading! *pathetic* REEEEE LOADING! I’m out! (M9 Berettas do not hold THIS MANY ROUNDS) Looks like… I’M out! *Nom* What are you guys doing? Ah, shit! I’m out! No, no- Wait! WAIT! WAIT WAIT WAIT *OOF* Hey… A little help? *Tick* *Whoosh* *Swish* *Swoosh* *You guys like swish sounds don’t you.* *Wish* *Woosh* *Muffled screams* *HOLY SHIT IT’S NEO* You ready… …to get smoked? Take me with you. Oh, uh, I’m actually the bad guy. Whatever Bad boy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wooo! That was amazing… *Le sniff* Dude, are you crying? No… …no you’re crying! I feel like this year, this video and the other videos we’ve put out have been some of the best videos we’ve made on YouTube so if you’re not subscribed to the Corridor channel, consider doing so. And Freddy, thank you for collaborating with us man, it’s been like 8 years and we haven’t officially collaborated until now! And look at the magic we made. Let’s do it again! Thanks for watching!

22 thoughts on “TactiCOOL RELOADS

  1. That 9mm should not have that many bullets I mean there’s only 11 in the clip 1 in the camber so um no you would be out if shooting that fast in 1.2 seconds as my estimated guess

    I smart

    Wait I forgot you would lose time to reload due to recoil

    Also there should have been more shells on the floor because of how much he shot that M16A1 um so D you should have been out in 12.1 seconds and that’s my estimated guess

    I really smart

  2. 2:04 wait, there is still one more round in the chamber, what the heck is happening with gun mechanism ?

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