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Tactical Shotgun Upgrades / Accessories

Welcome back guys today we’re going to
talk about tactical shotgun upgrades. Now, if you can only have one gun in your home for self-defense I think it needs to be a 12-gauge pump
shotgun it’s just so simple to operate, your wife
could operate it, your kids can operate it I do support using other guns for
defense in your home myself i have a pistol beside my bed some people want to use ar-15, that’s
perfectly fine but if you can only have one, get you 12 gauge. This shotgun i have here today is the Mossberg Maverick 88. I have done a review on this gun so if
you haven’t seen it go check it out this is the 20-inch security version of
the maverick 88. it has an eight-shot capacity and they do offer a 18 and a
half inch version that has six shot capacity but contrary to what Joe Biden
might think capacity does matter so while length is something to consider
in a tactical shotgun I’d rather have the extra two rounds and
I’m only adding an extra inch and a half on this gun. now while we’re talking about
capacity the only downside to a shotgun vs a
pistol or rifle is that it’s going to have less capacity and that brings us to
our first tactical upgrade the Tacstar sidesaddle and it holds an extra six
rounds and thats just for convenience and faster reloading to have those extra
rounds right there at your disposal and this sidesaddle doesn’t require any
gunsmithing and it has an aluminum mounting plate that just screws onto the receiver
and the actual shell holder part that’s bolted onto the aluminum plate is a
black polymer material now the eight shot capacity of this gun is great but
having that extra six rounds old standby is really nice to have. Now if this is your
house gun to want to make sure everybody in your home can use it
comfortably like i said earlier so that brings us to the stock. now replaced the
stock was on here with the Mugpul SGA stock
it’s a little pricey, it’s around 80 to 100 bucks but I think it’s worth it it has the ability to add or remove
spacers right here it comes with five half inch spacers you can add make the
link to pull longer or shorter and that’s just so you can make it a little
bit more comfortable to shoot if your wife or your kids are going to be using
it you want it might want to think about making it a little shorter so the length
the pull isn’t too long for them and I like the magpul because the grip angle is
just a little bit more comfortable for tactical or defensive shooting and it
has a very comfortable rubber butt pad on the end it has sling attachment
points on both sides as well as QD swivel mounts that you just pull this
little piece out here and you can attach your QD swivel to that it also has
optional cheek risers that you can buy that fit right here if you’re using
optics on your guns or ghost ring sights that are a little bit higher you may want to get that cheek riser the
next thing that I think is really important to have a tactical or home
defense shotgun is a flashlight. If you hear a bump in the night and you’re
patrolling through your house with your boomstick you want to be able to light
up the target make sure you’re not going to accidently shoot a friend or family
member. That brings us to our next crucial upgrade, i have this light on an Elzetta zsm shotgun mount. Its made of a tough polymer material and it can be
mounted on either side of the gun. It comes with spacers that adjust to fit a
4-10, 20 gauge, 12-gauge as well as any flashlights from .07 inches up to an
inch it has a really tight fit that’s not
going to allow any movement while you’re shooting and I think it’s one of the
best mounts out there. Its going to run you about 35 bucks it also has the option of adding a
Picatinny rail or a swing swivel to the other side and the light that i have on here is a
Streamlight Polytac HP, you can find that for around thirty bucks it’s a really tough polymer frame, its
powered by two cr123a batteries and this particular one is 275 lumens on high it
has a high, low, strobe and this one can be programmed to go through the
different modes at different times it can be programmed to do just the high
mode and this thing is super bright it’s definitely going to light up the room so
you can see what you’re shooting at it also has a momentary on, if you just
touch the switch on the back without clicking it, you’ll get a momentary
on function. This light is waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes and you can
go with more expensive lights you know gun lights can go all the way up
then 200 bucks but really on a shotgun this is going to do it for you this is
really tough and as long as you have a good mount its going to work it for you.
while we’re up here i want to talk about the sight that I’ve chosen the Maverick 88
comes with a brass bead sight but i wanted to upgrade that so what I have
here is the TruGlo Big Dot sight. You can get this in red or green basically it’s just the fiber-optic
shotgun sight, it’s going to capture all the available light in the room
especially in low light situations you’ll be able to pick up that front sight a lot
easier than you would just a regular brass bead sight so i think that’s a
pretty cool upgrade not necessary but i like it. And finally the last thing you may
want to consider putting on your shotgun is a sling, I personally think every long
gun should have a sling if for no other reason than convenience so you can just
throw it on your back and keep it out of the way keep it pointed in a safe
direction when you’re just walking around but also if you were to
accidentally trip and fall your guns not going to go flying across the room and
God forbid if you were in a defensive situation, you’re gun is tethered to you
so the bad guy can’t just take it away from you and
use it against you I don’t have one here with me today. I
will be getting the Magpul MS1 sling that’s a really good quality 2 point sling
for a shotgun and that pretty much does it from my tactical shotgun upgrades I think these are all really important
things that you should consider if you’re building your own home defense
shotgun and I like I said earlier I think the Maverick 88 is a great
option for you especially if you’re on a budget so thanks for watching guys I
hope this has been helpful for you while you’re building your own technical shotgun please comment below if you have any questions or comments about the
things that I’ve chosen here and please like share and subscribe and I’ll see
you next time thanks.

26 thoughts on “Tactical Shotgun Upgrades / Accessories

  1. Not bad at all man. Do you know if the Maverick's barrel is reinforced like on the 590a1? I was highly leaning toward an entry level 590a1 which goes for over $500, but I'm now reconsidering given the Maverick's much lower price. Are you planning on adding the Magul fore end to it? I'd like to see that.. Great video btw..

  2. very nice man. and informative. just bought my first shotgun for home defense and yes, it's a mav 88. definitely need to mod it a bit but not too much.

  3. your gun is exactly how I envisioned what im going to do to mine. I love the stock you have in the video, definitely getting it, as well as a sling.

  4. Excellent video! I own a Glock 17 as my primary defense home weapon. Considering a shotgun as my back up. Thanks for your list of upgrades in the description box. Love the upgrade- to gun stock. -MJ

  5. Which stock model did you get? I just got my Mav yesterday looking for the stock but don't want to buy the wrong one.

  6. I am considering a Tacstar side saddle. I am worried that if it were to get banged, it would bend the screws and potentially damage the firearm. Is that a correct assumption?

  7. Hey there, The Fat Bead site it no longer available on Amazon and there are a ton of front site bead choices. Would you be willing to repost a new link to the site that worked for your build?

  8. Nice setup. I already have a Mossberg 500 tactical with the 6 position adjustable pistol grip stock and heatshield but I am considering buying another shotgun for my very small gun collection. The Maverick 88 with upgrades is high on my list. I have no interest in changing the forend or have any need for a picatinny rail on the receiver so those aren't big cons for me. Plus the safety on the trigger is easier to access with a pistol grip stock over a tang safety.

  9. You just turned a vanilla (basic) Maverick 88 into a fucking banana split (tactical)! All you need is a pistol grip attachment and a bayonet piece.👍🏻

  10. Holy cow man you decided to shoot a video with your smoke alarm battery going off? You couldn't take the time to replace the battery in your smoke alarm before recording this? Come on man talk about home safety what if your whole family died because you don't have batteries in your smoke alarm? What good is a gun going to do if you're all dead?

  11. PERFECT !!!! Everything necessary without ANY taktikool crap.
    EDIT: Well, almost everything. You’re missing a good 2-point sling.

  12. Ha! gotta love a video about a home defense shotgun while the smoke detector is going off in the back ground. Priorities hahaha. Please tell me you changed those batteries, have a fire extinguisher in the house, a fire escape plan, and have CPR training. You are tens of times more likely to need these skills before you need a "home defense gun". All of these things take a weekend and about $40-$50 a person.

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