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Tactical Rifleman: Military tactics, weapons and training

I’m Karl Eriksson And I’m going to share with you 25 years experience as a special forces green Beret Along with other subject matter experts across various different fields we’re going to show you how the military ship moves Communicates and makes the best of using the latest and greatest equipment you We’re going to show you that knowledge is [power] knowledge can be the best tool for the job and knowledge is your best weapon

19 thoughts on “Tactical Rifleman: Military tactics, weapons and training

  1. You guys are the best channel I have seen so far that gives a real look for the people wanting to join the special forces. Anything and everything I've seen on this channel that I just found recently gives the most detailed and accurate display of information that I can I find anywhere. So a big shout out to you all, I really do appreciate it!

  2. This truly is a BAD ASS channel!!!!! I am so happy and feel very fortunate to have found it. Thank you all for all you have done and are doing…. have a great day…
    BIG RON…

  3. Are all green berets naturally good at teaching 🙂 Not trying to sound biased which I guess I am, army dudes seem to teach better.

  4. Hey Karl, i got a lot of respect for you as man and operator. Had to come back to the beginning of the channel to watch.

  5. Hello, I wanted to make the subtitles of your videos in French, but it is not possible. It's a shame because it could be interesting for your community. Good continuation

  6. Hey Carl awesome videos and information I'm an ex army guy not as high speed as you guys of course but I have an topic for a video suggestion as I came up through basic training the army is basically right handed friendly so there wasn't much emphasis on weapons system manipulation for lefties….of course there are SOME videos that cover this but they are not as in depth as you guys videos any info or advice would be greatly helpful and appreciated and keep up the awesome job you guys are doing

  7. hey TR i hunted around ur channel a lil but and found this the first video u guys made and im a freshman whos looking to join the cct pipeline out of high school so i just wanted to say thank you for helping me figure stuff out about SpecOps how they work and stuff and you may not know it but youre p much my inspiration for joining in the first place so i just wanted to say thank you for that

  8. I have yet to see a more awesome intro to your channel than this! Awesome stuff! Thank you for all that you do!

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