100 thoughts on “Tactical Head Target vs Buckshot & Wax Slug 12 gauge shotgun

  1. Your training head needs a nice hairdo for next time you should get it a wig.  I imagine it sucks when you look like a cancer survivor AND have to take MattV2099's load in your mouth…

  2. Hi great video! I have one question though if you repeatedly through a buckshot shotgun shell at hard surfaces what are the chances it would fire off? Because i remember like 6 years ago a stupid person i knew tried by throwing it around. Thanks!

  3. OKAY but where are the buckshot after impact. Did they drift outside after exiting the head? Did the pellets spray outward after impact? Info please. Don

  4. 12 gauge is one of the best defense guns ever made you should make a video 12 gauge vs other home defense weopns and a demonstration on the best ammunition to use in a defense situation

  5. i think the head is gonna fly the fck away with the slug. yes i actually pasued the video before you shot it to type this lool. not everyone does

  6. What I particularly like about the Tactical Heat Target is that it is race neutral, gender neutral, sexual orientation neutral and age neutral.

  7. Matt, love your videos! I have one of those tactical heads that I use for an archery target. It stands up to deer tips quite well. I made a LOT of wax slugs for my Rem. Some I have 1 1/2 inch sheetrock screws sticking out of them. The Military grade buckshot would've taken that head right off of the table. Keep up the great videos!

  8. 1,000 rounds nooo way….

    20 rounds .50 cal berret rifle and shot it a few more times with a 500 mangnum after and it will be a pile of jello.

  9. here people….
    skip this bullshit
    check it out!

  10. There use to be videos of real shogun blast to the head.an it's not pretty. The Head swells like a balloon.the eye bulge out.
    Brain matter goes everywhere
    This is not how it really looks
    It's worse

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