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T. Miller – “You are Not a Firearm”

You are not a firearm
in the hands of an unlicensed carrier. You are not 20 miles over the speed limit,
not under-aged drinking or vandalism, neither theft nor robbery. You are not illegal. You are human. You are a soul
connected to a source. Skin, connected to bones that are weary
from working ten times harder while getting paid 90 percent less. You are your grandmother’s favorite child, your lover’s favorite kiss
to suicide note that your parents carried across
the borders on their backs. You are in coffins
in Arlington’s National Cemetery. You are running into burning buildings, risking your life to save people
who want you dead. You are the true definition of grace. You are making below minimum wage
barely surviving yet still sending money back home
to your famiily. You are a healer. You are a provider. You are coming home every night
with tired hands, achy feet and still reading your children
bedtime stories in a language that you’ve been hiding
in your throat all day. You are the great in America. You are more American
than the American president. You are not a job or a status,
or a service or a resident. You are not a bill being passed
on the House floor in the middle of the night. You are flesh. You are bones.
You are feelings. You are more than America’s housekeepers. You are the house,
you are the structure. And if you are forced to leave,
you’ll be the flames, you burn it down, you burn it down, and you write your family’s name
in the ashes. Thank you. (audience cheering)

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