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Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts Pt. 2 | The Daily Show

No, this isn’t a green screen. This is real,
disgusting Switzerland, a neutral country
full of noncombative, chocolate-eating yodelers. And they’re also
full of… guns. In my previous report, I trained
with firearms expert, Miko. Miko, look–
I shot some holes in the… Swiss cheese. You get…? I put the… I learned that
when it comes to gun culture, Switzerland has a few more
regulations than America. (automatic gunfire) And thanks
to these gun regulations and strict ammunition control,
Switzerland has a murder rate of nearly zero! Sure, that’s a great statistic,
but how save can it really be? To learn more
about their gun culture, I attended Indochism… the world’s largest
annual shooting festival, right here in… Holy (bleep).
That’s a lot of guns. ♪ ♪ Even that baby has a gun. There’s not enough training
in the world to prepare me for this, so I
brought my two secret weapons: my translator, Pierre, and my super-manly,
rock-hard American vest. Why are you wearing
a pussy vest? What did he…
what did he say, Pierre? Pussy vest. Ah, that’s-that’s funny.
Pussy vest. Why aren’t you wearing
a pussy vest? People are walking around
with guns. -Because it’s safe.
-(guns firing) Oh, my God, what is that?
What is that? Hold… Get… get… They’re shooting.
No worries. -They’re shooting? -They are
shooting over there, not here. How many accidents
have happened here? -Nein.
-Nine accidents? -No.
-Nine accidents? -No, no, no! Zero accidents.
-Zero? -Zero. Zero.
-I thought you said nine. -Nein.
-Okay. -It’s the German language.
-It’s the German language. I know in the United…
American, this is dangerous. But in the Switzerland,
we have… -Tradition.
-Tradition. We have rules and this… (rubber toy squeaks) We have rules. Rules? What kind of rules let
little kids participate in this Glock-toberfest? -Do you love shooting?
-Oh, yes. Why? So it’s like yoga? Yes. They also throw booze
into the mix, because, pourquoi pas? It’s a… it’s a national party. Oh, here comes the beer,
everybody. Let’s let the beer walk through.
We’ve got rifles and then beers. We come here with the peoples,
with the friends, and la, la, la, la,
the beer… ♪ La, la, la, la, la, beer. ♪ And cluck, cluck.
We make this. -(imitates automatic fire)
-Yep. And it’s finished. Well said. Guns and beers. This was an American wet dream. But something was different
in this country. Why should I listen
to this drunk Swiss roll? You’re telling me
I’m having beer with the former president
of Switzerland? -Yes.
-Cheers. Nowhere else
could a former president be surrounded by thousands
of firearms with no security. How could we get America
to feel this safe? -That’s your problem.
-That’s my problem. Well, that’s
as neutral as it gets. But he’s right,
it is our problem. I mean, here they
can shoot guns, drink beer, and no one gets hurt. In America, something like this
could never happen. (gunshot) I decided to embrace
this culture and hang with the only group
that would let me in. Wow. Yeah, you guys got
AR-15s here, huh? Meet the Shooting Society
of Prez. -♪ ♪
-(gunshot) It was time to show
these Swiss fondues how Americans shoot guns. -I missed?
-You missed, yes. How did I miss? What? What do you know?
You’re ten years old. Yeah? Yeah? You probably never
even kissed a girl. You ever take your gun
to school? -No.
-No? We don’t… American. -You’re not American.
-No. Okay, well, I can say that,
but he can’t. These (bleep) Swiss kids, huh? Even if it is true–
because the fact is, for Swiss kids, life with guns
is very different. Nothing happens.
It’s not like in the U.S., where you have
those mass shootings. So your son,
when he goes to school, he just has to worry
about school? Yeah. Catching the bus,
sometimes. Unlike America,
Switzerland has found a way to peacefully coexist
with firearms. (chanting):
Shot! Shot! Shot! -(gunfire)
-Oh! Whoa! Whoo-hoo! And one of the main reasons
is that, while these gun owners may be loaded,
it’s actually illegal for their guns to be loaded
when not in use. We got beer,
we got guns, we got food. I feel like I’m growing
another testicle down here. You know what I mean? So, America,
if we’re gonna insist -on being a nation of…
gun nuts, -(toy squeaking) we could at least try
and Swiss things up.

100 thoughts on “Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts Pt. 2 | The Daily Show

  1. Ok, as a Swiss person, this kinda makes me proud a little. We are a small country however, so it's easier to regulate shit, and we still have loads of problems. I do like our gun laws though, and that no one who doesn't want to will ever so much as see a gun (except maybe on the train when the army members are going back to WK or RS, but as it was said, they're never loaded while on the move). I am embarrassed of how badly those folks speak English though … Like .. at least we all speak more than one language, but our English skills are generally a joke .. :-p

  2. I was gonna say in Swiss the government actually gives af about its people unlike America the richest most powerful nation who cant even afford health care lmfao pathetic

  3. I respect Switzerland a lot and love their industries, but mixing alcohol with firearms or any other dangerous machinery is not responsible. They have a lot of really well thought gun control laws but not using firearms under the influence of alcohol seems like a very obvious one

  4. Group karma. When u are guilty of being the cause / trigger of so many mass kilings in other parts of the world, your nation will suffer the same things

  5. ah yes, I can't wait for the Daily Show's piece on Switzerland reduced immigration policies. Yes, please continue to talk about these white people with guns and no violence…
    This left wing show is retarded. Also, I thought canned laughter died out in the 50's. If you like this show you're obviously too stupid to realize when to laugh.

  6. That's awesome…but it's not ALL about gun "control". It surely prevents more accidents and such….but, being the guns and ammo are readily accessible (by the owners), a maniac could lock and load and start murdering at any point. What does that tell us? That guns (regardless of type) aren't really the major threat, are they? It's the PEOPLE that use them. So, why does the USA have WAAAAYYYYY more massacres and problems with guns? Maybe America just has more crazy people. Let's learn from the Swiss. Keep the guns…and respect them….and deal with the PSYCHOPATH problem.

  7. I guess this only means that the swiss people are more gun responsible, serious about rules and common sensibly more intelligent compared to other people of some countries. I appreciate the kind of humorous approach to make a report on guns in switzerland but somehow I felt like it's not exactly respectful of how some individuals might perceive it, like mikko. And I do hope your swiss way of life as you know it don't get replaced or overtaken by some outsiders with agenda. You know who I mean:-I

  8. I believe in more regulations. We need to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people. However the Swiss don’t have racial issues like we do. A lot of US mass shootings are racially fueled.

  9. Once all governments start caring about homeless and poor people, give those people a chance of health care, education and jobs, there'll be a better world…

  10. That is the difference between a Free country with free people, true democracy and a shithole mmmm America the Great

  11. The problem with this idiot is he thinks it's a joke. I was raised surrounded with guns of all kinds. We had basic rules like Switzerland does and we didn't need any gov't to make us abide by them. When you pick up ANYTHING that can take a life you also pick up the responsibility that comes with it. A gun, knife, car keys, poison (like maybe bleach), anything! We will protect that freedom and responsibility with the same guns if necessary. Guns are a tool that can feed you, protect you, or kill someone if there is a loose nut operating it. The answer is better gun safety and background checks to keep them out of the wrong hands. If you were a crook where would you attack? Someplace where there were no guns or somewhere where EVERYBODY else had a gun and could shoot back?

  12. Majority of American gun owners are like these people. when 99.9999% of legal gun owners are fucked by less than 0.00001% of gun owners who fuck things up for everyone. The Liberals agenda is so fucked.

  13. AT THE 0:37 MARK, the United States Per Capita Gun Related Homicide Rate is 4.46 per 100,000 people. If you do the Math, then 329,000,000 divided by 100,000 = 3,290 x 4.46 = 14,673. REALLY?

    I saw a Graph on Vox where the "Gun Related Deaths Per 100,000" is 11.8 or almost 12.

  14. To say that Switzerland has a lower murder rate BECAUSE of the gun regulations is plain wrong, here in Germany, we have a higher murder rate and it is almost impossible to own a gun. They have a low murder rate because the Swiss actually live a bloody good life standard, while Americans (for a first world country) struggle with a ton of social, political and infrastructural problems that cause incentive to rob and murder.

  15. Switzerland is an extremely socialist country, from an US point of view, and one of the many advantages of this kind of socialism is that people live in peace with each other.
    You also could say that Switzerland is a ginormous gated community full of happy people.

  16. The difference is America politicize guns. It became us VS them mentality. If both sides could come together and have beer like the Swiss they would have solved their gun problems.

  17. Doesn't hurt that switzerlands healthcare and educational system are Much better than the U.S… less crazy stupidly ignorant people… Less poverty/broken homes, less incarceration and drug abuse.

  18. Well, the fact that their guns are unloaded when not in use certainly does help with accidents.
    But the real fucking reason why they don't shoot each other is because they're not raised to be ignorant pigs about literally everything.


    – Murica, 2019

  20. I love how he trys to compare Switzerland to americas gun problem but he does not see the real problem I believe he forgot to metion that the number one place for homicide in the world has a ban on firearms

  21. 8 million vs 300 million. Easy to not have gangs when your country has virtually no diversity and strict immigration policy.

  22. There’s no such thing as “safe” around guns, I don’t care how low the murder rate is because it can change with one idiot. In America they should only allow one per household and make the law where it has to stay there in a safe.

  23. Only difference that in the United States there's so much hate against each other that's why there's so many dead,,,,
    And in Switzerland there's no Psychopaths like in the United States

  24. After this feature I would advise them to be careful cause certain weirdos might want to test the system or create an incident . Fear causes more problems than anything else

  25. Americans don't like or understand something- call it socialism.

    Just stop your government giving your money to businesses leaching off the military and put it into helping civilians. Oh, and ditch the faux patriotism. We're all patriotic but have better services than you.

  26. "we could try and Swiss things up"
    Keep in mind that's universal healthcare and free college/job training, too. Best of both worlds.

    Republicans are afraid of losing their guns to socialists because they can't for the life of them grow up and behave.

  27. The National Firearms Act allows thousands of citizens to own fullu automatic weapons, not just AR’s and AK’s either I am talking belt fed .50 cal Browning M-2’s and fucking mini guns ….. and exactly how
    many crimes have been committed with class 3 weapons in America?

  28. In my opinion slavery and white supremacy ruined our country. And their effects still continue today. So many people here are angry, depressed, unkind, hateful and mentally ill and this is how it's expressed. There's so much brainwashing here that people don't know their true identity. We're taught to believe only white people did great things and that everyone else contributed nothing to society. Domestic terrorism has been a tradition for centuries. White people have been taught to chase down and torture Black people and other P.O.C for sport and assert your power over them. It's your "right" to do that as a "true American." That mentality is still alive in mass shooters. Our nation has some serious healing to do.

  29. Domestic terrorism has been a socially acceptable tradition for centuries. White people have been taught to chase down and torture Black people and other P.O.C for sport and assert your power over them. It's your "right" to do that as a "true American." That is patriotism to a lot of people. That mentality is the problem and it's still alive in today's mass shooters. There is so much brainwashing here in America. If only we could stop being enemies, our nation would truly be great. Our nation has some serious healing to do.

  30. It’s all about EDUCATION and UNDERSTANDING firearms! I’ve grown up around them since I was 6, I had anger issues and NEVER HAD a single thought of ever using a firearm to hurt people…. NEVER! People are just CRAZY! You can’t stop crazy but hopefully you can influence them at an early age!

  31. Switzerland resembles 6,Million,000 NRA Members, who train + practice safety. I don't remember an NRA Member being involved in a Gun Crime. NRA Members could be deputized as PEACE Officers for Security Duty. And a beer or 2 on occasion sounds tempting. The number of MASS SHOOTINGS at a Gun Show is "ZERO".

  32. 1. I agree we should have mandatory service
    2. I agree their "Culture" is extremely different
    3. Nope, sorry you can not go into a Walmart give money and walk out with a gun. There are still background and identity checks just like every other FFL licensed dealer.
    4. If a friend or family member knowingly gives a gun to a felon they will be prosecuted and held accountable.
    5. The statement "because in most states you can almost immediately by a gun without any background check" is straight up false. If you don't believe me go and try it.
    6. In the U.S. a mass shooting is defined as an incident where 4 or more people get killed or "injured". It also includes gang violence and home invasions. It's also worth noting that the criteria used to be higher but was lowered to 4 people causing a statistical uptick.
    7. America has had 1900 mass shootings since 2012. If you eliminate all gang violence, home invasions etc. America is statically among the top safest countries in the world.
    8. We have to change our entire decaying culture.
    9. Did you notice that through the entire video pt.1 and 2 there was not one person of color in sight? Comparing Switzerland and the U.S. is literally comparing apples to oranges. They do not face the ethnic and social struggles America does because they do not compare historically not even in the slightest.
    10. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Therefore any short of ratifying the constitution is not constitutional. "Shall not be infringed" being the key phrase.

  33. We the people of America will Never have Switzerland gun laws. I have a Right to Bear Arms and protect myself its my right. "A well Regulated Militia being necessary of a free State the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". Switzerland has No right to protect themselves with guns. To all the people say oh just "regulate guns" and "ban them" "buy back" All i will say is """Come and Take It"""

  34. Holy shit you are proving the pro gun point. Treat guns with respect. And legit everyone at a festival had a damn gun and kids all had them. The guns you want to ban. Please tell me how this proves your point. And all the things you listed that America needs we for the most part already have.

  35. The swiss dont have an immigration problem that allows immigrants that dont respect or plan on being tolerant like the country allowing them safe harbor in it creates problems. Hence animosity in a country among other things Switzerland has a tiny population which is much more manageable. I only saw swiss people no other differ cultures and yet theres gun problem, also there standards of mass shootings are differ from ours ours I beleive last I checked a killing of 2 or more people by one person or a group of individuals. That means a robbery gon bad, a drive by, etc… it makes us look so bad but it's really the liberal media that always reports wrong or a certain angle or spin on things. It's all fake news fault for spewing lies that angers young white males that are ostracised for being Male and white. Dam you crazy lefty's lol

  36. For the time being there is no other way to protect the people than to
    bring all military back from overseas and deploy them everywhere crowds
    can gather. We have over a million soldiers and hundreds of thousands of
    national guardsmen doing nothing but antagonize natives to say the
    least. They are paid good money for it and guess what, it's our money,
    taxpayers' money! Let those heroes protect us here at home as long as
    it's necessary! Yes, let them patrol our street day and night in bad
    neighborhoods, along with police to prevent burglaries and robberies.

    To those who say we can't have martial law or fascism I say ask the
    victims and the families who lost their loved ones, or anyone for that
    matter, would you feel safer and have the military protect them or would
    you accept the "new normal', where cowardly boneheads go around and
    shoot hundreds of people each year?

    Our "culture", social structure and economic conditions will not change
    soon and our leaders are infected with a vicious virus making them blind
    to logic and common sense. But we can force them to deploy the military
    at home until conditions change and violence is curbed!

  37. Here Sweiz…learn some truth that ugly, left Americans posted on here. Where do you people come from? We have all kind of programs for all kind of people. 26 TRILLION SPENT ON WELFARE. All kind of medical help. Private Insurance, paid in Medicare & welfare medicaid, free health. Emergeny care, no one turned away. Free Clinics. Planned parenthood, Catholic Charities, Lutheran, Mormon.
    Indigent health care, (homeless) I pay with my property taxes. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, HEAD START, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Standards reduced to allow in minorities. SAT'S changed for black& brown people. More go to college. We tried C.R.A, which led to housing bubble, homes for minorities & poor.What do you want? SILVER PLATTER?

  38. Gun ranges in the US are very similar to the Swiss ranges except drinking is not allowed. Back in the day, it was common in the US to bring hunting rifles to school and go hunting when class was over. So what has changed in the US over the last 50 years? Respect for human life perhaps?

  39. That guy wasn't the president as you understand it. He was part of the Bundesrat they consist of 7 people who have equal power. But they really dont have that much power.

  40. My little brother could do better lol a German General just before we2 asked a Swiss general how many men he could field in one hour the Swiss thought for a moment and replied 500.000 the German then asked what if I sent 1.000.000 against you the Swiss replied we'd each shoot twice and go home! The Germans left the Swiss alone!

  41. its ironic that the law abiding citizen do this exact same thing, but this fool would not go there, only go and film the crime scene!

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