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Susan Wynne: Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance Testimony & Gun Control

Susan Wynne

Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance Leader
“Clearly, we cannot depend upon government
to keep us safe.” good evening chair person Keeble and
members of the House Judiciary Committee my name is Susan Wynne I’m a resident of Lincoln and I’m employed in higher education I’m the mother of three young
adult sons and decided several years ago after thoughtful consideration that
owning a firearm as a tool of self-protection was and is right for me
personally I’m also a board member of the Rhode Island Self-Defence Alliance a
volunteer organization whose sole purpose is to help preserve the right to
defend our children in families from those who wish to do us harm the lack of
our government’s ability to keep a side of harm’s way
is alarming recent failures to keep schoolchildren safe
in Florida is a stark reminder that we must be proactive in prepared in our
efforts to protect families these failures reinforce the need for
Americans to be armed for their protection clearly we cannot depend on
government to keep us safe that is why the rhode island self-defense alliance
was formed limiting the right to defend ourselves is wrong and immoral as a
woman as a mom as a thoughtful citizen it’s my right to choose how i will
empower myself and my loved ones it’s frightening to see legislation aimed and
imposing greater restrictions on law-abiding respectful americans i’m
here today asking you to support me and my right to defend myself by defeating
house bills 7075 7688 and 7763 we hear endlessly that this type of
legislation is not going to restrict our Second Amendment rights or our ability
to defend ourselves however based on the history of the
words and actions of the gun control Lobby there is no doubt that stripping
private citizens of their right to defend themselves with firearms is their
ultimate goal and we are tired of it thank you “Limiting the right to defend ourselves
is wrong and immoral”

Thank you Susan for standing up to protect our families and children.

1 thought on “Susan Wynne: Rhode Island Self Defense Alliance Testimony & Gun Control

  1. I'm alive bc I owned a firearm in college, had training by a retired Sheriff when I was 12.
    IDEA, mandating dangerous, mentally ill kids be in regular classrooms is a failed experiment, as is GFZs that simply become targets for these people, who generally hold anger towards kids, schools that are normal, and to which they don't feel a part of.
    We've heard this again and again.
    Time to re-arm our teachers, time to once again teach kids gun safety.
    Time for this ridiculous banning campaign to stop.
    People with mental illness, that have had extensive histories of complaints about dangerous & bizarre behaviors we are told, are the ones committing these crimes, shooting kids & teachers at schools. Some have also stabbed others, like at UC Merced, driven cars into crowds, like several incidents in Las Vegas, London, and around the globe.
    People with dangerous mental illnesses need to be in places where they cannot harm others. Time to put them into state hospitals, where they can be either rehabilitated, or at the very least, kept from others.

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