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Surplus Release: Czech VZ-24 Rifles – 8mm Mauser

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Friday, May the 12th. TGIF, right? Thank god it’s Friday. We appreciate you folks giving us another
good week. It’s been a great week here. We’ve highlighted some surplus, and we have
a little bit more surplus for you today. What we have to show you here are the VZ-24
rifles. Well, this is an early, Czechoslovakian, bolt-action,
8mm Mauser, so the ammo is plentiful on these. It’s the predecessor to the VZ-52 we brought
you earlier in the week. Dylan’s running the camera. Dylan, come on in. Let’s take a look at some of these rifles. These are not beauty queens, folks. These came to us from the importer. It is part of the same co-liquidation. It’s part of the last that we’re ever going
to see out of that liquidation sale. These are graded by Century Arms who picked
these up. We got them through Century as either fair
cracked or simply fair. You know, we always like to show you the tags
on them. Come on in, Dylan. That is an FC. FC means fair condition overall, fair surplus
condition, with the “C” indicating that they have found a crack somewhere in the stock. I’ll show you an example of the crack. I see it here in the hand guard. You’ll see a minor crack in the hand guard
there. Now, let’s move on to the … if my eye don’t
fail me. Here it is. Here’s another one. This one is under … Come on in and take
a look at the tag, Dylan. Can I roll that where you can see it? Hold on. Let me get it straightened out. Almost had it. Almost had it? This one is the fair condition, indicating
that they didn’t see a crack at the time when they graded them. But Dylan, if you’ll come back in here, I
noticed just when I picked the rifle up, right here at the rear sling swivel, there’s a pretty
evident crack. Do you see that? I sure do. What I’m telling you folks is these are old
rifles. They graded them as FC, fair cracked, or standard
fair, which shouldn’t have a crack, but I’m finding a crack in the fair. In some cases, I don’t see a crack in the
FC codes. What we’re going to do is this. We’re selling all this lot, and it’s a relatively
small lot, at one money, same price, $299.99 for any of these Czechoslovakian Mausers,
8mm. Expect to find a crack somewhere in the stock. They’re older rifles. You may find a crack, you may not find a crack. The vast majority of them are bent bolt. They’re all five round, bolt-action, Mauser
actions. Safety’s on the top. I’ve seen one here. This one looks like it’s had the bolt replaced. Someone will get this rifle. It’s a straight bolt. The straight bolt is typically considered
a little less desirable. On the other hand, the overall condition of
the rifle probably makes it a wash because overall condition of the rifle is a little
nicer than some of the others that have the bent bolts. Anyway, all of these are $299.99. We’re not going to wait and do an announcement
tomorrow. We think we have a sufficient amount to go
ahead and put up. By the time you see this e-blast, by the time
you receive it, these will be live on the site and ready to order. But Dylan, if you’ll come on with me one more,
this is the only thing I have that’s a little different. Still a VZ-24, we got this one off a separate
lot. We paid a premium for this one. It was just one gun in that particular lot
in really good condition. You can see it’s a bent bolt. Dylan, I’m going to show you the receiver
markings on there so everybody can get a look, see how that reads. This is the VZ-24, which is the predecessor
to the German K-98, but it’s very similar to a K-98 Mauser. Laminated stock, cup butt plate, really nice
condition. This one does have a cracked stock though,
so come in and take a look, Dylan. We have a linear crack right here behind the
tang. You can see it there. When I twist it with my hands, I can actually
spread that crack open a little bit. You see it going open when a put a little
twist there, so know that it is there. Again, we paid a premium for this particular
rifle. We have this one right now. It’s on the site under a good cracked code
at $499.99. $499 on this one, $299 on these. Last but not least, Dylan, come on in. We are still running our SKY rifles with the
cracked stocks. We have a few of these left, folks. Dylan, let’s scan this rifle pretty good because
I want people to understand. You know, every rifle is different. Some will have really nice blueing like this
one does. This blueing is virtually 100%. Some will have the lighter blueing, which
is typical to the M39s, or particularly the SKYs. Everything we have left has a cracked stock,
but in some cases it is very, very minor. In this case, the crack is right at the end
of the stock down toward the cleaning rod, and it’s very small linear crack on the bottom. In some cases, you may expect something as
minor as that. For the low cracked stock price, you may end
up with a very, very nice rifle. In any case, if you want to, you can take
advantage of our special we’re running right now where if you buy any two rifles on the
M39, or combine it with one of our Chilean Mausers or one of our VZ-52 rifles, both rifles
will ship free. Any of these rifles in combination of two
or more, you get free shipping on those. Don’t miss this great deal on these at $299. Folks, we hope you have a great weekend and
as always, thank you for being with us at

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  1. How much are Czech VZ-24 or refurb Yugo M24-52c in very good/good condition going for???
    I should of never sold my VZ-24 many years ago!

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