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SUREFIRE XC1 Review [Pistol Light] | Episode #25

Hey gang, today we are going to be looking
at a weapon mounted light. This is the SUREFIRE XC1. Our friend Mikael over at Midwest Supply Group
was kind enough to get us a couple of these to test. Very nice little light. Takes a triple-AAA battery which is fantastic. Controls, very much like most of the weapon
mounted lights. You have a momentary ON-OFF switch on each
side of the light. And you have a continuous ON switch, which
is in the center of the light. Pretty decent lumen output. We’ll put all those stats up on the video. We going to run it through some simple drills. We are also going to compare it to SUREFIRE’s
ZX2, which is one of my favorite combat lights. It’s got good light output. And we’ll compare it to the light I have
every day which is the Streamlight Stylus Pro. We’ll see what visually, it’s ability
to illuminate targets is compared to the other two lights we use on a daily basis. Let’s see how it works in the dark. Alright, so we are going to start off with
the two-hand grip. Got the Glock 19 with the XC1. See what our target looks like. Pretty cool. Momentary ON-OFF switch works real nice with
my support hand thumb. Let’s see what that looks like coming out
from behind cover. Reload in the dark. Now let’s see what that light looks like
compared to our Stylus Pro, which is a little mini light. We’ve got the Stylus Pro… and we’ve
got the XC1. That’s a pretty good light difference. The Stylus Pro… the XC1. A bluer light with the Stylus. A whiter light with the XC1. Very comparable. Not terrible. We are at 10 yards here. Pretty good target identification. Now we’ll compare the XC1 to the ZX. Here we go. Quite a bit brighter light… this is the
ZX. There’s the XC1. But, this is just a tiny little package here,
which is pretty convenient. You don’t even see this guy on the end of
the gun. This is Mickey Schuch with Carry Trainer dot
com. I appreciate you watching. Subscribe. Passing this stuff on to your friends. If you have any questions on any of this,
or something that’s been puzzling you, send us an email. We’d love to answer. Maybe we’ll do a video on it. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “SUREFIRE XC1 Review [Pistol Light] | Episode #25

  1. I had 3 XC-1s fail to consistently come on or stay on. Finally ditched it for the X300. I will wait for the XC-2 before buying again.

  2. I bought one of the first XC-1. Out of the box it seemed fine. After putting it on a pistol and shooting, it began not to operate consistently. I returned it to Surefire for warranty replacement. Surefire seemed surprised at the failure ("You are the only one."). 45 days later I had a new replacement. No.2 XC-1 had the same inconsistency problem – again Surefire seemed surprised and …. 40 days later replaced it. No.3 XC-1 also had the same inconsistency problem. I sent No.3 back to the "surprised" Surefire and 50 days layers I had a new X300-U. Surefire never admitted there was a systemic issue with the XC-1. But there are numerous other reports of similar failures. Maybe they quietly fixed the problem today. But I will be waiting for a new generation before buying again (not the newly announce laser version XC-2, though).

  3. FYI – We have a updated Pistol Light Video:

    This has the new XC1 with 50% more light.

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