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Suppressor in Slow Motion – Smarter Every Day 204

– A quick caveat before
we get started here, I do not want Smarter
Every Day to be observed as a channel that glorifies weaponry. I am just fascinated by fluid dynamics, ballistics, optics, mechanics, aerodynamics. All this stuff is just fascinating to me. And I am hard-pressed to
find one singular thing that I can study that wraps
all these physical phenomenon into the perfect Venn
diagram that tickles my brain quite like firearms. So, that’s why you’ll see me
studying firearms so often and I hope you realize that
I’m doing it as intelligently and respectfully as I can. That being said, I’ve
made some observations in the last episode and
I’ve learned some stuff. And I’ve also decided to
push it a little further by studying suppressors. So, let’s look at this and
try to get smarter everyday. First, let’s revisit what we
learned in the last episode. Using a phantom camera with a
clever photography technique called Schlieren, which is
German for streak by the way, we observe that the
supersonic bullet creates an angular shot cone and
the angle of that cone can be used to determine the mach number. We also learned from
Dr. Konigstrasse at UAH that a bullet travelling
in the transonic regime can create supersonic flow around it because the air has to speed up and rush around the outside
of the surface of the bullet. This is a connection I
didn’t make at the time but we’ve all see these awesome pictures of a fighter jet with this
cone of vapor behind it, this is totally why that happens. The jet is flying along
in the transonic regime just like that bullet and
just like the normal shockwave that occurs on the side
of the subsonic bullet that’s happening on the jet. And it does two things, number one, it makes this cone of
vapor form on the jet and number two, it makes
me all tingly inside. Okay, so I think we have
a good understanding at this point of shockwaves
created by a bullet itself. You may have heard someone talk
about the crack of a bullet as it passes, that’s
created by this shockwave. But if you think about
the bang of a gunshot, it’s all those rapidly expanding gases out the front of a muzzle right? So it’s time to hone in
on that area right there and study that with super schlom, super slowmo suppressor
Schlieren, there you go. It’s hard to say. In a past episode of Smarter Every day I asked a company to fabricate
a see-through suppressor so we could see the flame front propagate through the baffles and try to
understand what was going on. That was effective in showing
what happens on the inside of their particular suppressor design but what I wanna see
is exactly what happens on the outside of the suppressor, after all, that’s where all the noise is. Here’s my friend Coop firing his rifle chambered in 300 blackout, both
suppressed and unsuppressed. I want to show you a full
minute of slow motion video because I believe it does
the best job of explaining the physics of what’s going on. On the left we have a suppressed weapon and on the right we have the
same weapon unsuppressed. When they’re first fired
you can see straight away that the weapon on the right
seems to have a larger, dirtier blast but after four milliseconds there doesn’t seem to
be any more shockwaves, we’re just venting the
exhaust gases at that point. The weapon on the left,
however, is still chugging away. It’s like this initial
blast is bouncing around on the inside of the suppressor and just a little bit of the gases are being leaked out
with every reverberation. (gunshot echo) Watch what happens next though. On the right, the echo from
the unsuppressed weapon is huge and very distinct. You can see how powerful and singular that initial blast was by how sharp the echo is when it returns. Imagine that echo entering your ears, meanwhile you can still see
that the suppressed weapon is dissipating that
acoustic energy slowly. This is like the clearest
example I can show of that energy being
dissipated differently. On the right, the unsuppressed version, the whole thing’s over in
a millisecond and a half but on the left, the same acoustic energy is dissipated over 15 milliseconds. That is a direct comparison showing you that it almost acts like
a capacitor in a circuit, it’s like, slowly filtering
the energy as it exits. Anyway, that energy dissipation
does not come for free. Suppressors heat up very, very quickly. All that thermal energy is captured because it doesn’t dissipate
away from the weapons. So the problem with suppressors is if you fire enough rounds through ’em, they heat up very, very fast
and they can cause malfunctions and even damage to the weapon. Now let’s look at subsonic ammunition being fired from a suppressor. This is absolutely fascinating. Okay first observation. The first thing that leaves the
suppressor is unburnt powder and look at that, there’s
little baby shockwave, they’re supersonic. Now whether this is gunk coming loose from previous shots, or
whatever, I don’t know but it’s clearly supersonic. Second, did you see
that little vortex ring poot out the end? Okay, here we go, bullet time. We know this is a subsonic round so we’re expecting normal shockwaves on the sides of the
bullet but look at that. They’re not there until the bullet is several inches away from the muzzle. It is crazy to think about how complicated this flow environment
is but it’s really fun to make these observations
and try to figure it out. This episode of Smarter
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your family, it works for us. What are these little squirrely things that come out of the suppressor? – Okay, so what you’re seeing here on this blackout cartridge
is your seeing unburnt propellant leaving the
muzzle before the bullet goes and so for 300 blackout
optimally you get complete burnout around 9 1/2 to ten
inches of barrel length. So this is a 10.2 inch barrel length so we’re right on the threshold of burning all the propellant out before
the bullet leaves the muzzle. – But look, there was a
supersonic piece of powder – Yeah there is. – You see that? – Whoa! – This is insane, we’re just
like, learning important stuff. Alright, well that was delightful, what did we learn John? (laughs) – Propellant outruns bullets sometimes. You may have grains of propellant that exit the muzzle faster
than the bullet, supersonically. – That’s crazy, and there’s
a shockwave on those grains of propellant
– Exactly! – That’s uh, never
would have thought that. – Neither would I. – I hope this episode
earned your subscription. You can also click the bell to be notified any time I upload
something, or not, whatever. You’re a smart person, you
can make your own decisions. I’m Destin, you’re
gettin’ smarter every day. Have a good one.

100 thoughts on “Suppressor in Slow Motion – Smarter Every Day 204

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  22. How nerd people back in 2006 started this without realizing that it would have gone millionaires. Life is amazing!

  23. How nerd people back in 2006 started this without realizing that it would have gone millionaires. Life is amazing!

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