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Suppressed Groza, 18 Kills Solo Squad | PUBG

All right, let’s get this air drop See what this baby contains Maybe an awm. Oh Groza. All right, wait we have the- suppressor for it, too interesting. I haven’t really tried to groza with the supressor before Why don’t they peek again? I mean a full squad versus one guy, sure they don’t know that I’m just alone but if I downed them then they can help one another without any trouble, but if I get down I’m out in the open, so *tongue click* Just keep the suppressor on the AK so we can play with these boys. oh there’s one And he leaves, okay, then Come on pussAY. fuck it. Let’s go play with someone else now that we have a groza We’re going to just play aggressive as hell. I kind of started this recording a bit late because um I was just filming for the next “did you know?” video and Then I managed to get some kills and I figured okay. I’m getting this air drop, too Maybe we’ll get some fun action out of this one and To get fun action we need to go look for action I mean in the groza-if you have a groza as a solo guy or an M249 you can still win in Solo squads Like the groza is so freaking overpowered-well not overpowered. It’s just strong as fuck I’m glad you can only get it from air drop though Alright, let’s see. If we can find them should be right over this hill maybe down to the left- oh Oh, I’m the third party Hi, hello Let’s steal his kill hehehe. Ok I’m sorry last guy lets see if we can frag him out here cook it real good. awe that was no *gunfire* wait what Got a lot of healing, but he doesn’t know that so he’s gonna have to push us before we need to go On the other hand we could just move backwards and then catch him when he goes into the circle I mean He’s gonna have to put-there is That groza tickles my bum more action up ahead So we’ll see what we can find shit if only I had an extended mag too – that would be perfect. Let’s see if one of these guys have one All right, we got another squad car rolling up. There’s only room for me up here boys! yeah I can’t lose this. I mean, they’re just sitting ducks Bye bye So, yeah, we talked about the groza. It’s pretty strong. Oh military vest. We are decked out Hmm. See we can get an extend mag from this guy no, sir Let’s boost up here. Just grab what we can and then push down into the circle that’s the thing in Solo squads we’re alone, so there’s a bit of a lower chance that we’ll get spotted pushing into the late circles as to where as if you’re running in a full four-man squad group then Yeah, then I have the advantage in some fashion 4 left and there is one. wait. There’s one zero it up here for what? 2-300? perfect He’s already Dead I mean come on that looked like he was laying down behind the tree or some shit That means there’s probably another squad up there or they got shot from the houses which could very well be too We’re just gonna-okaaay way to give you a position away What were they going to do with those three smokes-2 whatever? Why did they back down? What a bunch of eeeedeets *idiots* I’m sorry Methyl, *whispers* you’re not an idiot, you’re beautiful So at this point. We gotta think that the last two guys are together in those houses. I think they’re in the watch tower Since we did hear people down here. Shoot too – so that could have been those shooting at them. at some point, maybe? since they were laying smokes towards the houses too We’re gonna do some mind games here, because they probably know that I’m this way they can at least hear the silencer from over there somewhat So they know the direction-oh there was one guy by the tower. see if we can take him out All right, so now we do the flank He was alone though, so maybe it’s two different squads? What can we do? Make a bait and then rotate completely to the other side Then if they’re together-they’ll think I’m over there, right? whew the mind games Oh he’s trying to bait me out too. *whispers*The fuck you think this is boy? There’s no way that-I’m gonna lose this with a silenced groza…or suppressed. *humming nonsense* Come out come out. Alright We can just stay here. He’s gonna have to push out of the tower before we need to go. so that’s at least one gone, and then we just need to worry about the other guy which could be fucking anywhere in the world If they’re a team they’re going to be close by, so he’s probably on the other side of the watchtower otherwise the other guys Or in the building’s to the left of us-guaranteed shit There we go. all right, so they’re together Was that dude just yelling in his microphone at his friend. “Come help me dude. I’ve been downed” “Save me” okay at that point. Just leave. You’re made to die like you’re not gonna wrestle See you guys have been requesting quite a bit that I put up more gameplay videos too – which was the plan all along But this one was just kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing Where I was recording for the “Did you know” video, part 3. which will probably be out tomorrow if we’re lucky But there will be full-length gameplay videos as well I know a lot of you guys appreciate the end game – so for this one. I figured hey It was a pretty epic match even though I didn’t get to capture it all so I just flopped it together and yep, hope you guys enjoyed the video I’ll see you when the “did you know” video comes out, peace!

100 thoughts on “Suppressed Groza, 18 Kills Solo Squad | PUBG

  1. The AK is well underranked in this game I wish the devs will fix it I had 5 hits up close with the AK and the guy killed me with a headshot, loads of rubbish, try getting 2 shots with an AK in a real life, even if you have a bulletproof vest, it's NO fun.

  2. you played against some seriously shit players, that + you have a silenced groza… I mean fuck, you couldn't lose.

  3. why do people keep leaving him advice when he’s already winning… and also why tf are so many people hating? but hey no ones at the top without haters 👍🏽

  4. You actually are using an aimbot, several times it shoots to the next target when theres no one there, like at 6:38, you go from shooting and him instantly locked on the tree LOL

  5. It always amazes me to find players who can easily spot enemies. it's been my struggle since I started and about 600 hours of play time now. I wish you all the best, man! More subs and chickens for you!

  6. extremely interesting video iv loved the video good work keep it up you suvk at this game please stop playing but great video good kjob playing this game.

  7. i love the last part where you add exciting music and make us feel the moment has become damn serious ..Gr8

  8. I saw it was 31 alive at 0:40 but at the end of the video you won the game but it showed 1/28
    And meant there were totally 28 in which you won
    So is this something like edited one or is the first part of the video is from other match??
    I wanna know

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