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“Supersonic Wrecking Ball” French SOLENGO Shotgun Slug

Hit it! Woah! (Laughing) Hi, this is Jeff of Taofledermaus. If I have learned one thing from shooting these exotic shotgun slugs, It’s that A: France actually makes shotgun slugs, and B: They make some of the most exotic, and beautiful, and complex, and downright weird slugs that we’ve ever seen. And without David from France who generously sent us a big variety of French shotgun slugs, We would never have been able to do this, because these are just not available in the United States. So today, we’re featuring the Salengo: (mispronounced) Spécial Gros Gibier Okay, I can’t speak French; but Salengo is actually Italian for “wild boar,” and, The other words that I gibbered off is “special large game.” Now, I’m not sure, but I believe Decathlon is like, a sporting goods store in France. Now, the box really doesn’t have a lot of information other than “It’s 12-gauge” And there’s no velocity or anything listed. Now since David couldn’t send live shells through the mail, he had to take perfectly good shells and cut ’em apart, and send me just these slugs. Now this features a ribbed plastic wadding with no cushion or anything at all, and that stays attached to the lead slug. But what’s really unusual is that these have a brass piece of metal stuck in the nose; and hopefully we can figure out what the purpose of that is. Now, I did notice there’s these weaker sections of the slug, and I’m thinking maybe the brass piece is there to, kind of act like a wedge to drive it into four pieces Now, these weigh in at 478 Grains, if you believe my little scale there, or 31 grams, including the weight of that plastic wadding. Since I didn’t know what the original velocity was, I had to do a little “guesstimation” and use low data based on other slugs of the same weight. At least we know to “dipose of spent smells appropriately” *fart noise* “Bonjour David, we are shooting [um] his “Salingo” [um] “What is that, a fluted slug, with a brass tip. So we’re going to give these a try, see how they do!” “Engage.” “First shot, the lead plate made with a hundred percent ‘Unobtanium’.” “Hit it!” [Whoa!] [Laughing] “Oh, that made it jump!” [Woah] “Bored into the unobtanium there and, uh,” “Peel the stuff back, look at that!” “What the heck?” “Now that, Youtube, might make a decent home defense round!” [Laughs] “What’s the backside look like? Did it crater out the back?” “Really pushed it.” “Oh! Look at it, the brick did that, it broke our brick! “Carved out into the brick, broke that thing in half!” “That’s a bulge and a half, there.” Now, this is a 20 pound disk of lead measuring about 7 inches in diameter, and weighing about 20 pounds, And this thing just flipped it around like it was a coin! Again, this is 23 grains of E3 powder driving this thing over 1,500 feet per second, by my estimation. “What have you got there?” “That’s a roll of wet denim!” “Sounds like you swallowed a bee or something!” “Man, I had too much of that Israeli candy.” “That should, uh…” “That’s the new ballistic medium! FBI Standard!” “Yeah, that’s Kentucky ballistic gel!” “Yeah, we’ll see how that works against a, uh, French slug.” “Yep!” “Okay, I’m ready!” “Wow, think it went through.” “I’d say that made it through the Denim.” “Yeah!” “So, you can see all the multiple holes, double layer.” [Look at that] “It’s right through! You’d pay 50 bucks for these jeans down at Hot Topic!” [Laughing] “We’re gonna sign ’em. First person to, first person to call. $40, $49.95! Sold!” Ok, this is something new we’re trying, this rolled up pair of jeans. As you can see, The slug wasn’t Dead Center. It was off a little bit, it still managed to go through those jeans and slammed into that Kevlar vest behind there. “Hey, Ballistic Gel!” “Hit it!” “Good lord, look at that! pan underneath!” “Whoa” “So we hit a little low, hit the bear right there in his little bear pee-pee, and uh,” “you can see the wad dug through there, buried itself in there” “Clink!” “And then the round tore through these, um, pylons here, pulverized the brick, but check out what it did to that pan on its way through! It didn’t strike the pan, that’s just the pressure from those gummies.” “Shoved it downward onto that thing” “Look at that.” “Then the slug eventually hit the brick back there, and that’s…. what’s left of that.” “Mama’s not going to be making Officer Greg no brownies in this pan!” [Laughs] Again, not the most accurate shot, could be my powder formula, who knows. [Wow] But still, one ounce of lead traveling at that kind of velocity is going to wreck whatever you’re shooting at; and it did a pretty good number on all that gel and brick. “Okay, 35 yards” “Nice!” “I’d say that hit him!” “Yeah!” [shot] “Aiming for center flag, center flag dropped it over here; lower left and in his appendix. It popped his vest in here,” “You can see the, uh, round buried into the Kevlar right there.” “Boop!” “Oh wow!” “And there’s your, brass tip. Now that one went, brass forward, instead of brass backwards.” [Ooh! Still hot!] [Laughs] “I don’t know, not the most accurate we’ve shot, but,” “Hey Doug disagrees!” “Just, yeah accurate enough” “Doug’s like ‘screw you guys!'” Now in this shot and the next shot, I used 40 grains of Hodgkins Long Shot, and we had a catastrophic failure; that slug actually came apart So that is probably the biggest reason why the accuracy was so off on this shot. “All right, what do you got there?” “This is the world’s largest purple drink.” “So believe it or not MattV2009, that’s full of purple drink floating around in there.” “We’re totally stealing your idea.” “No shame.” “We’re gonna center punch that thing if we can.” “Yeah!” “Okay, 25 yards? Eh, something like that. Purple drink!” “Right on the blue laser!” “Okay, hit it!” “Wow” “Good grief!” “That was pretty cool.” “Yeah!” “Impressive!” “That was a splade” “Quad damage!” “Ok, Hit it!” “Wow” Again using 40 grains of longshot, we had a separation of wadding and the slug. However the slug managed to still hit the target and did a lot of damage. That’s a lot of energy there, and we just kind of had a guesstimate what kind of powder load to use with these slugs, because the manufacturer probably experimented with dozens and dozens of different types of powders and quantities before they got their formula just right. So that’s always the challenge I have when I have to load these. “Well, not only busted it open, it blew it into little pieces!” “It shattered that thing” “That thing’s polycarbonate, so its made to be dropped down stairs and stuff.” “Exploding jug of goo.” “But look, he’s got a trash bag, we’re going to pick it up because people think we don’t clean up after ourselves.” “By the way Youtube, watch for my new unauthorized autobiography, ‘Exploding Jug of Goo'” [Laughs] “The Officer Greg story”

18 thoughts on ““Supersonic Wrecking Ball” French SOLENGO Shotgun Slug

  1. I've seen you shoot multiple types of slugs. I really appreciate your videos but let me ask you this… What is the most devastating 12 gauge shotgun shell that you've tested?

  2. Its impossible to own a firearm in France so why would they these things ? Still pretty cool and it looks like the cops would need a liquid vac to pick up a home intruder im a neck shot and I'm guessing the head dissapears.

  3. Powerful round to say the least ! Brenneke Black Magic Slugs are about the same ?

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