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Supersonic Speed Band – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Stop!! Hey, John. Mummy, daddy, Idli, Dosa. Oh my god!! Chingam sir, what’s the matter? Who’s after you? I’m the one after someone. This John has tired me out; what speed he’s going at. I can’t keep up with him; Motu, you go and catch him.. Chingam sir, don’t worry, I’ll be right back, dragging John behind me. John!! Patlu, Chingam sir asked me to catch John but I am not able to run at his speed. You go and catch him. All right, you rest, I’ll go and catch him. Motu!! Welcome back my tiger. Without you it would have been impossible to catch John, where is he? Chingam sir, he was riding his cycle at full speed. And I could not run so fast behind him, sorry. John will be Don!! Who is so strong? Who can catch me? Oh my god!! John is challenging the law. John, I sear on the law, I will not let you get away with this. Wow sir!! You are the hope of our country. Sir, should we chase John in the auto-rickshaw? Oh my god!! Hera Feri, he has gone. Motu, do something. Chingam sir, to catch him, we’ll have to increase our speed; only then will we be able to catch him. Come, let’s go and ask for Doctor Jhatka’s advice. Big brother, tell us a way to increase our speed so that we can catch John. He makes sudden appearances so we have to run on foot behind him to catch him. While he is always in a van or on a cycle, how do we catch him? Doctor Jhatka give us some gadget that will make us able to run and catch John. Whether he is on a cycle or in a van. Motu, my friend, my brother, I’ll give you my supersonic speed band. Hey, big brother, a band we can play in once we catch John. First help us to increase our speed. Motu, my innocent brother, I’ve named this the supersonic speed band. Wear it and then see the magic. Your running speed will be so fast that people will not even be able to see you. Now, John is just a small fry you can catch any thief. Long live!! Big brother, for the trial round I will just go get some samosas. Thank you big brother, now forget John, even his ghost will not be able to escape us. We will make sure Motus plan gets failed. We’ll take the band and run away. Come brother, have free samosas, it’s my birthday today. Lets party! Have samosas and wish me a happy birthday!! Wow! A samosas party!! Happy birthday brother, may you live for a thousand years, give me the samosas. Thank you brother, put your hand forward and take free samosas. Ok, bye bye, see you around, now watch my magic. Hey, John will be Don!! Hands up, all of you put your hands up and turn your backs towards me. We haven’t even raisd up our hands properly and he managed to empty the locker and run away. Chingam sir, please come quickly, John has looted the bank. Oh my god!! I’ll be there right away. But what will I do coming there? How do I catch john? I’m ruined, he came like wind and went like a storm, emptying the full bank. Sir, who came like the storm? And went like a storm, looting the bank? John, who else. He has taken my band and is playing everyone else’s band with it. Oh my god!! Why is the world spinning? It’s not the world, we are spinning!! John is spinning our worlds around. John will be Don!! No one has the strength to catch John, he is wind he is storm he is no less than lightning. But sir, John’s dialogue was “to catch Johns is not only difficult it is impossible”. I didn’t say it so that you could say it and then I could give you a slap. Sir, how long are we going to get beaten like this? He has raised his hand on the law, I will not let him get away with it. It is impossible to escape from Chingams’s web, just impossible. John!! It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. Your game is over, hands up!! Chingam sir, John will not put up his hands till you don’t fire your gun. My hands go up automatically at the sound of your gun. All right then, here it is. Oh my god!! Why do these coconuts fall only on my head? Motu, do something. John has gathered his loot and will run away. Patlu, you do something; my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Idea! When he come there is a dust cloud, all we have to do is catch that dust. Ok, now we’ll get him. Chingam sir! I caught John!! Quickly, cuff him! John, you had your time, now you have been caught like a rat. t is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. Stop! Stop in the name of law, I swear you to the law. Stop!! The law cannot run so fast. The hands of the law are long but its legs are not, stop. Chingam sir, get well soon, we’ll meet again. What sort of a man is he? First he injures me and then he says get well soon. Sir, are you in pain? Hey, a man does not feel pain. Oh my god!! A man feels pain, a lot of pain. Doctor Jhatka, we need a super charger, that is the only way we will be able to catch John. Don’t worry my friend, I’ll just make a double super charger for you. John, you’re home. Now say, It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. Thank you Motu and Patlu, thank you, you have ended Johns’ game.

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  2. execellent video of super sonic speed band motu petlu…….special comments….LION WALEED HUSSAIN

  3. I love it and l love Motu patlu

  4. Motu is very funny

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