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Super Sniper EFI – Supports up to 1250 HP

So you’ve heard about Holley’s Sniper EFI
but realized that it was not enough for your high horsepower engine, so what do you do? Well, the team here at Holley just did it
again. Introducing the Super Sniper EFI. Supporting up to 1250 horsepower, the Super
Sniper EFI delivers all the benefits of the original Holley EFI with new added capabilities. That means for all of you blow throw, draw
through, and nitrous users cresting over 1,000 horsepower, your low-cost EFI solution is
here. Looking at Sniper EFI and Super Sniper side
by side, you would be hard-pressed to tell them apart, but it’s what’s on the inside
that’s different. Two versions of Super Sniper are available,
one with four injectors for up to 650 horsepower and an 8 injector version capable of supporting
up to 1250 horsepower on forced induction or nitrous applications. Super Sniper has built-in boost control that
can be adjusted through the hand-held touchscreen display. You can set air-fuel ratio boost offset, boost
timing retard, target air-fuel ratio per boost level, you can even set a boost launch target,
but that must be set up through the Sniper software initially. A 2.5 bar map sensor tells Super Sniper how
much boost you’re making and monitors up to 21.5 pounds of boost pressure. Forced induction engines will require an external
bypass fuel pressure regulator that is not included. For nitrous racers, it will support wet and
dry nitrous applications. The built-in progressive nitrous controller
must also be set up through the Sniper software at first but then can be adjusted through
the hand-held touchscreen display. You can set up a lean rich AFR cutoff point
for your Super Sniper. Timing retard can be RPM or time based, all
adjusted from the handheld touchscreen display. With the included USB to cam tuning cable,
you can download Sniper software to give you the same advanced boost and nitrous control
features found on Holley HP and Dominator EFI systems. Where the original Sniper EFI had three ground
triggered outputs, Super Sniper EFI adds three more for a total of six ground triggered outputs
for controlling accessories. Super Sniper EFI even adds three zero to five-volt
inputs allowing you to monitor additional sensors such as fuel, oil, or pressure sensors. Set up and installation are the same and just
as easy as the original Sniper EFI, as a matter of fact, you get the tried and true self-tuning
ECU which creates the basic calibration to get you running after you answer a few basic
questions on the touchscreen display. Just like the original Sniper EFI, you can
keep your ride stealthy or you can deck out your car with all the Holley EFI gauges like
our killer digital dashes or keep it classic with our plug and play analog style digital
gauges. It has the same dual pattern mounting flange
so making the switch to EFI is super easy and by using OEM style TPS and IAC sensors,
you’ll get years of dependable service. The Bosch wideband oxygen sensor provides
real-time fuel map learning, keeping your engine happy for more driving enjoyment, even
with changes in altitude and climate. As with the original Sniper EFI, Super Sniper
EFI is able to control timing when used with a magnetic pickup distributor such as an MSD
pro-billet or a distributor like Holley’s dual sync. By controlling the timing you can set the
rev limiting capabilities on the touchscreen display. Super Sniper EFI plugs and plays with Sniper
EFI’s Hyper Spark ignition and is compatible with CD ignitions such as MSD’s 6 series or
you can use a stand-alone coil by installing Holley’s coil driver, part number 556-150
which is not included. If your combination doesn’t make four-digit
power, Holley also offers a four-injector, 650 horsepower Super Sniper for lower horsepower
applications using a power adder or if you are just needing the additional sensor inputs/outputs
not available in the base Sniper EFI system. So when you’re serious about making low-cost
power on EFI, look for Super Sniper EFI to give you the best available option. Thanks for watching, for more information
on Super Sniper EFI, visit our website at

11 thoughts on “Super Sniper EFI – Supports up to 1250 HP

  1. Have you solved your dual plane intake manifold problem or do your EFIs still ONLY work with single plane intake manifolds?

  2. I would have bought the 1200hp version of the Super Sniper on the spot if it could make 1000HP on E85, even if it costs a little more.

  3. could you run this in conjunction with dominator efi as an additional injectors for higher boost settings?

  4. I have been wondering something similar for a while/…. if I were to build a 550 (flywheel) horsepower engine and want to run a 150 wet shot (non progressive controlled), just the wet shot, I wouldnt need the 8 injector super sniper right? The power level would be around 700, but the sniper setup would not need to pump the extra fuel because the fuel would be controlled/delivered by the wet shots fuel solenoid… so wouldn't I be fine with just using the 4 injector style super sniper? it is for a street car and may very seldom use the nitrous (only track days) so with the engine living at 550 hp the smaller super sniper would be just fine.. and still would/should be fine with that 150 wet shot, since it will be delivered through the plate which is below the super sniper and working/flowing independently ?? I have been wondering this for a while now, and with my enine build project begining net winter, I would like to know in advance , does the 650 hp capability of the supersniper count as N/A or is that with the wet shot? I would assume that the wet shot flow and power would be separately rated and not included in the super snipers capability.

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