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SUPER JÄGARE, A Quick Review of Kimber’s New Pistol

hey folks Ike Eastman here with Eastmans’ Hunting Journals today we’re gonna talk about the new Kimber Jägare alright this
is a new pistol that they came out with just over three pounds with the scope
this one has a Leopold DEP Pro it’s a red dot scope you don’t have sights you
dial it in with the scope and you’re ready to roll we’re gonna shoot this and
see what it’s like this is probably gonna be my bear gun this fall it’s a
little bit heavier than say the camp the only difference is probably the scope
and I like it because it’s got a red dot scope so when you’re in the heat of the
moment with a bear charging or an intruder or something you don’t have to
think about actually lining it up it’s just red dot is where you hit it
so let’s shoot this thing hearing protection put the other side of mine in
here I like how it feels the handle’s a little bit different it
feels a lot better in the palm of your hand
it fits my hand really nice which is cool the camp guard had a tendency to be
a little bit small all right fire in the hole gosh that feels good it doesn’t
it’s ten millimeter so it doesn’t kick like like a 45 or something like that
but it’s perfect for bears light little bugger there it is the new
Kimber Jägare for more gear reviews like this new stuff that’s on the market tips
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