100 thoughts on “Sudayev’s PPS-43: Submachine Gun Simplicity Perfected

  1. Intersting Fact: The first Badge of PPS43s was made from bed frames that were salvaged from bomed out houses in Leningrad(saint petersburg)

  2. thats seriously awesome and simple. i love it, they couldnt make a gun like that now a days if they tried, the art of simplification is over to the point im surprised guns dont take batteries or unable to fire at all.

  3. ПП – пистолет пулемёт – pistolet pulimet – pistol bullet-thrower – sub machine gun

  4. I feel so stupid by comparison. All these neat little features, I wonder why those didn't become standard after that.

  5. Ahhh back in the days when ya asked for arms from the USSR for your nations revolution and they said how many…

  6. I had one of these semi auto versions from I. O. Inc. It fired with the safety on. Fun to shoot otherwise but lots of jams.

  7. Wow. I never respected this gun for what it was, thinking it was inferior to the ppsh. I do certainly respect it now!

  8. I will clear it once and for all
    Ppd – pistolet poolimet degtyareva – degtyarev's submachinegun. You, english speakers can call then like smg-d, or smg-s,
    With love from Russia

  9. That stamped magazine release will work on your thumb after changing a couple of mags, kinda sharpish! I reckon it didn't matter in the Soviet climate since they were wherein gloves. Great Work

  10. Ridiculous! No way would I pay that much for a transferable, open bolt SMG. I DO have a semi PPS-43C and bought a PPS-43 demilled gun for the magazines and do appreciate it's simplicity. Still not worth $25K and some change, much less half that value! Too many shooters/collectors/hobbyists have more $ than brains!-John in Texas

  11. Ian, I have a suggestion for a video. There have been stocks that telescope, fold, swing , and others. I'd like to see a video of just the stocks being moved. You can take short clips from a few dozen existing videos, and then overdub the audio description.

  12. Eastern front at Leningrad, 1943

    "GUNS! I said guns! Here you are, still warm from the assembly line."

  13. the incredible simplicity and attention to manufacturing is more impressive to me than any over designed marvel. When Ian "disassembled" it I paused the vid because I couldn't believe it was that simple. The thing is built like an erector set yet managed to be one of the best weapons of the war.

  14. I read somewhere that the PPS 43 was actually cheaper to produce than the Sten. Amazing what a people can do when their backs are against the wall.
    Equally amazing how the Germans underestimated such a people.

  15. A friend of mine had one. He bought it on the black market for thirty dollars, back in 1970 and it was NOT NFA registered.
    He later sold it for five hundred dollars to a guy who wanted it for his personal collection of fully automatic weapons.

  16. You made one mistake. The main feature of this gun and main difference from PPSh was not cheapness, but size and weight. It's much lighter then PPSh and much smaller and compact. And so it's mainly go to the units which was need compact weapons. Air borns troops, for instance, was armed only by PPS (as personal weapon). My grandfather fought in airborne troops in the second world war, so I know this is exactly. Also it can go to the artillery or tank forces and so on.

  17. I love how utilitarian this thing is! They added this weapon into the PC game 'Battalion 1944' in a recent update 🙂 LOVE IT!

  18. I used to think that these were Soviet navy guns for some reason maybe because there’s an old poster of a sailor with one of these and a grenade in the other hand and they looked more compact than a ppsh

  19. That is a very simple, nice submachine gun. I think I just found my favorite WW2 era submachine gun. The only thing it's missing is the select fire. If it had that I would consider it almost perfect.

  20. Fun fact, the Finns copied this from the Russians, and then the Spanish copied the Finns. The Spanish then sold their copy to the Germans, who then issued it the Border Troops defending Germany from the Soviets.

  21. I still can't understand why English speakers call PPsH the way they do. The designer's name was Shpagin, not S-Hpagin. What's so hard in pronouncing SH as the letter combination, rather than individual letters?

  22. You should do a field strip of a modern Adams arms p2 or
    P3 rifle. It would be interesting to see how the Adams arms gas piston system compares to HK designs in classic firearms like the HK g36 or the HK m416 variant.

  23. The Germans design 5 parts to accomplish 1 function.
    The Russians design 1 part to accomplish 5 functions.

  24. I have smuggled a lot of stuff into the United States, But I have not smuggled any submachine guns into the United States. I can see it is in my future to smuggle guns also. Do you know a smuggler now?

  25. This is why i like the Russian mode of doing things: simple, straightfoward and efective.
    case in point; during the space race the Americans developed with trail and error and a sizeble budget a ball point pen that can write in zero gravity for use in space missions.
    the Russians? they simply used pencils.
    same results.

  26. Soviet ppsh sub machine gun was a perfect weapon against German maschinepistol and Kalashnikov was exact against sturmgewher.

  27. For those of you who don't understand why the "Sh" is used in PPSh (aka making "Sh" – two letters – a single initial), this is due to the fact that, in Russian, the "sh" sound is it's own letter single, not a combination of letters.

  28. I don't understand why somebody like Kel-Tec can't make THIS! I like everything about it. Great presentation, and for once subtitles that are actually typed in and not that awful automatic translation. They were just on by accident. That is a good looking thing for being made out of sheet metal. There might have been a lot of heat-treating involved, I don't think we've forgotten how to make dies and pressings, but I don't think you can use them straight out of the press.

  29. It is fun to toy around with the idea that Russians would have sent a few of these guns to US to copy in 45 and US Marines would have had these instead of the expensive Thompson with no need for the Grease gun.

  30. Прекрасный пример как из говна и палок , на коленке, собрать настоящее оружие возмездия (не путать с убогими поделками рейха)

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