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STRYK B Pistole: Neue Kurzwaffe von Arsenal Firearms in 9mm!

We are here to introduce the new STRYK series pistols The long way to STRYK B pistol has finally come into the US market and we are signing up the earlies as we speak The standard features of this gun are simple The dark tail comes handy with the front and rear slide sorations, the tail frame, short reset trigger flat face trigger, intergrated magazine well and it comes to handy with three 15rd magazines One of the other reasons that make this fire pistol unique is the AF-Speedlock. A new unique design that allows for the lowest bore of axis pistol in the world If you look at the slide and frame rales it is one full piece so you do have four slide to frame contact from the slide to the frame The new locking log design, the AF-Speedlock, allows you to mitigate the recoil and as your firing you get less than a ten degree angle on the barrel on the muscle flap as you’re shooting.

2 thoughts on “STRYK B Pistole: Neue Kurzwaffe von Arsenal Firearms in 9mm!

  1. Woher kommt die Pistole, bzw. die Firma eigentlich? In der Beschreibung wird die Firma als Arsenal Firearms USA beschrieben, aber auf der Pistole befindet sich das DE Symbol wie es auch bei H&K und Walther der Fall ist.

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