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Streamlight TLR-7® Gun Light and TLR-8® Gun Light with Laser

Each one of us sees life through a different view port. Made of our own challenges and hurdles. Each one personal but critical in it’s own
way. Streamlight has always been there for
you leading the way. Unstoppable at giving you an edge. The next generation of TLRs is here to do
it even better. With new features, higher performance and
an entirely new design, they’re ready to face whatever challenge comes your way. The TLR-7® and TLR-8® from Streamlight.

4 thoughts on “Streamlight TLR-7® Gun Light and TLR-8® Gun Light with Laser

  1. Why can't you guys figure out how to put the laser closer to the bore axis instead of as far away from it as possible? This would decrease mechanical offset, and lose the need for different holsters between the laser and non-laser systems. Holster support – especially duty holsters – are in issue for agencies running lights and lasers. Help a brother out.

  2. Hello ! I just bought a streamlight TLR7 weapon light. It comes with a STREAMLIGHT 3V CR123A LITHIUM BATTERY. Can I use a rechargeable 3.7V RCR123A (650 mAh) battery from Olight? Can it damage the LED? If you do not recommend this, what kind of rechargeable battery do you suggest, other than streamlight ? I live in Europe, and I do not have a Streamlight Shop in my country. I really need a response, because i tried to find your official email adress, but I had no luck, and I need to use my gun flashlight on duty. Thank you !

  3. Own one love it no complaints, quality products! Streamlight I lost both small washers that came with my TRL-7 now every time I shoot at the range it eventually comes loose what can I do

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