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Streamlight TLR-4 Compact Handgun Laser Sight Flashlight –

Hi, I’m Trevor from OpticsPlanet and I’m
here to show you the new TLR-4 from Streamlight. For those of you that are familiar with the
TLR-2, this is the compact version of that. So those of you looking for a
smaller compact version for your compact pistols,
for your subcompact pistols, this is Streamlight’s answer for you. You have a 110 lumen tac light and you have the laser underneath so you have everything you need for law
enforcement use or for domestic use. If you need something to keep at home, you know,
for any home invasion defense, whatever you need, you can be easily use this light
to clear hallways, clear a room, if you’re in law enforcement it’s perfect for disorientation against
a suspect it’s got everything you need in a sub
compact version. So it can fit all your little
small frame pistols, your medium frame, your compact, anything
with the picatinny rail in that subcompact and compact line,
this is the answer for you. It’s a great light from Streamlight,
goes on a CR2 battery. Easy toggle switch here, typical to
the TLR design by Streamlight. You have a constant on below, you can press
it up for a pressure on. Great design from Streamlight. Now they made a
subcompact version for all those smaller frame pistols. This is a great buy from Streamlight.

48 thoughts on “Streamlight TLR-4 Compact Handgun Laser Sight Flashlight –

  1. Yes, the light and laser can be used together at the same time. As for your second question, the laser is a constant beam when activated and does not pulse.

  2. This probably a dumb question, but would this work well on a full sized Sig 1911R .45? I was going to pick up the TLR-2, but this seems like a lighter more compact choice.

  3. If you’re using a full-size 1911, I would recommend you go with your original choice (TLR-2). The run time on the TLR-2 is longer with 2.5 hours continuous for light and laser together, 45+ hours for laser only. Another bonus is that many holster manufacturers have fits for the TLR-2, not so for a handgun with a TLR-4. While the TLR-4 is an excellent product, it compromises battery life and output for handguns that cannot use a larger light. So if your 1911 can fit a TLR-2, go for it.

  4. Yes, it will fit the SP2022 without the bezel protruding past the front of the slide as the TLR-2 would.

  5. We've seen zero returns for any reason, including the mount breaking. Streamlight has outstanding customer service, they will correct any problem quickly.

  6. Hey guys what Laser Sight Tactical Flashlight combo would you recommend for the Kimber 1911 TLE/RL? It's a 5 inch barrel with a 1913 Picatinny Rail.

  7. Hi there, Since you have a full-size 1911, let’s take advantage of that real-estate. The front-runners are: the Streamlight TLR-2 Tactical Weapon Flashlight w/ Laser Sight or the Surefire X400 Handgun Tactical Weaponlight w/ Laser Sight.

  8. How well does the tlr-4 fit on a sig p250 as opposed to tlr-2, will they make the tlr-4 with a strobe feature?

  9. The TLR4 is intended for much smaller guns. While the TLR4 will fit, if you have any desire for a holster, the P250 and TLR2 is a much more common combination. You will severely limit yourself with the TLR4.

  10. While it will fit the M9A1. the TLR-4 is intended for compact and subcompact pistols – you would be better served with a TLR-2, and would also have a larger selection of light-bearing holsters with the TLR-2 attached.

  11. hey guys! what laser sight flashlight would i buy for my newly acquired norinco compact pistol w/ rail? where? coz hard to find here in philippines, thanx!;)

  12. I put the trl2 on my mossberg 590 and it is seriously bright it lights up my entire downstairs it is a good fit for my shotgun and i do think its one of the cheaper better flashlights i mean jeese im gettin a 300 dollar light for my glock 19 and its not nearly as bright lol its a good light though would highly recommend it it surprising strong with standing the shock and power of high brass 12 gauge loads great light!

  13. You have a full-size gun – personally, I would go with the TLR-2… 160 lumens and better runtime – Light & laser – 2.5 hours; Laser only – 45+ hours vs 1.5 hours (LED or LED & laser); 11 hours (laser only) for the TLR-4. You will end up replacing batteries less often.

  14. I bought this product at a gun dealer and couldn't adjust the elevation at all. The control was frozen and stripped. I tried to return it but they stipped it and then blamed me, refering me to the factory. I called them and they were friendly and gave me the address to return it for maintenance. After 2 weeks it came back. Originallly it was shooting 12 – 13 inches high measured with a bore sight. After it was returned, it is still 2.5 inches high and at the limit of the adustment at 15 feet.

  15. Customer service is friendly but the elevation adjustment is inadequate. After repair, it shoots 2.5 inches high at 15 feet measured with a bore sight. That's the limit of the adjustment allen screw.

  16. There are a couple of reasons I think a TLR-4 is a good choice for a full size pistol. First is the cost. Streamlight makes good stuff so for the quality its actually an affordable laser/light combo at half the price of the TLR-2. Second, for civilian home/self defense or CCW, battery life shouldn't be an issue. Lastly, for a civilian with both a full size (home or car) and compact (body CCW) pistols this laser/light can be switched between the two. Again saving money.

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