100 thoughts on “Stop a Douchebag – Don’t Bring a Gun to a Sticker Fight

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  2. If you get your gun out use it or leave it in your car these young guys are no threat to you fat man ….

  3. There should be poles installed that would prevent cars from driving on the sidewalk.
    Until then, keep putting on the beautiful stickers!

  4. Good job guys. Good to see someone is checking these jerks that is what we need in the states. Nice to see you using constructive thinking is the least amount of violence.

  5. try plastering litter over cars in Buffalo and your day wont end well. We dont care about punks here. We make examples of them even if they happen to be right which is rare. We'll kick your ass into next week first time. Come on over and say hello. After we mummy you with your litter, we'll slap your face and hogtie you till our police friends show up to paddy wagon your ugly ass to our lockup until your mommy sends over some bail cash. you dig? Its just a sport for us here.

  6. All these dudes with the guns are just trying to intimidate, but they're taking way to huge a risk for a pretty minor cause. You never know if one of those dudes is high af and doesn't care, and getting killed over an offense that's punishable with a fine is quite a waste of your life tbh.

    Still props for having balls.

  7. Haha WTF. The enormous balls on these russians. I think we Swedes could have something to learn from this social courage.

  8. Your police get paid for nothing most are totally useless wouldn't get a police job in most other civilized countries pity about the true and honest police that you they are in short supply

  9. I'd cram that sticker up his fucking ass of he even attempted to touch my vehicle. I don't give a fuck if I'm parked in his God damn bedroom, you stick shit on someone's vehicle, prepare to get stuck right in the mouth.

  10. They should give those stickers to Putin's kleptocracy, fat ugly idiots who are ruining the future of Russia's children. Putin is too stupid to fix Russian living standard, all he know is how to use botox like aging prostitute, LOL

  11. They dint have any balls. They have a lot more idiots around them. Never see them fuck with car or van full of men. Do you ?

  12. Bro thats fucking vandalisim, and y'all approaching him and circling him like that. Youre lucky you left with just the holes you were born with. I woulda john wicked your punk asses.

  13. Imagine if your GF was on a Plane with a bomb and you rush to the Airport but these guys stop you cus your driving on the sidewalk to avoid traffic

  14. Hey i loveeee the content but id be very apppreacitive if someone could group the videos together where people get stickers on their cars

  15. The man got a gun and they still care about social justice instead of their lives WTF! This shows these are staged dramas to get the views on youtube.

  16. How the fuck are they supposed to drive safely with your dumbass stickers on the windshield bunch of attention whores go get real jobs

  17. I wouldve used the gun, shut two or three of them in the legs… Or find out where they live and give them a lesson for their lifes… I dont even understand why, especialy in RUSSIA nobody proceeds like that. It would be very easy to find a few of these punks and make them cry.

  18. always remember folks: you look like such a cowardly loser if you pull any sort of weapon in any situation. especially if you are doing something that is obviously wrong.

  19. I love your channel and have thumbed up countless videos. But I'm just now seeing "Stop Xam" and "StopHam". What is that verses Stop a Douchebag?

  20. theath cunt with yhe gun omg retarded wtf realy rusia is the only country where you can brandish a gun and not get shot in the face by police to bad

  21. Unless I was in the US, I'd be more scared of a person with a baseball bat than someone with a gun.

  22. with is this crazy guy carrying a gun?? Is he a cop or it´s legal for a citizen carrying a gun in RUSSIA?

  23. Why all Benz drivers in Russia fucking rude ,sucks and cocky??

    Such a same of Russia.
    (I love Russia)

  24. Fair play to you guys. I'm amazed you can stay so calm and polite in these situations. Keep up the good work.

  25. Omg this is so amazing I had no idea driving on the sidewalks was such a problem that’s wild that people do that tbh

  26. thumbs down for the douchebag music, though i support the cause, no subscription. no likes. fix the music please. no more crap. you guys are smart. you know music affects mood, right? think about it, please. my ears are bleeding.

  27. There is no mentaly evaluation for carrying a gun in Russia ???? I hope that police or his boss have seen this ape drawing pistol for no reason !!!!!

  28. Честно говоря, я чувствую, что они раздражают население Москвы только для того, чтобы гудеть, во Paris во Франции это настоящая торговля правительства, когда ремонтники обращаются в город и забирают все автомобили, которые его производят, приносят 30 миллионов евро в год. в город, но люди не счастливы, потому что это организованный рэкет

  29. Awesome citizens. Putin is lucky the new people of Russia are helping the douchebag of socieyy. I'm sure Putin is supporting thesr youths. Long live Russian youth..

  30. What an idiot unholster a gun in front of a camera !!!!! There is not more powerful weapon than a camera recording !!!!

  31. As a Lithuanian I love your videos and we need someone like you over here. And the title of the video absolutely killed me. Keep up the work guys

  32. Merci beaucoup pour le 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐😜😜😜😜😜

  33. That’s Abraham tarasov with the pistol that he pulled out on those guys , he’s a serious mafia boss in Moscow . He’s very good with hiding from the government as well but don’t let him fool you with that piece of crap car . That guy is a multimillionaire and has 5 cars in front of his mansion in veronezh!!!!!!!😄😄😄

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