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STI’s 1911 and 2011 Pistols: Guns & Gear|S7

(gun fires) (metallic strike ) (metallic strike) – I love the 1911 platform. But I like guns that shoot, but I kind of would
like to have more ammo. Jens, that’s what
you have right there. – Absolutely, we took
the tried and true 1911, put it on a modular frame with a removable glass
filled polymer grip, metal inserts that’s
steel on steel, so you get all the
advantages of a 1911 Top End, with that double stacked
magazine capacity. You really get a lot of rounds. The standard round
count for a 9mm is 17. For a .45 is 12.
– [Tom] Wow. – [Jens] So in a
standard length grip, you really get a lot
of rounds in there. – And you call it the 2011. – [Jens] Yeah, absolutely. So we started building this gun back in the early 90’s, because competitive
shooters demanded it. – [Tom] Right. – [Jens] And the
glass filled polymer’s to keep a slim profile. This gun, overall
diameter’s only an eighth of an inch larger than your standard 1911. – [Tom] Really? Okay, now that’s
one of your single stacks. – [Jens] Yeah. – [Tom] Double stack, you can tell the difference, but it’s not a big difference. – [Jens] Yeah, it looks a
lot bigger than it really is. – [Tom] It does! Now one of the benefits people have not
shot a double stack, and they may not understand, is you’ve got this
big funnel right here. It is so fast to do reloads. – [Jens] Yeah, it’s
fast to reload, fast to unload, it’s a really quick quick pointing gun,
– [Tom] Mm hmm. – [Jens] comes back on
target very, very quickly, we use our dual
recoil spring system. The recoil master
in that gun, yeah. – [Tom] Nice trigger. – [Jens] Pretty crisp. – [Tom] Yeah, that
is, I like that – [Jens] Yeah, we’re known
in the competition world as race guns, but we build these real world
application guns as well. A tactical model here, four inch barrel, full light rail, can accessorize, a very reliable,
very accurate gun. It’s really got
everything you need to be a competitor
or an operator. – [Tom] Where do you make those? – [Jens] Georgetown, Texas. Employee owned. – [Tom] Really? Employee owned
– [Jens] Absolutely – [Tom] company made in Texas? – [Jens] 100% employee owned. Texas made. – [Tom] There you go, 1911’s, 2011’s, guns you really do
like made in Texas. (gun fires) (gun fires) – [Voiceover] When you think
about double stacked 1911’s, you can’t help but
think about STI. I’ve definitely shot
a lot of these guns, and I really need to own one. I really like the way STI has
combined high quality alloys with polymer construction. It’s amazing, it
just feels right. I don’t have a lot of time
with the 1911 platforms, but when I shoot it in 9mm, I really enjoy it. And having it in a double stack, with all that capacity, I love it. (gun fires) The double stacked
nine’s amazing. It’s hard to beat a
gun that’ll hold almost half a box of bullets. I definitely prefer the
9mm because it gives me a little bit less recoil, and I can shoot it just a
little bit faster as well. If you’re looking for a
high quality 1911 pistol, you’ve got to at least
take a look at the STI.

8 thoughts on “STI’s 1911 and 2011 Pistols: Guns & Gear|S7

  1. Ive owned a Kimber 1911 TLE RL, a Colt rail gun and an STI Spartan. The Spartan at 1/2 the price was by far the best. Smoother, better built and glock like reliable.

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