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Steyr AUG Rifle Field Strip

– Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV and for today’s field-strip,
we’re going to be taking a look at a Steyr AUG or AUG, if you prefer. AUG, standing for Armee-Universal-Gewehr, or Universal Army Rifle, if you’re speaking English like I am. Anyways, the AUG’s the most successful, most well-designed bullpup of all time. It speaks for itself. It has a great track record, it was adopted in 1977 as the
Sturmgewehr 77 in Austria, it’s been adopted by Ireland, Australia as the Thales F88, and New Zealand and several
other countries as well. It’s a spectacular gun to shoot. In my opinion it is king of the bullpups and its sales and track
records speak for itself. So anyways let’s get
on with the field trip. It is called the Universal Army Rifle because of features like this where you can remove the
barrel, not just for cleaning, but there is a light machine
gun version that fires from the open bolt, so your light machine
gunner can change barrels when his barrel gets too hot, making it very suitable as
a one-size-fits-all rifle for a military. So this one I like to let
the bolt group forward and press this button located on the rear of the lower receiver. Then you can remove your upper receiver and bolt carrier group. And go ahead and slide the
bold carrier group right out of there. You can remove the trigger
assembly, but you don’t have to. You press a button, recessed
into the back of the buttpad, pull this cross-pin out that
serves as a sling swivel, remove the buttpad and pull
the trigger group right out of there. It looks a lot like the
FN P90s if you’ll look at that field-strip
we’ve done in the past. At this point, I’d like you to take note of an interesting design feature. This gun features something
called anti-pre-engagement. You’ll notice there’s a claw
that wraps around the lugs of the bolt and as the bolt
goes into the receiver, it is allowed to freely rotate and lock, but as it retracts, that
claw catches the lugs so there’s no way that it can
rotate unless it is actually 100% in-battery, something
that a lot of army rifles, and rifles in general, lack. So to remove the firing pin,
squeeze that, take it up, pull firing pin out from the rear. You’ll notice it is spring-loaded as well. Next, press this button that looks a lot like a little can pin, and then your bolt and anti-pre-engagement device
will come right out of there. Now you’ll notice the bolt is of a Stoner-Johnson multi-lug design, there’s really nothing
fancy going on here. You can remove the
extractor, but to be honest, I’ve never done it and I’ve
never had any problems. To remove the gas plug and
piston, press this bit upwards, rotate the plug so that the
raceways line up with one on the actual barrel assembly, and pull out. And to remove the piston, what
I like to do is actually grab the bolt carrier and use
the extension to go ahead and poke it out from the rear. And it should pop right outta
there along with its spring. It is quite dirty because I do
shoot this rifle quite often. And there you go, you have
a fully field-stripped Steyr AUG. These are fantastic rifles
to shoot, they’re overlooked by a lot of people actually. The Tavor seems to be
a better selling rifle in the United States
on the civilian market, but as far as military
sales go, the AUG blows every other bullpup out
of the water pretty much. It is a very well-designed
rifle like I said. It does feature some interesting nuances like the anti-pre-engagement
claw as well as the barrel. I mean, it returns to zero fantastically and it is removable on the user
level without armor support. To a light machine gunner
or something like that, that’s fantastic. You can also convert it to
9 millimeter fairly easily and it really just is well thought out. Fantastic rifle to shoot,
if you have a chance to get behind one, I’d highly
suggest that you do so. Anyways, big thanks to Ventura Munitions for providing the ammunition
for our shooting videos. We hope to see you all next time. (gun shots)

100 thoughts on “Steyr AUG Rifle Field Strip

  1. When your adjusting the gas system you can use the cross pin from the butt plate too, it slots right into the little notch.

  2. So easy to strip and assemble out in the field, apart from when you misplace the firing pin before a section attack 😂

  3. Lol hi. I haven't been this early in a while. If you read this, I just wanted to know if you could try doing an Ultimate Meltdown video on the AUG

  4. Severely well designed. After thousands of rounds I have never had a Fail-To-Fire! But I prefer my AR's more due the customization options alone.

  5. this probably my most favorite bullpup rifle of all time! despite I never shot any rifles before, I'm extremely prompted to buy my very own bullpup rifle and I want only one bullpup rifle which is the steyr AUG. Thank you soo much for this video 😃😭😭

  6. thanks for this video. ive really been thinking of making this my next rifle and this really helps on maintenance

  7. I have a steyr mod 96 hunting rifle, shoots like a target rifle ,very high quality, great video thanks

  8. Lee Enfield field strip?
    And maybe also a "Top 5 Guns That Should Have Cult Followings". Judge this on weapons that have great features that aren't noticed by many. Thanks!

  9. Hm, When i am having my national service I asked a soldier about his opinion on the AUG he said it jams a lot?

  10. how does this compare to the famas? I've heard that they can be converted from right to left hand shooting by switching a polymer plate from one side of the receiver to the other.

  11. What type/model of the top rail is on this rifle? Ive been trying to find one but dont know what its called. Great video BTW

  12. Finally a good AUG disassembly video. All the other ones were crap by comparison omitting many of the things you showed us like we were to supposed to know what to do already.

    Thank you.

  13. Unfortunately for Steyr, their poor marketing and refusal to tailor to the American market allowed IWI to steal the bullpup spotlight. I blame Austrian superiority complex!

  14. amazing rifle I bet too bad it is prohibited by name in Canada 😒, atleast we still have access to the tavor!

  15. Nice shooting rifle. Enjoyed swapping weapons with the Aussie combat teams when they would visit our combat outpost in Iraq. The AUG is a nice CQB rifle when compared to our issue M4s but the trigger on the military ones make the G.I triggers in the M4 feel like match jobs. Also not a fan of the military AUG using the amount of trigger squeeze to determine semi versus full auto or burst. Accuracy wise they are plenty accurate as a combat rifle.

  16. I know it's not the best bullpup, but I would love so much to see a review of the FAMAS on this channel, since it's a part of the MAS family and is a really interesting bullpup firearm.
    I know it's still pretty rare and expensive and USA, but French army plan on replacing 70.000 FAMAS in 2017, so some could come to north america (which means military version and maybe the last FELIN version !)

  17. Cîkavo, čomu hvintîvki sistemi bullpup nabuli takoho poširennja same v Velikobritanîjî, choča podîbna schema rozrobljalasja takož v Radjanśkomu Sojuzî. A vzahalî z točki zoru erhonomîki ta technolohîčnosti za neju majbutnje.

  18. in german is au the short cut for austria and you could say aug stands for austria gewehr in german that makes more sence östereichiches gewehr im bad at writing i have to confess

  19. I wish steyr would import a hbar version with a bipod and fixed optic, I have lusted for one since I played modern warfare 2.

  20. when the aliens attack and they see us with these things, they'll be like "oh god we made a mistake"

    in all seriousness, this rifle deserves more recognition. Steyr firearms are underrated

  21. I like the AUG. Trigger kind of sucks, but not so bad that I think it would be a major issue in combat. It is not a target rifle anyway.

  22. I always liked the AUG, but wound up with a MSAR, an American clone. And got my heart broken when the company went belly up. Any chance of replacement parts are gone, unless some other company buys the equipment to produce it again 🙁

  23. I have had an aug for 3 years. Out of the 17 guns that I own its #3 behind my five-seven and lee enfield. Gorgeous gun.

  24. Great Field strip, except I wouldn't want to strip it actually in a field, as it would be easy to lose half of it.

  25. No wonder why only highly developed nations' armies use this. Look at the amount of parts in it and their size. Private Faq Xi and gefreiter Ivan Balabanov would not approve of maintaining such a complex weapon…Besides, one wouldn't have been able to use this as a club after all glorious 7.62×39 ran out.

  26. The bolt carrier on this baby has got a few features I wish the AR had like the spring loaded firing pin !

  27. I've shot the thales austeyr ef88 on full auto on camps in the australian army cadets, we shoot the old ones from the 90's so they're a bit stiff but they're decent

  28. they´ve got fantastic prices, too. same for the magazins. the ONLY bp approved for sportive use in germany, alas.

  29. I had a MSAR STG-556 which was bacically a semi-clone of the Steyr AUG, but it had an M16 type forward assist added and a paddle bolt release. It was one hell of a rifle. Would shoot sub-MOA groups with M855 ammo while using the built in 1.5x optic that had a German style post with a ring around the top of the post. Wish I hadn't sold it, but lack of parts interchangeability left me wanting a real AUG.

  30. I would really love to own one but I can't have it in california. The track record of the MSAR is not that great either.

  31. Sadly the AUG Z Version in Austria is not able to remove the barrel that easy (like the fullauto versions in the army or the weapon in the video), because otherwise it would be an illegal weapon in our country. One of the best parts of the weapon is not allowed here in austria, where the gun was made. Stupid gun laws… 🙁

  32. Also my fav bullpup. Steyr makes some splendid stuff. Barrels so good they'll make you weep.

    Been meaning to pick one of these up for a while. Just gotta get the courage up to hand over $2K.

  33. My father works in advertising and for some military advertisement he filmed a NZ SAS soldier disassemble and reassemble an AUG A1 blindfolded.

  34. so FN scar stole the gas piston system from the AUG and lacks an anti-prying device, yet FN be like:"yeah $3,300 for the SCAR light and $4,300 for the SCAR Heavy!"

  35. I'm looking to purchase an AUG here pretty soon, and back in the day (80's) there was only one version. Nowadays there are 5 or 6 different versions. Since you are such a fan of this platform, what about doing an episode detailing all the different versions and their differences?

  36. fellas is there much difference between this styer and the ef88? im going into basic training in a couple weeks and wanna know if this is a good guide for disassembly? btw im aussie, cheers in advance

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