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Sten Mk II Pistol Range Time

Welcome to Montana guys it’s a very
windy a smoky day today but I still came out to the range and I’m gonna be
shooting my Sten Mark Two pistol build it was a lot of fun to put together and a
half shot it quite a bit already about 400 rounds different type of ammunition
different weights through it and it’s been doing pretty good so I decided to
go ahead and paint it. And since we painted it I was gonna go ahead and take it back out to the
range make sure everything still works. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Alright guys not sure you can see that
it is plate right there about a hundred yards gonna shoot some Fiocchi 124. I’ve got
10 tries let’s see what happens. I hope you guys were counting, I think I got 2 and maybe a skip
I don’t know anyways it’s been a fun day you guys get up to the range.
If you like it give me a thumbs up. I don’t know about subscribing I don’t have a whole lot online so far. But stick around and comment if you want to. Alright guys, have a good one.

6 thoughts on “Sten Mk II Pistol Range Time

  1. Was it a hard process to assemble together? Like the welding and minor fitting? I have been contemplating the more and more about buying a kit but I am questioning my confidence with the quality control lol

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