100 thoughts on “Steel-cored WOODEN Shotgun Rounds – UNREAL Performance!

  1. Wow…….once again It sounds like I'm "a day late and a dollar short". I just started a channel. Mostly trapping, but I have a lot of other interests, so there will be a lot of stuff on there…….I was hoping to make a little money though….

  2. That wood shrapnel is probably the best aspect of this. I know metal shrapnel they can get out with xrays and such, and plastic shrapnel they cannot. Would wood also be problematic to find and remove? Yikes. I'd hate to get shot by one of those

  3. The outlay has been cut and the number of adverts increased to reduce interest in the 'subject' further, whilst maximising failing revenue too. I was gonna watch one last 5-6minute video last night but the advert that was on first was 16mins long! A Feature film, damn-near. It wasn't even an armed/shooting video. I guess you all will have seen similar.
    I shut this pc down and went t'bed.

  4. You should try firing a fired shell casing out of a shotgun shell. It would probably expand like crazy on impact.

  5. Now all these rounds need is to be made from Oak with a Silver center and you have both Vampires AND Werewolves covered. 🙂

  6. Nice looking round. Seems to perform pretty well, too. 129gr. @ 1466 f/s = <616 ft.lbs ME….not bad, considering what it is. Nice video. Always enjoy seeing these.

  7. Re: your outro about the importance of Patreon and the impossible situation YouTube has put channels like yours in, I uninstalled my YouTube ad blocker a couple years back. I did so reasoning that ad revenue was important to not just the platform but to individual channels like yours. Well, I just reinstalled the ad blocker. And when Google figures out a way to bypass that one, I will switch to another. There's always another to switch to. I will not watch a single advertisement on YouTube again, or at least until things change. I heartily suggest that anyone who feels the same also install Google ad blocker software in their browsers. Note that some browsers, like Safari, either don't have ad blockers available or make you jump through a dozen hoops and then do the limbo to get it running. It should also be a no-brainer that anything that blocks YouTube ads will either not work on Chrome or if it does will not work for long. I've always avoided Chrome because of Google's data-scraping ways, but now it's the time to actively avoid all Google products to the extent possible. This is what a monopoly looks like, and it ain't pretty. Or fair.

  8. I don't know why you're surprised that they act just like metal slugs- they're metal slugs with wood on the outside

  9. this would be a terrible shot against humans. because the steel would probably create an exit wound so one might not think to look for shrapnel.

  10. The sad part is… Youtube is generating more revenue than ever before while your revenue passthrough continues to drop.

  11. 7:16 It was cool to see that delayed reaction on the Wet Magazines. Like, you can tell the bullet is still going…still going…CAUGHT!

  12. So in effect, you have two types of damage: internal splinters, and a hole that goes all the way through. Very nice.

  13. Have you considered moving to another platform such as Minds? Dont know what their monitization policy is but supposedly they're gun friendly.

  14. So… we call this one the mahogany bleeder? I wonder if wooden slugs made from toxic woods like acacia, rosewood, or australian cashew (all of which were used as natural poisons for tips of spears or arrows) would be considered chemical weapons… Some are nasty, splinters go sceptic abnormally fast, contact with tissue causes blisters, toxins cause nosebleeds and skin lesions, etc…

  15. Saw a Full30 comment down below. Not real YT savvy. What are the downs to all firearm channels just removing all content and everyone making a mass exodus to another provider?

  16. The never ending story. See. I stayed to the closing credits. I'm kind of broke, but I'd hate to see your channel go.

  17. and honest post I haven't watched yet but I would predict that the steel core wooden rounds will hold together upon firing wild the hundred percent wood round will splinter upon exiting the barrel

  18. here is an idea for a new round, how about making a granite slug! the only way I know to make something like that what to use a diamond impregnated grinding wheel to shape it or possibly and I emphasize possibly use a carbide or Dimond bit to turn one down on a lathe possible not sure but could be a cool outcome. hope this is useful and your guyses quest for new wild and wacky shotgun slugs.

  19. It's crazy that the air didn't cause enough friction to catch the wood on fire and whatever the target I'd on fire

  20. Will the pellet geometry self-right if not going true from the start? I know they fly well forward or backwards. I'm wondering if they would have any value out of a catapult. I know darts launch very well out of catapults from hands on experiments. Typically catapults put back spin on projectiles. That can create magnus. I think I can get a catapult to throw spirals by using a side mounted sling. I'll have to try that. I'll also have to see what the pellet geometry does with both sling configurations.

  21. Wooden bullets work well and inside a target they shatter. They were outlawed in military use. Due to the injury type. Splinters are the byproduct. The largest issue is the expansion of the wood in humidity. It will not fit through the berrel if it is soaked for a extended period of time. Also moisture can get to the powder and primer if stored moist. Wood is like a sponge. Store cautiously in a very dry area.

  22. Maybe if your trigger man wouldn’t jerk so much every time he pulls the trigger he could shoot more accurate. It called pulling the shot. because you anticipating the recoil of the weapon you tense up and jerk your whole upper body. This guy is definitely no sniper!! Lol

  23. About How many shots do you put into a vest before they have to be changed out? Does it not catch it if it’s too tattered?

  24. We use the solid wood rounds, for less then lethal, in our prison system, in Arizona. Very similar, and called knee knockers. The biggest difference is, it is fired out of a 37mm multiple launcher. I believe there were approx 4 or 5 solid wooden projectiles, stacked back to back. It has proven to be very effective tool, alongside the other 37mm cartridges we use.

  25. wish i had access to a wood lathe,,,, i would make some slugs made out of oak,,, hickory ,, cherry and maple,,, that was neat that first slug when it hit,,,,,, talking about splattering,,,, ok,,, going to ask,,,, at 7:30,,, was that a gallon of pee,,,,, just wondering

  26. With a high mounted scope, nearly 2" above the bbl, you need to aim HIGH…..what-r-u thinkin????

  27. Oh, snap!
    If you used Redwood to make this kind of round, you would have a guaranteed infection in the wound channel.
    I don't care how good the surgeon is; it is unavoidable with that wood, in that delivery.
    frightening thought

  28. Spin stabilization are based a huge part on how fast or slow the projectiles are spinning. Based on weight of slug this can affect stabilization tremendously. Just getting them somewhat accurate out of a rifled shotgun is pretty good.

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