53 thoughts on “State lawmakers considering gun control measures in Richmond

  1. Notice how Richmond now is trying to calm Virginians down… not going to happen. And that lady in the back recording the VCDL lobby outside with her phone and putting her shades on… trying to look defiant and all… They are all actually shocked at the the entire state's reaction..I'm sorry, but when you come up with ridiculous laws, you get blow-back.

  2. make your votes count in the next election folks. Whomever votes to support the "governor" with the outlandish attempts to take away law abiding rights need to be removed.

  3. "I'm not necessarily trying to make a point. I'm just trying to make the point………….."
    The Lt. Gov. of Virginia, Justin Fairfax

    Such is the contradictory mind of a democrat lying through his or her teeth.


  4. You can tell they don't care about what people think they already made up their minds….. what's even more embarrassing is they are passing the law in front of their face

  5. These "state law makers" should already be hanging from a tree for their acts of treason!  Got your yellow vest yet?

  6. Confiscation is the end game. They are inching you towards it. It might take 20 or 30 years, but that is absolutely the end game. Do not give one inch to the gun grabbers.

  7. Wake up folks…gun control bills aren't the only Marxist wet dream bills proposed. You're the frog in the water, propose SB16 then you're willing to settle for universal background checks and "red flag" laws…guess who the red flag will be.

  8. The people of Virginia can't trust Thier state government they have prove themselves as liars it's a tyrannical government needs too be taken down

  9. hahaha these guys dont stand a chance if they tried to actually pass these laws. Virginia's people will hang every one of you for treason in the people court you slimeballs.

  10. You can say, "These laws are constitutional" as many times as you like, that doesn't make it true!
    Murder is, already, illegal. That is the only law that is necessary. If that one doesn't deter, there's not another one that will.

  11. He is full of garbage, that Lt. Governor. Lies right to their faces. Former Federal Prosecutor, that means he has a 'The Central Government runs things' mentality. And his 'for our families and children' mindset, runs roughshod over the Bill of Rights. Talking to him was a waste of time, he's just another smokescreen.

  12. these vile disgusting communist democrats need to be voted out ……. that piece of sh-t governor needs to be voted out too….wants to make babies comfortable for its execution while wearing klan outfit …..these parasites want to remove statues of dignity while embracing that of sodomite commIe arthur ashe ………….. DISGUSTING

  13. Lol, Blackface Northam and his cronies must have a combined IQ of about 6. Nobody is going to comply, you cu cks. Try to push this BS, and the war you start won't end well for you.

  14. The pedocrats want no common ground, they only want to control the population of Virginia. Virginia, say no to the pedophile democrats!

  15. The older gentlemen made so much scence… "why put these laws on law bidding citizens" and the politician just spins. RIDICULOUS🖕🖕🖕🖕

  16. They removed the governor from Puerto Rico last year..they surrounded
    the capital and governor mansion for 12 days in a row and forced his
    resignation.. this can grow ….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwbV8E0Koj8

  17. they are telling him not to do what he is doing. He is telling them fuck you. I will do what ever I want. So fuck him.

  18. What part of "infringed" is so difficult to understand? What part of "shall not be" is so hard to wrap your head around? It must be the part that says "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms" that is so confusing. The Founders were surely referencing body appendages because no one could be insane enough to allow the public the right to self defense.

  19. These so-called lawmakers should have been dragged out in handcuffs for treason and as far as Comply with this treason ? No…. He's a fraud, he's not trying to discuss anything The Marxist democrats are trying for confiscation and lying about it.. they are putting laws onto people that would have killed him if they were violent. He says he took violent people off the streets, no he didn't, the police did, and they had guns to protect themselves and I have the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution to protect my rights/ life and the Virginia Constitution is even more specific about how it shall NOT BE INFRINGED… so the so-called "lawmaker" can save his breath, he's lying and everyone knows it…

  20. “I’m a formal federal prosecutor” tell that to the thousands of combat veterans that are against your communist laws

  21. Those Democraps might as well be singing cadence, "We will pass a law today…And wipe our ass with the NRA".
    Kind of a spin-off from the USMC cadence, "One Marine will shit today…And wipe his ass with a Green Beret".
    No doubt Richmond passed more laws today…And they surely will tomorrow…And the next day…And the next day…And for many more days to come.
    Northam and his bunch seem to be on the page of, "Okay, Virginians…You all are a population of goo-goo gah-gah babies, and we need to take those nasty dangerous guns away from you. We need to protect you all from yourselves".
    As though everyone in the civilian population attended special schools, and have IQs ranging from 17 to 42.

  22. The children of you Virginians are headed for a way of life like it is in North Korea. Your children will never know what freedom is.

  23. They have bet the farm that the citizens won’t do shit but complain. And that’s exactly what is going to happen. They are stripping your rights little by little and that way you can safely be labeled a racist if you actually see what’s going on and speak up.

  24. People have the right to fight back in equal conditions. Guns and war is not the solution. But people wake up. Your leaders have hidden agendas. Here is when the crazy conspiratory people are right. Open your eyes.

  25. These elected officials have swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution & Ammendments. What is the IMPEACHMENT process in Virginia? Must hold them accountable.

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