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Starting a NEW Bullet Journal!

– Starting a new bullet journal chopped off all my hair. It’s just a lot of new beginnings for me. (slow upbeat music) (slow upbeat music) Hello guys. Yes, my hair is a lot shorter. The hairdresser cut it shorter
than I wanted it to be, so excuse it while I let it grow out. I’m sure many of you guys can relate. You know when you say you want like a certain length that the hairdresser and then they just give you like five inches shorter than you asked for. Well that’s what happened here. But you know what? I guess it’s kind of fitting for this video because it’s a fresh new start for my bullet journal and I guess a fresh new start for my hair as well. But yes, I have made it to the end of this bullet journal. We’re nearing the end of this notebook, which means it’s time to start a brand new notebook and
transfer over into that one. So that’s what we’re going to
be doing for today’s video. It’s me taking you guys through the process of me figuring out what spreads I want to transfer over and starting in this brand new journey of mine. It was kind of coincidental but I actually ended up
finishing this notebook exactly halfway through the year. Like we’re nearing the
end of June right now and um, I’m on the last pages. So next notebook will be for
the final six months of 2019. Anyways, I hope you guys find this video helpful whether you’re moving into a new notebook or not, but I’ll still talking now. Let’s get right into it. Okay. So before I crack into
my brand new notebook in my old notebook on
the very, very last page, it actually worked out
perfectly because the end of June hit perfectly
right before this spread. So it was a little bit satisfying. But I created this spread called moving in to my new journal and
it’s just a spread to help me figure out what
I want to transfer over. I actually did do this
spread last year when I was transferring notebooks as well. And it was really helpful
especially because typically when you’re
transferring notebooks, you don’t need every single
spread that you needed, you know, at the beginning of the year. So this helps you organize your thoughts and it’s pretty simple. I just have two main headers. One says spreads to keep, one says spreads to leave. And what I’m doing is
I’m going through all of the beginning pages of my notebook and categorizing which one I want to keep and which one I want to leave. So again, pretty simple. I also, last year I did this section of like where I reflected on what was working and what wasn’t. I didn’t have enough time
to do that this time around. So we’re just keeping it pretty simple and doing like a good old
keep and throw away pile. Oh, I also added one other
section that says spreads to add. So this, these are any spreads that might not have been in my old notebook, but ones that I want to
add into the new one next. I did this little mapping
out thing just to figure out, you know, the number of pages in the order that I wanted to do. So I just have this little diagram and input all of the spreads on the keep and add pile in to those little squares. Oh yeah this is just a fun little thing, but on the page next to it, this was like the page that
was attached to the notebook, if that makes sense. But I didn’t want to keep it blank, so I just did a little scrapbook thing. The scrapbooking thing, sorry, I don’t know why I was so
hard for me to say that, but I’ve been really into
doing stuff like this recently. I’ve been playing around with photos and different types of papers and washy tapes and I think it’s really fun. Now on to the exciting part actually moving over into the new notebook. As you can see, I’m using an Archer and all of notebook. Again, it’s the exact
same type of notebook, just a different little
emblem on the front. I’m going to leave a link down below if you guys are interested in
the notebooks that I’m using. I always get a ton of
questions about that. But yes, just to keep it consistent with the year I decided to
use the exact same type. I’m going to keep my little S moving over into my new journal spread open so that I can kind of refer to it when I’m planning into the new notebook. But let’s get started. Opening it up. There’s just a section
for me to write my name. I always love doing this. It feels like the beginning, the very beginning when you have to write your name in a new notebook. I also just write a key at this point, I know all of the symbols that
I use in my bullet journal, but again, it just feels like one of those formalities that I have to do when I open a new notebook. I’ve been doing a key for
like the past two years, so I just like having
it in the beginning on the inside cover of my notebook. But if any of you are mutable journaling, then having a key like this is very useful so that you can refer to it. All right. So the first spread that
I’m actually transferring over is my handy grid spacing guideline. Now ever since I discovered this spread from Pacific notation on Instagram, I, think I discovered it like a year ago. It’s been life changing. I love it. I always refer to it whenever
I’m doing my weekly spreads. I do get questions a
bunch about how to use it. Basically I have all of the numbers, numbering the dot grid spaces, vertically and horizontally. And then I have several lines dividing the page into half thirds quarters. And that way when I’m creating a spread, let’s say I want to split
up a spread into quarters, I can just refer to
this page and see that, for quarters it needs to be, you know, eight dot
grid spaces or whatnot. I don’t know if that’s actually accurate, but you know what I mean. And I made sure to create this spread on the left hand side of the page. That way when I’m flipping to it, when I’m creating my spreads, it’s really easy to just like peek at it and then, continue on making my spreads. That was something I was very conscious of doing because in the past I’ve done on the other side and it’s
just not as convenient. Speaking of the other side, on the other side of the spread, I’m just creating a quote page to start off this brand new notebook. The quote says, let new adventures begin, which I thought was pretty fitting for this second half of the year. Something I also wanted to know was that I’m keeping the lettering styles pretty consistent with my old notebook. I wanted to not do the exact same stuff as my old notebook, but I did want to make it look pretty similar in terms of styles. So I’m doing a lot of similar fonts, a lot of similar elements. For example, something I
did a lot in my old notebook and just in general, actually in 2019 was doing a lot of black backgrounds with white text. So I continued that on
in this new notebook and you see I did that with the word that says new and I added a
couple doodles around it. I thought it turned out really cute. All right, on to the future log, if you didn’t know,
that’s the section where we plan things that are a bit further ahead in the future. Obviously I only needed to do six months for this spread since there’s only six months left in the year, so I split it up three
months in three months per page and I did a
horizontal kind of layout, so have these small calendars on the left hand side of the box and then on the right side is where
I’ll list any events or appointments that
I have for that month. Again, I wanted to keep
things pretty consistent with the previous styles that I was using. So for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
section of the calendar, I did a black background
with white gel pen overtop. By the way. I also always get a lot of questions about what white gel pen I use and I use the Sakkara jelly roll for this. As usual all of the specific materials that I use will be linked in
the description box below. At this point, this is where I transfer over any events or appointments from my old future log into the new one. Just so that you know, I remember to actually go
to those specific events and appointments or else
I will definitely forget. Okay. So in my old notebook, since I started that notebook at the beginning of the year, I had a lot of pages for goal setting and vision boarding. I think there was like four pages that I had dedicated to goal setting and then I had a spread that was also like a hundred things that I wanted to do in 2019 which is basically
just a bucket list. So instead of transferring
all of those over, I decided to do more
of a midyear reflection and kind of merge those two together. So on one half I have midyear goals, and I have a couple of different boxes and each box I’ll have a separate goal of things that I wanted to focus on for the second half year. And then on the other
side I have a bucket list and this is where I’ll
transfer over some of the things from my old 100 things I want to do in 2019 it’s spread
just because you know, I don’t need to put all a hundred since I did actually check
some of those things off, but I do really like how the headers of these pages turned out and
I think the actual topic of the spreads make sense together. So it wasn’t a big deal to me that they were cut down from full page spreads in a to half page spreads. The next couple of spreads, I actually kept pretty much exactly the same as I did them in my old notebook. I only tweaked a couple things with the headers or the font or whatnot, but in general the layout
is exactly the same. This one I’m doing is the places I went page pretty self explanatory. It just is a place for me to keep track of the places I traveled to and for me to remember my travel
memories for the year. So I have three different columns, one for the destination, the date, and then my favorite memory
from that specific trip. And I’m actually going
to be transferring over the old ones from my old notebook just so I can look back in one main specific place and see all of my memories there. And then on the right side I have a things to check out spread. This is a place for me
to write down any movies or books or TV shows or
songs that I’ve heard of or that I get recommended and that I want to remember to check out. Again, self-explanatory. But I have four different boxes that I have sectioned off for
each specific category. And in those boxes is where I’ll put the specific suggestions that
I want to check out later. Since these are newly empty. If you guys have any suggestions of movies or TV shows or books or music that you think I would like, leave them in the comments below and I will fill up this
spread with your suggestions. And I added little doodles in the corner of each one just cause I felt
like it was missing something. The next spread that I’m doing is my YouTube video ideas page. It’s just a place for me to jot down any video ideas that I want
to do in the future and I’ve actually split this
off in two, three categories. I have art videos, bullet journal videos as well as lifestyle
videos slash miscellaneous. Pretty simple I didn’t really want to make this overly
complicated cause I just want to be able to quickly jot down any ideas for me to refer to in the future. Again, since this is an empty page, if you guys have any YouTube videos that you want to see me do, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to fill up the spread. I mean I’ll probably transfer over some of the old ideas that I
had from my old notebook that I haven’t done yet, but it’s always nice to
get some new ideas as well. On the other side, I have this songs to learn spread. For those of you who don’t know, I do play the Ukulele,
the Piano and the Guitar and I love learning new songs
and just jamming out for fun. So I like to have a list of songs that I want to try and figure
out or learn in the future. Sometimes I’ll hear a song on the radio and think to myself Oh, I should learn that on the piano. So instead of just, you
know, keeping it in my brain, I thought it would keep
it in my bullet journal. All right, so the final spread that I’m transferring over
from my old notebook, you guys know this is one of my favorites. It is my 2019 Polaroid memories spread. I’ve kept it exactly
the same as my old one. I’ve blacked out the background and kept white boxes for me to actually insert the pictures and I love the look of this. It almost looks like a chalkboard and then when you put the
pictures in the empty boxes, it’s like you’re hanging up
pictures on a chalkboard. I think it’s cute and
for some reason my brain, I don’t know what I was thinking but since it’s the second half of the year I thought it’d be like
Oh perfect half and half. But I didn’t realize
that you know there was four boxes so there was two extra spaces but I’ll just fill it with
some miscellaneous photos. Anyways. All right guys. So here is the final flip through of my brand new bullet journal with some of the spreads that we transferred
over from my old one. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the process of me creating these spreads and I’m really happy with
how it all turned out. So I’m very excited to
start a brand new month and get planning for this
second half of the year. All right everyone said that was it. We are officially transferred over into the new notebook. I hope you enjoyed seeing the process. I can’t wait to fill it up with some more bullet journal
months and setups. Of course, if you do want
some more inspiration of things that you can
feel your empty pages with, I do have a whole bullet journal playlist that has every single bullet journal setup and bullet journal video
that I’ve ever made. So I’ll link that down below. And if you guys want to
send me any recreations of bull journal spreads, you can follow me over on
Instagram @amandarachlee and tag me in your photos. I can’t wait to see them. I also post a bunch of other bull journal and art and doodling stuff there. I do my weekly spreads
and we do live streams. It’s a fun time so you can check that out. But yes, I will stop talking now. Have a great day. Keep doodling and I will talk
to you in the next video. Bye everyone. (cool jazz music) (cool jazz music) (cool jazz music) (cool jazz music)

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