Starline 2016 NRA Video – Introducing Rifle Brass

Starline presents “The Brass Facts” Todd: Well hello, I’m Todd Atchison and I’m
joined with Hunter Pilant of Starline Brass and we’re here at the 2016 NRA Convention
in Louisville, Kentucky. And Hunter, you’ve got some big announcements, right? Hunter: We do. This is our 40th anniversary
and by popular demand, we have started making rifle brass. First we’re doing .308. 300 Blackout’s
going to be next. Planning on going into some of the offshoots of those calibers, you know,
the base caliber for the 300 Blackout is .223 Remington, .556, we’re going to make that
pretty soon also. .358 Winchester, .243, a lot of those calibers should be coming out
in the next year or so. .444 Marlin is another one I get a lot of requests for. I’m working
on a sample of that. So a lot of new stuff coming. Todd: 40 years in business and you’ve traditionally
been a handgun casing company. What really prompted you guys to make this jump? Hunter: You know, we’ve expanded several times
over the years to meet demand, and I think this time we finally expanded big enough that
we are able to kind of meet our demand for the current product line and we’re able to
start working on some of the other stuff. So, basically it’s been a time issue. Todd: Fantastic news announced here at the
2016 NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Hunter, thank you for your time, and remember,
they can check you out online. Hunter: Yep,

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