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Stargate: Lantean Drone Weapons – Spacedock Short

Ancient Lantean Drone Weapons, most often
known simply as Drones, are a supremely advanced hybrid projectile-energy weapon employed both
in ship to ship combat and in surface based weapons platforms. Equipped with highly sophisticated
on-board sensor systems and in-flight manoeuvrability, drones are able to track and pursue almost
any target with little difficulty, and their advanced energy fields allow the weapons to
bypass the defence shields of some less-advanced starships.
36 inches in length and vaguely squid-shaped, Drones project an energy field across their
surface that is able to burn through almost all forms of conventional matter without damaging
the drone itself. This allows a drone to fully perforate a hostile ship and emerge from the
other side, before coming about, and making another strike on the target. A drone can
usually make two or three such runs before expending their energy supply, and the weapons
are programmed to explode violently, either upon depleting their energy supply, or when
detonated remotely. Drones were typically controlled using a control
chair, a form of neural interface system installed on most Lantean ships and installations. Using
a control chair, a single operator is able to take direct control of any number of drones,
often using swarm tactics to maximize damage when engaging larger fleets. Any Drones which
have failed to deplete their energy supply after an attack is completed are programmed
to automatically return to storage, where they can be recharged and used again.
Drones are among the most powerful spacecraft mounted weapons in existence, and when skilfully
aimed the weapons can target vital systems aboard a large vessel for critical damage.
On one occasion a Lantean Gateship under the control of the Tau’ri was able to destroy
an undamaged Ha’tak Class Mothership using only two drones. Drones are also able to effortlessly
bypass the organic hull plating of Wraith Hive Ships, and should a Drone lose contact
with its Control Chair after launch, the weapons are able to independently select and engage
targets, evade weapons fire and navigate obstacles. Lantean City-Ships and Outposts carry hundreds
of thousands of drones at maximum capacity, storing them in colossal drone storage bays.
Though Lantean warships such as the Aurora Class Battleship lack the internal space to
carry so many drones, the several hundred weapons they do carry are more than capable
of destroying several hostile vessels in a single salvo. It is even possible for a drone
to be manually armed and deployed as a timed explosive should regular ordnance be insufficient
or presently unavailable. Due to its nature as a precision weapon, intended
to target vital subsystems and operate in swarms, a drone is less effective when employed
as a ground suppression or assault weapon. However, the Ancient Lanteans were able to
circumvent this problem with the development of miniaturized anti-personnel drones. These
far smaller weapons were used in much the same way as their larger counterparts, but
intended to target hostile infantry units and defend ground installations. The effect
of these smaller drones on their victims is as violent as one would expect, burrowing
through armor and flesh with trivial ease. Unlike their larger counterparts, mini-drones
can be provided with a constant stream of power remotely, and set to operate in short-range
search patterns to protect territory from intruders.
Widely used by the Lantean military throughout their war with the wraith, and still employed
by the Tau’ri over 10,000 years later. The Drone is one of the most sophisticated and
lethal weapons systems known to man, and remains unmatched by any major galactic power to this

100 thoughts on “Stargate: Lantean Drone Weapons – Spacedock Short

  1. As cool as drones are, I have to ask, why the tentacles? I don't recall them ever showing or explaining what practical purpose those tentacles are supposed to serve.

  2. so basically their the most advanced missile system in existance. you can kind of see why the lanteans were such pacifists if all they had to do was point at something and the drones would smite them.

  3. With all these advanced weapons, how in the world did the Ancients lose to the Wraith? I now the story says they were "outnumbered", but with weapons like these I'm finding it really hard to imagine the Ancients losing.

  4. Hey Spacedock what about the 500 km long Eternal Destiny capital ship?


  5. I'd love to see a short series about the best Space Combat Tactics, as opposed to ships. I know you've done some videos on combat tactics, like the Thrawn Pincer and the Riker Meneuver, but I'd love to learn more about ship-to-ship fighting styles.

  6. Ships I would like you to cover : UNSC Pelicans and variants inc Tart Cart and BOGOF. UNSC Infinity, Battle Star Galactica ( For preference Classic vs Reboot as one vid.) V Capital city Craft, The ship the Xenomorphs are found in from the Films Alien, Aliens and Prometheus, Star Base 1 from Star Trek, Red Dwarf, The Aliens Drop Ship, The Homeworld Colony Ship, Discovery from 2001 a space odyssey, EvE Online Capital Ships (Comparison), Anything from Freespace or Wing Commander, and Buck Rogers's Fighter from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ( Sorry can't remember what it is called.). I know it's a little bit of a nebulous list but I hope there are some ideas in there that you like. Whether as short vids or podcast I would be happy for any or all of these to come up at some time. Keep up the good work, this is a fascinating channel to me and I hope many others as it is such a great subject. Maybe someone should create a Sci-Fi ship mega database sometime hehe. Sorry Sci-Fi ships etc are a bit of a thing for me.

  7. Wow this is an awesome Sci-Fi channel. As a Fictional designer, this is some very inspirational stuff…
    Now This might a weird request but i'd like you do a video on 'The Argama' and/or 'Nahel Argama' from Gundam Zeta, ZZ and unicorn.
    BUT Before doing that, i would like for you to do a video on 'Minovsky particles' and how they changed the Gundam's Universal Century. Take your time, it's a whole new universe.

  8. hey I'm new here, but I've always wanted to see a video of the UNSC Punic Class Super carrier from the Halo series, it's almost as big as the Infinity.

  9. A ship I would like to see explored is the starfury from babylon 5. I've always thought
    it was the most "realistic" of scifi spacecraft. If you could get to it, I'd greatly appreciate
    it. Thank you.

  10. i would like to point out one flaw in an other wise superb video, in the episode which the mini drones are featured STA s4e14 they state that the planet is a testing ground where the Lanteans first developed drone technology, so it is more logical to assume that the mini drones are a early prototype rather then a special anti personal version.

  11. next time there is a gater versus trekkie universe thing. Just saying these things would interstate everything in star trek.

  12. i never understood why we never found any production facility i mean the Ancient battleships couldnt carry millions but say they only carried a few thousand eventually they would run out wouldn't it make more since to instal a small drone production area on board feed it raw materials and it produces a drone the same with Atlantis its big enough to have several not to mention shipyard to build ancient battleships and cruisers the same with Jumpers and their version of fighters

  13. Danm now i miss Hotpoint's XSGCOM because i remember him going into why they looked like squids and the enemy that they had been originally designed to fight

  14. So who would win between a fully powered (fully charged 3 ZPM configuration), staffed, and armed Atlantis from SGA and say the entire Federation defence line including ESD?

    My guess would be Atlantis.

  15. A Single Lantean City Ship, Aurora Class warship, or even a Gateship would EASILY be able to destroy anything borg, Drones mainly use kinetic energy on targets that are strong enough, the problem with borg ships/drones is that the borg can't adapt to non-energy weapons, so things like bullets, or drones would be able to destroy them easily.

  16. Please do one on the Ori main battle ship. I'm interested to know about the power source – that is, the ring at the center.

  17. Can drone tracking be jammed? if a control chair controls drones another more powerful signal should be able to take over the drone..? Can drones be overcome by ion or emp blasts?

  18. My only question is, if used against a Starfleet ship, such as the Enterprise, would they be able to get past their shields if they are constantly changing their shield frequency?

  19. I always wondered why we see drones enter and exit ships multiple times (so they clearly survive "impact") but they are always getting depleted, you would think with the mass amount of them, just tearing through the ships a few times would be enough to destroy the ships and they could be reprogrammed to return for recharging without blowing up, so the only time you lose drones is if the ships explode while the drones are inside, this would seam far more efficient then then having to constantly build new ones, but I guess the writers needed someway to nerf the power of the drone weapons by limiting there supply.

  20. Wait, so Asurans copy Alteran technology, build ZPM factories, a fleet of ZPM powered Auroras and don't use Drones all the time? It would seem like perfect weapon since they can mass-produce it. Surely they can get around the need for mind-control when building the Aurora from the scratch.

  21. Most OP thing I have ever seen. I mean seriously. Take this concept idea into any other Sci-Fi Lore. People would cry you saying it is a stupid weapon. Way too overpowered. Yet…I can see their draw backs.

  22. The drones is too op,even can be a famous weapon of Stargate universe.

  23. In the box we jam all transmissions to prevent IEDs from exploding as we drive by. Jamming all frequencies would stop the remote control and even the on board targeting these drones have. The "smart bullets" have now become useless..

  24. all the drones you see fired sort of use the exact same route. why do they need to do that when the first drone makes a path through whatever it touches anyway.

  25. God, these things have such a uniquely beautiful aesthetic. You see giant laser beams and supernukes in future fantasy all the time, but these things were just so visually distinct. Like the lightsabers of space combat, they were truly an elegant weapon from a more civilized age.

  26. I'm afraid to see what a swarm of them could do against something like the Reapers from mass effect.

    Most likely, it would be along the terms of "bye bye"

  27. lies. all stupid lies. we never saw the interior of a drone and i dont care the stupid comics. so all this is bullshit.

  28. the drones are very powerfull bot they seem kind of slow in comparison with the goa'uld or wraith energy weapons or the asgard and ori laser beems, for example.

  29. course now i wanna see a functional aurora class vs a borg cube
    visually that'd be intresting to me, i'd expect the aurora to disable the cube but unless it hit the vinculum it would simply eventually repair

  30. I'm still glad they solved the problem of beaming nukes onboard enemy ships, that episode killed my dreams of op nuke beams

  31. I think it generates a positronic plasma field to disrupt the molecular bonds in the hull of a ship through the matter antimatter annihilation of the molecules electron shells. That would account for their bright yellow glow.

  32. 3-4 tv shows and 3-4 movies know knows how make yet. from earth anyway who only one use them. you think make gates and drones top priority special when got gate ship universes but that style gate not what want to use long term not sure how useful that ship going be.

  33. An we still have no way to mass to produce somehow they never found such a facility in the whole city of Atlantis even tho the city was under siege for years with no way to get supplies.

  34. It really bugs me (no pun intended) that there is no established canonical relationship between Lantean drones and the fireflies from Prodigy.

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