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SRS A1 Covert: The Shortest Sniper Rifle 27″ inches

With an overall length starting
at just 27 inches, with a 16 inch barrel, the SRS-A1 Covert is
the shortest sniper rifle in the world. The Covert adds
a new level of concealability to a full-power sniper rifle in a package that is the size
of a submachine gun. The Covert’s compact size
gives operators an enormous advantage in the field, by allowing them to maneuver
through building interiors, inside vehicles, and other tight spaces. The rifle is also quicker
and less cumbersome in and out of cases and compartments. The hallmark of the rifle’s
compact design is its bullpup configuration, locating the trigger group and magazine
rearward of the pistol grip. A telescoping bolt contributes
to the rifle’s compact length and allows the bolt to cycle
with a shorter throw. The Covert’s shorter length
also brings the balance point forward to the center of the rifle. The result is a perfectly balanced rifle
that is easily maneuverable and comfortably shoots
from a variety of positions. The unique features
of the SRS-A1 Covert give it all the advantages
of a shorter overall length, without sacrificing
barrel length or accuracy.

5 thoughts on “SRS A1 Covert: The Shortest Sniper Rifle 27″ inches

  1. I have been shooting 1000 YDS for over a year and my first rifle I bought  wasn't helping me out any.  After I bought my SRS A-1 in 6.5 Creedmoor 1000 YDS is almost simple!  My D-T rifle is so accurate it is unbelievable!  Before I was lucky to hit a 36 in plate @ 1000yds and couldn't attempt anything smaller.  Now I hit the 24in and can hit the 10in Plate consistantly at 1000yds!  When I was shooting the bigger plates I was landing shots right on top of each other producing groups better than I ever thought I would shoot.  As soon as I took my SRS to the range it was Obvious that this rifle WAS ON ANOTHER LEVEL!  Instant, Consistant, Accuracy, You Can Bet Your Life On!  THAT'S DESERT TECH…

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