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SRS-A1 Covert Rifle Ergonomic – Tomorrow’s Weapons

The SRS-A1 Covert
is ergonomically designed to include features
that add stability, comfort, and assist the shooter with accuracy. At an overall length of just 27 inches, the Covert’s lightweight
and compact frame keeps the balance point
close to the shooter, making the gun extremely maneuverable
and easy to get into position. The Covert’s short overall length
also adds the significant advantage of being able
to easily reach the muzzle where suppressors are attached
and bipods are deployed for speedy shot preparation. The stock is fitted with a height-adjustable
cushioned cheekpiece to ensure optimal cheek weld
and height for any shooter. The rubber cheekpiece
also shields the shooter’s skin from an extremely hot or cold rifle. The enlarged trigger guard
on the Covert gives operators the ability to maintain adequate range
of motion and trigger control, even while wearing gloves. At the rear of the gun, the stock terminates
in a comfortable, cushioned buttpad that gives shooters the ability
to enjoy extended shooting sessions with even the most punishing loads.
Incorporated into the buttpad
is a toolless spacer system that allows users
to quickly adjust the length of pull giving any shooter a perfect fit. The Covert’s lightweight forearm features
a full rail at the 12:00 position, as well as detachable rail pieces that can be mounted on the sides
and bottom as needed for a bipod and other accessories. The Covert incorporates an ambidextrous magazine
release and safety. The low profile safety
directly above the trigger finger prevents snagging
and features a textured surface that adds tactile support
when shooting in low-light conditions. With the ability to adjust
the trigger position and weight, the trigger on the SRS-A1 Covert
can be fine tuned for any shooter. The Covert’s proprietary monopod
removes the need for cumbersome sandbags and provides built-in stability
that enables shooters to quickly acquire targets and make shots
from a variety of positions. This durable rear monopod system
deploys lightning fast and offers microadjustments
for quick target acquisition. Crafted with high impact polymers,
aircraft grade aluminum, and some of the most durable
coatings in existence the SRS-A1 Covert is built
to function flawlessly in even the harshest conditions.

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  1. I want one, but i can't get one in my hands to look at it before purchase. Hard to spend the money when you haven't even got your hands on it.

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