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Springer Precision Modifications for the SIG P320 #205

[sound effect] Hello folks this is Yamil Sued for
Gun Stock Reviews and today we’re gonna talk about this Sig P320 again ever
since it came out with their statement about their voluntary not recall but
upgrade program there’s been a lot of nonsense in the internet and youtube and
all those places talking a lot of stuff about Sig I think is somewhat
underserved so we’re going to talk about having fun with your sig p320 this is
your stock p320 out of the box simple ready to go and we’re gonna talk about
how to turn this into something cool like this! what do I have here and what’s
being done to this pistol first The APEX tactical flat trigger this is the
standard flat e this is the original flatty that does not lower your trigger
pull the Springer precision extended mag release it comes in different colors
I happen to like red the Springer precision mag well I also like red comes
in different colors and the molobby stippling or laser engraving on your
frame this is really, really cool and you don’t need to send the pistol out to to
get this done so you can actually have sent just the grip part which is this
out to molobby and they will actually do this work for you you don’t
have to send your pistol just send this your mag well though is an interesting
part of it and the mag well has to be sent you have to send you grip or
purchase a grip from Springer precision they do sell the grips out there they’ll
sell you a grip for normal price they’re not gonna mark it up and they have to
physically mill the bottom of the grip in order to install this grip so they
have to machine this and then they glue the magwell
on to the grip so it’s a permanent modification but the cool thing is is so
inexpensive that it only costs fourty dollars a show to get a new grip so send
them a new grip purchase it from them they will do the machining and machine
it correctly and physically epoxy the magwell on so once you make your choice
it’s not something that you can change from silver to black to blue to red you
just pick one and have it unless you really want to change colors so this one
is being modified already doesn’t have a mag well on and this one is the magwell
already installed and it’s been fitted to it another thing that I forgot to
tell you about is the guide rod this pistol it doesn’t it’s not using the
factory guide rod system that comes with it which is this is captured guide rod
with a flat spring this one is using 1911 Springs this one is using a
14-pound 1911 spring from ISMI which is the factory that makes Springs that I
actually like I buy from I pick it up at Brownells so it’s a you can pick them up
there or any other store like ISMI quite a bit so yeah this is what I did
to it we’re gonna talk about how to install this part they’re not that hard
we’ve done videos on how to install the Sig trigger before this one basically
you have to send it in we’ll do a video on how to install the mag catch I’m
gonna show you how to install this guide rod system is really really simple so
first things first make sure your pistol is clear okay you take the takedown
lever down it’s really hard at the beginning this pistol has something
fired too much it’s really really hard to pull that takedown lever let this slide
go forward this is the new ISMI system so I’m doing a backwards for you so just
imagine just forget that I just show you this and this is the way it comes from
the factory right you take out the factory one the Springer of precision part
is this one here just a guide rod and this is your standard 14 pound spring
usually the springs go one end of the spring is open and the other one is sort
of tight and closed this is the end that goes into the guide
rod so and now you put your spring into the guide and the slide carefully making
sure it doesn’t fly away make sure your spring comes out the
front front end of the pistol you have to make the part in the front end you
see it’s flush now and it goes in seats into position on the barrel okay and now
you just put it back onto your frame which is here lock it back and use your
takedown lever in the opposite direction and you are swt to go see that was quick so
yeah we’ve done a couple of things to this pistol already and we’ll go into
detail on how to do the Mad catch because that takes a little bit more
time the Mag catch comes from Springer precision a little baggie here cool
thing about Springer though when you purchase this part which is the Mag carch
can’t see extended mag catch it doesn’t come with a factory Mag catch spring or
detent but! Spring of Precision actually has the factory part available for you
to purchase so you can actually buy the factory Mag catch spring and catch from
spring of precision and you can leave them installed you don’t have to take them
away from your factory Mag catch so that’s a really cool idea I did that I
just kept everything the way it was and installed the new parts in my new mag
catch so again guys this is fun we’re getting ready to go to the range with my
new you know beautified Sig P320 I will be sending this pistol in for the
voluntary upgrade I already got my email saying that the
voluntary upgrade is coming I registered it the first day that they announced it
so it’s going to go back to the factory so before I send it back to the factory
I’m going to take off all these things I have the original grip that came with
the gun here I’m going to put the original trigger back in and the
original guide rod in it and put it back to factory specs in the back and when I
get it back I will do a video showing you the differences between the new
parts and the old parts and how it performs with the modifications on it
already fired just going quite a bit shot a couple of matches with it
so I’m really confident in this pistol so let’s see how the upgrade goes but
these are some of the modifications I did to this pistol this is looks really
cool I mean if not you know I might not be a great shot but I really look cool
with this pistol so stay tuned for more videos about the Sig P320

15 thoughts on “Springer Precision Modifications for the SIG P320 #205

  1. did you send back with the aftermarket trigger or put that on after you got it back? Have you tested to see if trigger is as safe as Sigs replacement?

  2. Caught one of your videos in a random search, Great job! Nice clear presentation of information, excellent camera work and easy to understand. I actually appreciate that you don't have some crazy music playing in the background the whole time. I've subscribed and spreading the word of this channel. Keep up the great work!

  3. Got to watch them folks at Springer Precision, they lure you in cool products, and decent prices, next thing you know your hooked. LOL I have spent a fair amount with them, and NEVER had any problems with anything from them.

  4. Can you tell or send me a like to that mag well, I like that! I have a Glock 22 gen 1 with a bronze color mag well! Thank in advance! Just got my p320 with upgrades on!

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