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Sportowy duch w replice EMG F-1 Firearms BDR-15-3G

EMG holds licenses of many american firearms manufacturers. Thanks to, we got our hand on a replica licensed by F-1 Firearms. The replica allows for main spring replacement without removing the gearbox from the receiver. The EMG F-1 Firearms replica has na EBB system. The mechanism is very precisely made. The is no slack on the gears. The internal parts are nothing special but they are of good quality none the less. All parts are typical, despite the EBB system. The replica works smoothly, without unpleasant sounds. The EBB is more heard than felt. The light dummy bolt does not product much recoil. The muzzle velocity test gave very good results. The spread between shots was no more then 5 fps the average muzzle velocity was 436 fps. Accuracy was very good. Then testing the replica we noticed a slight slack between the upper and lower receiver. We also wished the replica had a dummy gas system. But this is purely cosmetic complaint. Another minor issuer is the AUTO marking by the fire selector switch. The are no sights in the set but this is the same case as with the original rifle. The openwork design of the receiver can cause trouble while the replica is used in the field. This very model is made by APS. They made a replica ready for airsoft games straight out of the box. Its design is very attractive. Will it be accepted in the airsoft community?
Time will tell. If you want to find out more about this replica read our full review at Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel.
We will have more videos soon. Length: 900-960 mm. Hi-Cap holding 300 BBs. 437 fps. Weight: 2660 g. Modern design. Electric Blow Back. F-1 Firearms license.

3 thoughts on “Sportowy duch w replice EMG F-1 Firearms BDR-15-3G

  1. Może się nadać do strzelania… z okna do tarczy. Jedno wejście w wilgotny piach i zawalisz komorę magazynka, trochę pyłu i zatniesz EBB.

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