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Splitting Bullets in 4K

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to the
“Super Slow Show.” Gav, you ever seen
in the movies when people deflect bullets
away from themselves? Yeah. Mad skills. I wonder– oh, yeah.
Mad skills. – Ninja skills.
– Yeah. I wonder if it’s
actually possible. I mean, obviously, for a human
to do that would be ridiculous. But if someone somehow managed
to hit the bullet with a blade, – would it split the bullet?
– I think it would. Because when you find
a bullet that’s been fired, it’s always crumpled as though
it was very soft on impact. That’s just from just
the sheer speed. So I think, if you fired
a bullet at a blade, I think it would cut
through like butter. Well, luckily,
we’ve got a pistol that’s pointed
directly at an ax. All right. So let’s find out,
shall we? ( theme music playing ) Dan, what’s this? Well, because I’ve got a gammy
hand and I’m actually not that good at firing a bullet
in the exact same place every time, we’ve got
a remote server here which has got a Springfield 1911
rigged up inside it which fires a
45-caliber round straight down the range in exactly
the same space every time. I feel like it’s always
a good idea to remove
the human element. Especially when we’re
the human element. Yeah. I’d be sat there for
hours just like, come on. Under this bag is
a Phantom V2511. We’re gonna start at
28,000 frames a second. Hopefully, that’s fast enough. Our usual cameras would just
see a couple of blurred frames. So this is the one to use. Yeah. The reason we’re going
for 45-caliber rounds, it’s nice and fat. So when it hits our ax here, hopefully we can see as
much detail as possible. And, finally, we have a
lovely colorful balloon wall to let us know if we
split the bullet or not. If two balloons pop,
probably did. Wonder if it’s gonna go
in exactly the same
space every time. Who knows?
Why don’t we find out? Let’s. Ready to split? – Yes.
– Yeah? Sorry. I can’t hear
you very well.
Got earplugs in. It’s true. – You ready? Right.
– Yeah. Three, two, one, fire! Well, it popped
two balloons. Popped three balloons. Three? Wait. So, huh? Well, I’ll tell you what.
Let’s just watch the footage. Instead of being like,
“What happened?” – Gav: Oh.
– Dan: It fired. Gav: Bullet’s away. Dan: Oh, wow. Hang on. Dead on in the middle.
Oh, no, it’s not…ooh! Ooh! Wait. Look at the
wibbleman in the… The wibbleman in the ax! That ax is solid as well.
It’s not flexible. Gav: It somehow split it
into three pieces. – Dan: Yeah.
– Gav: It just cut
it like nothing. Time to escalate, Daniel. Yeah? So we’ve successfully
separated a bullet. Now we’ve got an ax
that’s sole purpose could only be to split
a bullet into four pieces. Cause I can’t imagine what
else this is used for. Can you buy it like that? No. No, you can’t. This is a custom built
bullet quadrupler. All right. We’ve also moved
the camera back behind the gun to get a more even
spread in the frame. Cheeky bit of POV. Yeah.
Bullet POV. Hmm. All right, here’s our
four-bladed ax. We gotta hit it right in the
middle so it’s extra precise. The other one could have
hit anywhere on that one line. This has to hit
directly in the center. So good luck us. This is why I wasn’t
doing it with my gammy hand. You ready? Yep. Three, two, one, fire! Whoa. How many balloons
did we pop there? I count six. Uh, yeah, quite a few. Whoa, yeah! Just exactly it! It turns it to shrapnel. You see the eight pieces coming
out from this angle as well. You see how the material
separates the lead from the copper into
four, into eight. – Zoonk.
– Gav: This is
the way to hunt. Dan: Look at it.
It’s perfect eight pieces. – Perfect.
– Gav: That is
a satisfying shot. I love it. I love this camera.
I love this ax. That was dead on. You doing Irish? Sorry. How satisfying was that
when it split perfectly? It’s the kind of footage
where you look at, and you just go, “Ah”. – Emoji.
– It’s true. I actually found one of
the pieces of bullet that was split. It like curled and split up
and went into the ground. Yeah, it doesn’t really
resemble its original form. It could just be a piece
of metal I found on the
floor, to be honest. Yeah. I believe you, though. It’s crazy how it goes from,
you know, 950 foot per second into an ax perfectly
into four pieces. It’s pretty cool,
isn’t it? So cool. Well, hopefully, you enjoyed
that video as much as we did. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys and we’ll see you
in the next episode
of the “Super Slow Show.” Hi, guys.
We can’t wait to share our extremely slow
adventure with you. Yeah, click here for
all the latest updates happening almost daily
on the “Super Slow Show.” Why do they put
the button on this side? It could easily have
just been just there. But it’s on this side of me. It’s like somewhere
around here. Yeah, it’s right there.

100 thoughts on “Splitting Bullets in 4K

  1. You guys should fire 2 guns facing one another and capture the 2 bullets moulding into 1 as they hit each other

  2. I wonder if they could try 2 pistols different direction pointing at each other then it shoots
    I dunno if bullets squish

  3. They should have used large gel in the background to capture fragments. Cool stuff btw not all bullets split metal jacket bullets will cut through the axe instead.

  4. I read it as spitting bullets, this is how i imagine it:
    Slow mo guys: the guns arent working, time to do it ourselves

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