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Splatoon Zink Mini Splatling Weapon Tour and Gameplay Nintendome ft: NWPlayer123

Finally, finally, finally we are getting the
Zink Mini Splatling. What is going on kids and squids? It is Hank here from Nintendome!
And today we are going to be talking about the latest weapon to hit Splatoon. But, before we talk about that: I actually
want to let you guys know that I did start a Minecraft server and a Discord server. So
the information for both of those things will be down in the description below, past that
like button. Really, this is just another way for me to hang out with you guys during
my off time. Alright but now onto the good stuff. So quick
reminder for those of you that may not remember: the mini splatling is a very unique member
of the Splatling family. Like all Splatlings, you must first charge up your shot if you
want to shoot continuously. BUT, the cool thing about the mini splatling and the zink
mini splatling is their extremely low charge time. The charge time for this weapon is comparable
to that of the Squiffer and almost comparable to that of Bamboozler MK I and MK II. It’s
also got very excellent mobility as well. Now of course, this is a reskinned weapon
so the real new stuff with the Zink Mini Splatling comes with the kit. This bad boy is going
to be rocking the disruptor sub weapon and guys, I’m really digging that. I think disruptors
are really great on all splatling weapons as each shot is much more valuable for splatlings
in general as you do have to do the initial charge to get those shots. So the cool thing
about the disruptors is that it actually makes it easier for you to kill your opponents.
So yeah, I definitely think the disruptor pairs very nicely with the Zink Mini Splatling. However, I am a bit more mixed regarding the
bubbler. Now, don’t get me wrong: having that get out of jail free card is definitely
great. However, and I know the comments section is going to go crazy at me for saying this,
I actually think the Kraken would have been better on this weapon. So again, the Bubbler
can save you in close range combat situations but you have to keep in mind that if you want
to actually kill your opponent when you’re actually within the bubbler, you actually
have to charge up your shot first. And more often than not, when you actually go into
your bubble, your opponent is just going to go away. So the Bubbler’s effectiveness
as an offensive tool on the Mini Splatling is very limited. With that being said, the
Bubbler can actually be pretty good here as well. But with the Mini Splatling specifically,
I can see people being a bit more aggressive with this weapon, which means you are more
likely to share the Bubbler with your teammates as well! So I guess that kind of makes sense
on that front. Now this is definitely going to sound familiar to some of you guys but
overall: I think this kit is pretty geared towards Tower Control. The disruptor can disrupt
those that are riding on the tower to make them easier to kill. And the bubbler can protect
you on the tower, so although you can pushed it off, at least you won’t die while you’re
riding it. And even the main weapon itself can threaten
people off the tower from a pretty safe distance away. Alright, so in terms of abilities. I’m really
going to be recommending the same standard set. Of course, Run Speed Up is really great
with Splatlings in general as strafing is much more important with them as you can’t
strafe in between your shots since you will lose your charge. So having run speed up to
improve your strafing speed is great. Now with that being said, I also think Swim Speed
Up is going to be very great as well. Your positioning and your movement is going to
be very important for this weapon and swim speed up will only help with that. Of course,
we need ink management so either Ink Saver Main or Ink Recovery Up will be great. Personally,
I’ve been liking Ink Saver Main but really: it’s up to you. And the final ability I’m going to recommend
is Ink Resistance Up. Ink Resistance will definitely save your life more than once if
you’re rocking it, especially if you’re planning on playing this weapon a bit more
aggressively. Weapons like splatlings are especially vulnerable when they’re in enemy
ink, as they don’t have a reliable fast way to get out, compared to something like
splatterdashing splatterhopping. But, anyway guys, that’s all I have to say
on Splatoon’s newest weapon: the Zink Mini Splatling for today. As always guys, I’m
really excited to hear your thoughts on the weapon down in the comments section below.
And… yeah! Feel free to hit that like button and subscribe if you enjoyed and I will catch
you guys in the next one.

100 thoughts on “Splatoon Zink Mini Splatling Weapon Tour and Gameplay Nintendome ft: NWPlayer123

  1. The year is 30XX
    Squids rule the world
    A battle
    for who
    is a true kid.
    Squids murdering eachother, to hold a spot
    Cause you get freaking coins out of it.

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with you Hank. The bubbler pairs fantastically with the Zink. The Zink outrages many common shooters, so the opponent can't just nullify the bubbler by shooting at it. Else they'll get splattered. The Disruptor can slow anyone that tries to retreat. A very effective strategy with the Zink is to just pop the bubbler and start marching into enemy territory.

    I've inked 20,000p with the Zink so far. In my eyes it trumps the regular Mini.

  3. Hey look at this Nintensome this link is want im going to use for the weapon X)

  4. Okay, so I tried out this weapon not expecting much. The last weapon I saw rocking this loadout was the Tri-Slosher, and need i remind you about how sloshers and i get along (Sloshing Machine exempt)? But Splatlings and I are good buddies. Heavy and I have a nice little history together! So I figured that, like all weapons, let me give this a try and see how I feel about it after bringing it to the firing range and then onto the battlefield.

    The first thing that I noticed is that the Disruptors don't use as much ink as I thought they did. I do run Ink Saver Sub, but even without it I feel as though they aren't using a horrible amount of ink. Second thing I noticed is that the range on Heavy's little sister is a bit more than I thought it would be. It's been a while since I've used the vanilla Mini so my memory was drawing a huge blank. Third thing I noticed was the Bubbler. That thing is an all around menace when I have to face it, maybe it will be just as useful in my hands. So here we go, off onto the battlefield!

    A few hours and a good number of splats later I emerge from the battle field with my final verdict. After securing 15 straight victories and obtaining first place on my team multiple times (rare when I am in a room with all Japanese players) I am prepared to say that I think I love this weapon! I don't think anything can get me to replace Heavy in my heart, but Zink comes damn close! The Disruptors feel like a decent fit on this weapon thanks to the above average range of the main weapon and despite having to charge shots, they charge so quickly that I don't think the Bubbler is a waste at all! Once again, the main weapon's lovely range makes that a more than possible idea. I must admit, this weapon has been a more than pleasant surprise for me and I look forward to spending some more time with Heavy's little sister Zink!

    I know this was longer than my average post so thanks in advance for being patient.

  5. The bubbler is fine don't worry as you said it has the get out of jail free card … and it has the drop the soap in jail and bubble the 3 team-mates card which as in my case can turn a lose to an epic win

  6. This was a very helpful video. While the Kraken could have been useful on this, I think the Bubbler is actually the better choice. The Bubbler can give the Mini Splatling much needed moment to breathe, which is really useful with the charge time.

  7. The Splatling weapons are some of my favorites in the entire game, so you can bet I'll be using this as soon as I have some free time to play! …Even though I still can't figure out how to use the Hydra Splatling yet…

  8. Good mention about the Kracken. I do like the Kracken as i got triple kills with it before today XD but the Bubbler is a good team special so its fair enough and i like the disruptor too (i'll prob check this weapon out) =) Overall nice guide Hank and look forward to check out your next vid! :]

  9. I've been maining the Splatling deco lately and when I went to try this out the range difference made me cry. I forgot how big the range difference was between them

  10. "You may get pushed off the tower but atleast you won't die" gets pushed off and falls to the water
    Why have you betrayed me Hank?! You said I wouldn't die! ;-;

  11. Didn't know Mini Splatlings had that kind of mobility. It's not like you ever see anyone using one lol. But now that will change…….

  12. Better late than never! Finally getting this weapon after so long! I'm not big fan of splatlings but this seems to be a very effective weapon (I agree with you on the kraken part) Loved the video 😀

  13. So can't wait to get on once my connection gets stable for the night and give this lovely a try. Always loved Disruptors but haven't cared for most weapons which carry them other then the Tri-Slosher.

    Pretty much agree with you on abilities. run speed and ink resist pair really nicely for Mini Splatlings since you really want to keep strafing even if enemy fire has left you surrounded by patches of their ink. Though I'm iffy on if I'd want swim speed over some extra run speed then again that all comes down to preference lol. With that said I personally find run/swim speed feel much more useful when stacked (specially when paired with ink resist to escape enemy ink) so I'd probably be more likely to give up ink saver/recovery to stack both run and swim speed if aiming for a mixed mobility set… Actually I might try that since I probably won't be feeling as much desire to run bomb range with this set and I'm lucky enough to have a pretty decent mixed mobility set without much effort put into it ^^

    Haven't had a chance to try it yet but I actually think the bubbler should work pretty good with this set since you can quickly tag any run away opponent(s) with a Disruptor before or after you bubble (preferably before if you can get the jump on a closely packed group) then take advantage of your pretty decent range.

  14. You know the weapon shown next to the door when you are testing a weapon. Do you think it is an easter egg for a future weapkn or even class? Tell me what you think it is.

  15. if you add ink saver (sub) to that ability roster, that is MY PERFECT ability set for shooters and splatlings! Jungle hat, Tentatek Ink Resistance boots, (sorry forgot the name…) and Rockenberg swim speed up shirt (forgot the name of that as well)

  16. This is slander, the bubbler is a great fit on this weapon. You throw a disruptor and then activate your bubbler, and all your ink is refilled. Can't do that with a kraken.

    Also you can splatterdash and splatterhop with a splatling, it's harder than a regular gun and a bit slower but it gets the job done well.

  17. I fell in love with this weapon in my first game. It has already become my new main. It has the amazing stats of the mini splatling and the perfect kit of the tri-slosher, which makes it the perfect weapon of my choice.

  18. Nintendome, so I'm probably getting a Wii u with Splatoon, and I've seen many videos.
    But I have a question 
    Why does the roller sometimes just doesn't do anything?

  19. hey hank i havent watched you in a while nice weapon tour….i was wondering if u could add me to ur 3ds friend list for smash……0104 3166 3906 =D

  20. This weapon is p good in all modes imo. I also think bubbler is very good for this weapon because other weapons with bubbler tend to be short range (Ex. Splattershot Jr), so most weapons can outrange you when you bubble and just shoot at you to hold you back, but the Mini splatling has decent range, so it has a greater chance of killing opponents

  21. Hey hank, I've wanted to get into competitive play in splatoon, but I'm not sure how to enter or join in anyway. Do you have anything or any tips?

  22. I feel like the disrupters really help a lot with weapons with charge times. I've had countless of times that I saw someone, but by the time my weapon charged, they were gone.

  23. This kit turned the mini-splatling from a decent weapon to one I bring into rank. Compared to other speedster weapons, i rank it even above the Nozzle-nose in out-strafe potential. I loved this kit on the tri-slosher nouvae but found the tri-slosher's range cumbersome and just the way sloshers work slow in comparison.

    As for the problem you mentioned, I'm going to have to disagree with you heavily on the bubbler. Its true that unlike other weapons with the bubbler, you will be forced to charge your shot even if you were mid output when the bubbler activates. However, you are over looking one very simple solution to this problem. The disruptor!

    I was finding myself playing slippery squid with the enemy a lot as well, but I remembered that using your special instantly refills your ink tank. So now once i bubble or if i can right before, I hit the enemy with a disruptor as it only takes 50% of the tank, giving you three full charges to do your business. Now I'm invincible and the enemy is a sitting duck. This gives you the second you need to charge and aim, and the enemy a good second to think about how sunk they are. Its is the perfect combo and though I love to get kraken, I wouldn't change anything on this kit.

  24. I took your advice on using Ink Resistance Up with the Zink Mini Splatling and it worked like a charm. Also, I made a discovery recently: with a Splatling, 2 Damage Up Subs is all you actually need to counter 3 Defense Up Mains.

  25. I was never a big fan of Splatling weapons, until this baby came out. She is one of the weapons in my main rotation. I generally have Ink Main saver and Quick Respawn in my gear set-up to ensure I have my main ink out as long a possible and decrease he amount of time spent splatted. For this weapon, I also use the Special Duration Up ability to increase the amount of time I spend inside the bubbler. I also use Opening Gambit to help me activate my bubbler as early as a I can, it can also save me if my enemy decides to use the kraken special near me or one of my nearby allies. I'll take this weapon into Tower control soon with the abilities you suggested and test it out in private battles and squad battles. If it's working well, I'll consider using it in ranked battles, I just reached S recently and I rather not lose it too quickly.

  26. If the opponent runs away when you use the bubbler, just throw him a disruptor and watch it freak out.
    Also, the disruptor is a ultimate weapon against melee weapons: they are totally neutralised once slowed down.
    This weapon inks SO FUCKING WELL. It's almost as effective as the faster weapons, but with good range! And it doesn't use your ink tank too fast either!
    It's good against every type of opponents exept maybe for the heavyer blasters and sloshers, but the rest of the cast get's outstated once you are shooting. Yes, even VS snipers, as your range is just barely enough to rech the higher sniping spots.

    BTW… mc.nintendome.INK
    I sea what you squid there… 🙂

  27. Does anyone else notice the weird squid on the spawn pad? It's right in the beginning like 1 second into the vid

  28. @Nintendome for this weapon I put a hat with ink saver main and all 3 subs are defense up and the shirt has damage up with all 3 subs special saver and the shoe's main is super jump speed increase and all 3 subs are run speed up….is that good gear for this weapon or should I change it? If I should change what should I change it to? +Nintendome

  29. I agree on all the abilities except iru tbh I am more monopolized on the bubbler as it is a key defensive team pushing beast. maybe special savior or special prolonged special?

  30. you were right you're getting hate for saying bubbler is worse that kraken
    distruptor>bubbler reload and invincibility>free quad= easy win

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