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Splatoon Sloshing Machine Weapon Tour and Gameplay Nintendome – Featuring NWPlayer123

Alright guys what is going on? It is Hank
here from Nintendome. Today we are going to be taking a look at the latest weapon to hit
Splatoon: the Sloshing Machine. Alright so I’m sure you guys can tell that the name
Sloshing Machine is actually a play on the word Washing Machine. And I also know today
is Black Friday, however I really doubt that Sheldon is going to give any of us a deal
on the Sloshing Machine today so I hope your other Black Friday finds make up for that. Jokes aside, the Sloshing Machine is actually
a very interesting and a very unique weapon. Of course, it is a slosher, and it actually
has stats that are very similar to the regular slosher stats. It has a range of 55 so it’s
going to outrange the slosher a little bit, a handling value of 45 so your movement and
strafing is going to be a little slower on the Sloshing machine compared to the Slosher
and a damage output of 95. Now this damage output is actually a bit misleading. Although
it does outrange the regular slosher, it only does so when you fire with a direct hit. Now
the unique aspect of the sloshing machine is how it spreads ink. And that sort of plays
into this damage output confusion. So the sloshing machine actually shoots out ink in
a straight narrow path and it sort of explodes at the end of that path. It’s kind of weird
in that regard. It almost feels like a rapid blaster or even a rapid blaster pro. And it
actually functions pretty similarly to a blaster’s blast radius as well. So if you get a direct
hit, you’re going to get a 2HKO. Otherwise, you’ll be getting a 3HKO or worse. But yeah
the main weapon for the Sloshing machine is pretty unique. So right off the bat, I’m
sort of inclined to see this as a spacing, control, support weapon. Alright so let’s talk about the kit. It’s
rocking the splat bomb sub weapon and the splat bomb rush special weapon. So here’s
the deal: the splat bomb sub weapon and the splat bomb rush special weapon are both very
average. However, I think they play pretty nicely with the Sloshing machine main weapon.
If you want to play the sloshing machine defensively as a control weapon, the splat bombs and the
splat bomb rush are definitely going to come in handy for pressuring opponents that are
outside of your effective kill range and also in just capturing turf in general as the main
weapon doesn’t really do a good job of that on its own. But I definitely do not think
this is a weapon that is going to be saved by its sub weapon and special weapon. Now
I know some of you guys are annoyed because I always talk about Burst Bombs but honest-to-god,
I really feel like this weapon would have been much better had it received the burst
bomb sub weapon and the burst bomb rush special weapon. But hey. That’s JUST A THEORY… A GAME THEORY… Alright, so in terms of abilities, the #1
thing I want to recommend is damage up. So like I said before, the damage output is pretty
inconsistent so I definitely think you’re going to want to stack on a few damage up
abilities. In addition to that, I’m also going to recommend swim speed up. That really
should not be a surprise. I really think Swim Speed Up is one of the best stackable abilities
in the game right now. BUT I actually want to recommend something a bit more unique.
Guys, today I am going to recommend Bomb Range Up. Now hear me out, ok? I think if you want
to use this weapon as a defensive control weapon, the added range and versatility that
the bomb range up ability provides you will definitely come in handy. With bomb range
up on this weapon you can threaten more opponents and cover more turf: two things that the Sloshing
Machine definitely appreciates a lot. Anyway guys, that’s all I have to say on
the Sloshing machine for today. Go ahead and let me know your thoughts on this weapon down
in the comments section below. If you’re feeling extra fresh, please go ahead and splat
that like button and subscribe as well for more Splatoon videos. And.. yeah. I guess
that’s it! Thank you so much for watching.

100 thoughts on “Splatoon Sloshing Machine Weapon Tour and Gameplay Nintendome – Featuring NWPlayer123

  1. I knew from the second I saw the Slosher that it was a sort of Rapid Blaster type thing, but this is the clearest version of that parallel that I can think of. The Sloshing Machine is like a slower, much stronger Rapid Blaster that can't defy gravity like normal Blaster shots and has the splash-damage-type weaker hit throughout its travel time instead of just at its maximum range.

    The Sloshing Machine is an odd thing. When I first fired it, the first thing I noticed was that its shots are bound to gravity after a certain range. All weapons are like this, except maybe Chargers, but it's especially noticeable on the Sloshing Machine. Its shots are kinda like a giant, slower, swirlier, more-ink-efficient Burst Bomb, especially in how they just sorta drop after a bit (which is probably why this kit lacks Burst Bombs, they might be a bit redundant, though they'd certainly be interesting to have). The SM shots are good, and you can angle them up to hit foes over cover like regular Slosher shots, but sometimes you need a longer-range option, or you just need a one-shot attack, and that's where Splat Bombs and Bomb Range Ups become important. You can use them to attack far-off Chargers that otherwise cannot be hit by you, and their ink-inefficiency isn't such a problem when thrown at super-long-range like you can with a bunch of Bomb Range Ups. Additionally, Splat Bombs have their use in close combat, since you can roll them to attack close-up foes and possibly trade with them. Splat Bomb Rush is just icing on the cake, allowing you to bombard a very large area with explosions and harass enemies you wouldn't normally be able to do anything against for several seconds, which is useful.

    Like you said, the Sloshing Machine is a spacing weapon, meant to stand close to the end of its range and pepper enemies with its powerful shots or stay just outside (or inside, if you must) of the enemy's range to toss Splat Bombs at them. I disagree with you about Swim Speed Up; while it's definitely a great ability, the Sloshing Machine doesn't seem to have a use for extra swim speed as much as other abilities. Specifically, Bomb Range Up, like you said, is fantastic for this weapon, and Damage Up, also like you said, which just feels needed for a weapon like this, as well as Ink Recovery Up, which is great for recovering after you throw a Splat Bomb or just when you stop needing to shoot things for a bit, and Special Duration Up, which I feel is great for any Bomb Rush weapon since it lets you throw more free Splat Bombs. Alternatively, you could use Special Charge Up and/or Special Saver to get more frequent Bomb Rushes instead of longer ones.

    But that's just my opinion. Could be totally wrong, I dunno.

    Overall, I like the Sloshing Machine. It's really fun, though quite odd.

    Hopefully YouTube doesn't eat this comment.

  2. The sloshing machine is definitely a unique weapon. It's a blaster but the bullet has slosher physics if you know what I mean. In my opinion it definitely has a niche over other blasters and sloshers because of this. The kit all together is very nice and I am going to love watching this weapon as users finally get a hang of it.

    Great vid hank 🙂

  3. I love how energetic you have been with your latest videos! The way you showcase these weapons makes it seem like every one of them deserves a hype train. Even the comments seem more lively. And lol to your Game Theory reference XD

  4. I would actually prefer a Burst Bomb Sub and a Suction Rush Special. Burst Ruah just feels too much like actually using the sub, as you can already throw 3 with the sub.

  5. Nice Game Theory plug. =)

    I dunno. Considering the already horrible results I tend to get with sloshers I don't know how much the Sloshing Machine will change my mind. Splat Bombs and the Bomb Rush are, as stated before, average. Perhaps why I prefer the Kelp chargers over the regular Splat chargers. I like the idea of the weapon, and it makes me think that these squid kids are packing some serious muscle if they are carrying things around like fire hydrants and washing machines with so little effort. But I think I'll be sticking to my Hydra Splatling and my lovely chargers, thank you.

    BTW, all aboard the hype train for the Custom Hydra Splatling! Gonna be rocking Sprinklers and the Bubbler! Let's make some noise! =D

  6. A fire hydrant… now a washing machine on black friday… they are probably gunna make an ironing board and call it the iron splatling…lolololol

  7. I'm gonna be using my Luna Neo set for this weapon; it has bomb range up swim speed and damage up, so it's perfect already

  8. I love your videos but why are you just talking about dlc weapons? I would love to see some of the original weapons on your channel.

  9. Instead of Swim Speed, I went with Ink Recovery, but my other abilities are Damage Up and Bomb Range Up. Yeah, I agree, the Bomb Range is extremely appreciated.

  10. I think this weapon badly needs Ink Recovery Up and/or Main Save Up as you plow through your tank in no time, especially when using bombs every so often.

  11. I'm playing with this weapon right now and I've discovered that I'm quite good with it, I might actually main it! I'm usually just okay with sloshers and horrible with blasters, so I'm surprised that combination is somehow a winning one for me lol.

  12. I thin the sloshing machine is a cool but weird weapon I tried the weapon and I do like it I just don't think its my play style. Also Hank have you add me my network id is busy111

  13. Seriously that reference to game theory was lame sort your channel outOther than that great video! Keep up this new cheery tone.

  14. I can't wait for Sloshing Machine Neo because Inkzooka is always good as a long range option. If only the Neo set had burst bombs as a sub.. it'd be perfect..

  15. Which side are you going to be on in Splatfest? It's Burgers vs. Pizza, a very tough choice for me since I like both. 🙁

  16. The sloshing machine is almost OP in Splat Zones. I can't seem to find out how they always have a bomb rush ready to wipe us out and all of our hard work in the zone(s). It's so chaotic!

  17. Hey Hank, I need only a few more pieces of gear before I can begin producing videos. I was wondering if you could recommend to me a microphone as I am clueless about which ones are the best.

  18. Nice video :>! Dat sloshing machine seems cool, but it isnt the weapon i was hoping for :/.. Will u ever do ssb4 videos?

  19. i really dont understand why youd use this weapon. it still kills in 2 hits like a slosher. spreads ink about the same. doesnt go any farther than the slosher. and its harder to get kills with then the slosher. only thing i see is its subs

  20. wait…. this may be to much of a bother but can you do a video where we play together? Like a vid on its own, its ok if u say no, i know your busy :3 ^-^

  21. Yeah i agree that Burst bombs would of been cool as a sub-weapon + special but the weapon is still really fun to use none the less also these guides are awesome, keep it up! 😀

  22. Ive been testing this weapon for a while. I dont find that much use for damage up in this weapon. You will always kill with 2 hits (if one of them is direct) or 3 hits (none is direct). This will only change if your opponent use 3 defense up main which isnt that common.
    Swim speed up is really useful for running away from opponents who are better at close range.
    One of the bigger problems with this weapon is its ink consumption. I like using ink saver main to counter this (the jungle hat with 3 sub saver works great but another)
    I also find using defense up is useful to secure the 2 hits needed to splat.
    Ill try out bomb range up though 🙂

  23. Your cool man and I'm having a tough time for the Splatfest to vote. Pizza vs Pizza is the most difficult decisions to chose. I ate hamburgers on the day on my birthday. Pizza is my favorite food so it's hard to choose. 🙁

  24. My trail run with this weapon went strangely well which surprised me since my performance with slosheres and blasters is normally spotty at best. Definitely look forward to messing around with this odd little hybrid some more and hopefully getting some more over the wall direct hit splats! Those are so satisfying even if it does feel more like luck then anything else lol.

    Update: Actually just went and played a few more rounds with this and I gotta say I'm very happy it got splat bombs instead of burst. Honestly it feels a lot like your using burst bombs as a main weapon and splat bombs paired with bomb range are excellent long range pressure with great splatting potential, Throw in that bomb rush and all of sudden that safe perch over there becomes a death trap. Honestly I don't think I've consistently covered the most turf with the best kill/death count since I gave up the Dynamos after realizing just how OP they were… Though sometimes when I just want to get my splatfest rank up quick I'll still grab one XP

  25. Well, here's my honest opinion about this weapon… Its decent. If you look at the weapon itself. Now, if you compare it to the other sloshers… to me, it becomes pretty bad.

    Let's see… it outranges the tri-slosher, but the tri-slosher compensates by being able to cover a huge area, thanks to its unique ink spread. And the range difference between this and the original slosher is negligable.

    Then we have damage… this weapon's fatal flaw. Both the other sloshers needed 2 hits to KO. So does this, but the difference comes in the way the damage is done. The tri-slosher needs you to be closer, but then its unlikely that the enemy will survive, because the area the tri-slosher coves is so huge, and it could hit over walls. And the tri-slosher has the disruptors, which, if used wisely, can make it much easier to get closer to the enemy. The slosher had a good range and the same ability to hit over walls, as well as splash walls (if you use the deco version) for even more pressure. But what does the sloshing machine have? an arbitrary restriction that requires you to hit the center of mass to deal the same damage… THE SAME DAMAGE as the others, while it was MUCH easier to hit for full damage with the others. And a bad sub that's so easy to miss AND avoid, the only kills they'll ever grant you will be either lucky or bomb rush spamming.

    Likewise, its sub/sp set is bad compared to that of the other sloshers… the tri-slosher had a better sub (turning enemies into snails is way better than… what do splat bombs do, again?) and a way better special (invincibility is way better than… what do splat bombs do, again?). Same goes for the original slosher (burst bombs are always handy, and inkstrike is really good for annoying the enemy) and the new slosher deco (splash walls to slosh without interruptions and kraken to eliminate any interruption that may slip by the walls).

    This is just my opinion, of course but… for me, the only thing this weapon has is better looks than the others (they're just bland pieces of plastic… however the tri-slosher came in my favourite colour, green, so i still like it). And that's just lame, sadly. There's just no reason to use this over the other sloshers, other than just for casual fun (like the nozzlenoses).

  26. Great video Hank! You've come a long way from original somewhat slow paced videos. This one was really lively! 🙂
    I think you've successfully pierced into my subconscious because I totally plugged your videos in my latest Splatoon Let's Play and I didn't even mean to haha.

  27. I'm pretty sure the sloshing machine, despite its name, appearance and animations, is actually a blaster. It plays like a blaster and acts like a blaster, how exactly is it a slosher??

  28. lol "the theory the game THEORY" its that's just a theory, a GAME THEORY just suggestion if you use that phrase in your next vid

  29. By far the best slosher. With enough damage ups you can kill someone in one hit. It isn't constant, but it can happen. It's the only weapon with bomb rush that I really enjoy using. I played with it all day, aggressively and offensively. It's so fantastic. There is just so many ways to play it.

  30. Honestly, I believe this to be the king of sloshers. People praised the slosher for being able to take out enemies on ledges and behind walls. This takes that and makes it better. For those who can accurately get those direct hits (which sounds satisfying. It has the same sound as a fully charged charger shot.), it will pretty kill anyone who is slightly damaged. (Seriously, I got way too many one shot kills.) I want to say you're wrong about the splat bombs. Remember when I said a direct hit will kill anyone who is slightly weaker. Burst bombs are great at getting people when they get too close, but you won't be able to get that shot off. It's a huge problem if they are that close in the first place. Splat bombs help keep people away and reduce that time to kill. The splat bomb rush is the only real problem I had with it. I would have rather had an echolocator. This would have help with it's precision. Anyway, this is a devastating weapon for those who can aim it well. (One more thing, don't challenge more than one person with this thing. You will lose unless the other person is unaware.)

  31. Could we get a Squid Science video on ink saver sub? I'm curious how the ink saver sub ability affects different kinds of sub weapons. How the effect differs on a Splat Bomb, which only takes 30% of a tank compared to a Sprinkler, which takes 80% of a tank. It would be a long video but very informative I think.

  32. Hello Nintendome, I want to apologize for being offline and not letting you know I was really here anymore. What should I do to make up for you?

  33. May or may not have found an Easter Egg on Arrowana Mall. On snipe(one located behind your closed) there's a little partying creature and it was weird because I saw it for a second. if u could check this out that's be awesome!

  34. In my experience, this is the .52 Slosher. Almost every single game I've played with this (90%!!!!!!?!?), I've gotten a greater than one K/D ratio. I'm just gonna ride on it's OPness till A- until the community finds a weakness and puts it somewhere far below the power curve. LOL

  35. Hank do you think the Sloshing Machine Neo will be better than this one when it comes out? The Splat Bombs haven't been very helpful lately.

  36. As a Slosher main, this weapon has a hard time hitting opponents, especially when they are high up or Behind walls. I really don't like this weapon IMO. What about you hank?

  37. I find splat bombs are way more versatile than burst bombs, since their trajectory can be altered depending on the way they're thrown. Burst bombs are good for kills sometimes, but don't apply near enough pressure.

  38. This is my my favorite weapon, I say it is the best because it is good, lol, but that's just a that's just a theory, a really bad theory!

  39. There's nothing wrong with the bombs, but they are better off as a sub than a special. The problem with the bomb rush special is how vulnerable they leave you in any close range situation. So you honestly have to treat bomb rush like you would the killer wail or ink strike. You want to be up high and away from the action.

    Cause unleashing bomb rush in a close range situation means that you will likely be wiped while unloading all the bombs, and with the delay to the explosions it isn't hard for an enemy to get in close and finish you off minimizing your effective damage.

    On the other hand Burst Bomb Rush is instantaneous and for more effective in a melee zone. Effectively cleaning out area's while pushing enemies away from your vicinity. Making Burst Bomb Rush overall the better weapon for that "rush" aspect.

    As a sub though I actually value bombs more because they can be bounced around and ricocheted. They take more skill to land effectively, and don't have that immediate speed of burst bombs…. but the ability to bounce them around corners and into hiding enemies, as well as the ability to roll them across the ground to detonate faster or tossing them over walls in other situations makes it over more versatile.

    It's just always a shame to see a neat weapon wasted by a terrible choice in sub/special combo.

  40. 0:10 UMMMM?!?!? I actually thought it was a play on the word Slusher machine since sometimes Slusher machines have slushy that's different colors that actually makes more sense😐👌

  41. Bomb range up is one of my favorite abilities to pair with bomb rush! Personally I prefer the zoning potential of suction bombs. I love "sheparding" opponents head first into my team, and ultimately their dooom!! Mwahaha!

  42. surprisingly the extra range really helps with splat zones at the camp. With a regular slosher you cant get across but with the machine you can

  43. I really like the sloshing machine, it plays more like a blaster but were the blast isn't a sphere but a cylinder. You can even kill squids behind walls if you aim it close enough. That with the good range makes it ideal for flanking chargers from strange angles

  44. Awesome video Nintendome! question though, I know damage ups increase the blast radius of a blaster, but will it do the same for the sloshing machine? I use it as my main and this would be very helpful to know

  45. I honestly think the Sloshing Machine and its Neo variant should be buffed; their fire rates are too sluggish for my taste. If they just had a little more speed, they would make viable weapons.

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