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Splatoon 2 – How to Use Every Special Weapon

So here’s sort of how to use every Splatoon
2 Special as of version…what are we on now? 4.3.1! Also I’m going to try to keep it somewhat
brief but compact with info, and I’ll maybe eventually make a sequel with
more advanced tips for each special, however if there’s any good info I leave out,
feel free to comment it below. But before we begin, I just want to say that,
while every special is useful in its own way, it’s important not to overly rely on your
special. You don’t see this as much in Splatoon 2 as
in Splatoon 1, since the specials aren’t nearly as broken,
but it’s still sometimes there. It’s a tool, not a crutch,
and unless you’re using some super meme-y special charge gear,
you’re generally only going to be using your special for like 10-20% of each match. You know, your special isn’t your end all,
be all. You shouldn’t always activate it the instant
it’s charged, instead it’s generally better to wait until
the right time to use it, which I’ll discuss in this video.
Also remember that at the moment of activation, your special completely refills your ink tank,
so you can throw out a sub weapon then immediately activate your special for a quick refill,
or, depending on your special, if you’re in a pinch and run out of ink, you
can activate your special and keep shooting. Baller!
Run Around in a protective Hamster ball for several seconds and then at the end, it releases
a giant explosion. You can trigger the explosion early by pressing
and holding the ZR button. The shield helps protect you from some damage,
however if you take enough damage, then your final explosion will be smaller.
If you take too much damage, then your baller can completely break before it explodes. For Damage, it does 50 Damage if you run into
someone, and the explosion does 50 Splash Damage and 180 Direct Damage By default, it lasts for 6 seconds You can’t use your main or sub while in the
ball Special Power Increases the Baller’s Shield
Durability, and gives you a larger minimum damage radius Basically the Replacement for Kraken in Splatoon
1, Baller can be useful as a get-out-of-jail free card, where if you’re getting shot at
and about to die, you can activate it and stay alive, however there is a brief period
after activation before the baller fully forms where you can still take damage. 6 seconds may not sound like a long time,
but when you’re running from a baller, it’s like sex when you’re tired, it can feel like
an eternity I’M NOT A MACHINE. It only takes 2 bumps from the baller to get a kill on someone,
however you lose speed when you hit someone or it they shoot directly at you, so it can
be harder to hit the 2nd bump, but don’t give up, you’re pretty fast in your ball. It’s best to explode early if you’re able
to corner your opponent, or if you’re getting shot at and you think the baller might break
early, or if there are multiple opponents around you. You can also jump right before
you detonate to get a little bit more distance out of your baller. If someone survives your
baller explosion, they probably took at least some damage, so you can always just quick
finish them off with your main or sub weapon. In Splat Zones, if your opponent has control
you can baller into the zone and explode in the center to quickly neutralize or on some
maps even completely overtake the zone. In Tower Control, if they’re on it, you can
baller onto the tower to overtake it, but you can’t actually climb onto the tower, you’ll
have to parkour onto it from a ledge or something, or on offense you can just baller onto the
tower and just…hang out? But keep in mind you might get shot off of it. In Rainmaker you can baller and chase down
the rainmaker, you can explode to help pop the rainmaker’s shield, or you can create
a path for the Rainmaker carrier to follow In Clams, you can baller to approach the enemy
basket with a Power Clam since you’re sort of invincible and get RIGHT UP in there. If
your enemies pop your ball early, you can just dunk the clam right in there. If your
ball explodes, the game makes you drop the clam, however you can always just pick it
right back up. The other, better strategy that works better with teammates you can actually
talk to or teammates who have played the game before, is if your teammate has a Power Clam,
you can safely baller up to the basket and then your teammate can super jump to you and
dunk the clam. I do not have any footage of this because my teammates in solo queue are
dumb. For a rating, I give it a Super Monkey Ball
out of a possible, that level in Mario Galaxy where you have roll the ball using nothing
but motion controls. Yeah, fuck that level. Booyah Bomb
Launch into the air, press Booyah a couple times to charge it up, and when it’s fully
charged, you aim and throw a little ball that explodes outward in a big circle. The rest
of your team can help you charge it up faster by also pressing their booyah buttons, and
when they do so, their own special charges a little bit too. For Damage, it does 2.5 Damage per frame,
and the game runs at 60 frames per second, so you’ll die in less than a second if you’re
in it. You have 9 seconds to throw it Can’t use your Main or Sub while charging
it, and Special Power increases damage, gives
you a faster charge speed and slightly reduces time to physically go through the throwing
animation. Clearly a Dragon Ball Z rip-off, the booyah
bomb can be a great tool to suppress longer range opponents, or zone out approaching opponents.
You have a long time to throw it and a lot of armor covers you, and even if you’re the
only one pressing booyah, you can still reach booyah climax pretty fast hehe. That being
said, I recommend having an idea of where you want to throw it before you activate it. You can throw it at someone to be like “get
outta here.” Throw it in someone’s path to be like “don’t go over there.” Just
make sure you take into account their movement speed before you throw it. Booyahing back when your teammate activates
Booyah Bomb helps your teammate charge up their bomb faster, charge up your own special
a little bit, and generally raises team morale, however sending your energy does reveal your
position sort of, so if you’re trying to go for stealth and sneak up behind someone, maybe
don’t booyah back that time. You can still take damage after activating
it while you’re ascending into the air, but once you’re up there the armor around is fully
formed, and it’s a lot a lot of armor. Unless you had already taken a lot of damage before
activating it, or multiple players on the other team are shooting at you, or you take
forever to throw it, as far as all the specials go, Booyah Bomb is probably the best option
when it comes to a get out of jail free card. If your opponents get in close or if you’re
about to die, you can quick activate it and maybe be safe. Unfortunately, if you do this,
your only real option is to throw the Booyah Bomb at your feet to chase people off, or
else they’ll kill you when you land, unless you intend to sacrifice yourself to help push
the objective. If you do throw the Booyah Bomb below you, during your descent you can
also throw out a sub weapon in the confusion to maybe get a kill In Splat Zones, you can throw it at the Zone
to neutralize it or completely overtake it. In Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz,
you can throw it in the path of your allies on offense, or in the path of your opponents
on defense, just make sure you account for charging speed, movement speed, and explosion-growing
speed. For a rating, I give it a HAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Bubble Blower
You blow 3 big bubbles by pressing ZR, and then afterwards if you and/or your teammates
shoot the bubbles enough, they explode, doing damage around them. One bubble’s explosion
is often enough to trigger all 3 bubbles to explode if they’re close enough. Your opponents
can also shoot the bubbles to shrink them so they’ll be harder for you to make them
explode. However, you and your team’s shots on the bubbles have a greater effect on them
than the other team trying to shrink them. For example, if I’m shooting a bubble with
a weapon, and someone on the other team is shooting the same bubble with the same weapon,
the bubble will still eventually explode since my shots have a greater effect on the bubble.
I hope that made sense. it does half a point of damage for each frame
that your opponent touches it, and the explosion does 50 minimum Splash damage and 250 Direct
Damage. You have 8 seconds to blow the 3 bubbles and
the bubbles last for about 18 seconds when untouched, You can’t use your Main Weapon while blowing
the bubbles, but you can use your Sub, and Special Power Power increases the size
of each bubble and the blast radius of the explosion. Bubble Blower I think was intended more as
a defensive special, but it absolutely can work on offense too. On Defense, you can use
it as a distraction or a deterrent. If someone on the other team sees the bubbles floating
around, they’ll think, “oh, I ain’t goin’ over there.” This can make your opponents
hesitate to approach the objective. You can also hang out inside the bubbles to make sort
of a temporary shield around you, which can help you approach enemy territory. If you blow all 3 bubbles in a straight line,
then it’s more likely that one bubble’s burst will trigger the other 2 to expolde more than
fragile men get triggered at a Gilette Commercial. You can also use your sub weapon between blowing
each bubble to make them explode sooner, and also the shoes ability Object Shredder will
make bubbles explode much faster. In Splat Zones, you can use a double or triple
bubble explosion to over-take the zone, or blow bubbles on the other side of the zone
to make sort of a temporary wall of bubbles to prevent the other team from approaching
the zone. In Tower Control, you can use bubbles on the
tower to protect it on offense, though often the bubbles will float away from the tower
way too fast to actually be of any help, or on defense use bubbles towards the tower to
shoo people off of it. You can use bubbles in Rainmaker to defend,
or push forward,or pop the rainmaker shield, and in Clams you can stand in the bubbles
to protect your team as they throw in clams. When used at the right time, the Bubble Blower
can be really good, but sometimes it’s literally just a bunch of bubbles that do nothing. So
for a rating, I give it a Why did you think a big balloon would stop
them? Shut Up, That’s why. Ink Armor
activate it, and after 2 seconds it protects all of your alive teammates from one or 2
shots on each of them, or for about 30 damage, and there are a bunch of damage multipliers
that apply to it, but just remember if your weapon does a lot of damage, it’s 1 shot.
If your weapon does a little bit of damage, it might be 2 shots. Ink Armor does no damage, at base, it takes 2 seconds to fully form
around you and your teammates after activation, and then is active for 6 seconds You can use you main and sub weapon during
it EXCEPT during the moment you click the stick to activate it, And with Special Power, it gives you faster
deployment speed and increased duration of the actual armor. This is the replacement for Bubbler from Splatoon
1. It’s better because it always protects your whole team, not just the ones nearby,
but worse because it doesn’t protect you for a fixed amount of time, just until you get
shot once or twice, it varies with each weapon, but most of the time it’s one shot. Also,
sometimes if you take too much damage, then some of the damage will carry over to your
actual inkling’s health. So don’t think of Ink Armor as a shield, think of it as a temporary
extension of your health bar. Ink Armor can be great in a 4-player league
battle or competitive team setting, since you can use right before an offensive push
or a counter-attack to get the most out of it. However, in most other situations, it’s
not super useful. Ink Armor has the potential to save your life, however 1 extra hit before
you die most of the time won’t be that much of a game-changer. Plus, ink armor takes 2
seconds to actually form up post-activation, so it’s not even a good get-out-of-jail free
card. Plus PLUS, you briefly stop shooting at the
moment of activation, so if both of you are shooting at each other, it may be better to
just keep shooting at them and get a trade, rather than activating armor and dying before
it even forms. One method with Armor that MIGHT work if you’re
already getting shot at, would be to activate it, reposition, wait until it’s fully active,
then re-engage. I dunno, it might work. That being said, you never really know exactly
what situation your teammates will be in at any given point, so maybe they just throw
em some Ink Armor and maybe help them out Ink Armor is the fastest free ink tank refill
in the entire game, so if you’re using an Ink-Hungry weapon like the Gold Dynamo, you
can get to the bottom of your tank, trigger ink armor and then resume throwing ink. Keep in mind though that your eyes glow like
a Nargacuga when ink armor is active, even when hiding in ink, so enemies will be able
to track your team slightly better with the armor active. I honestly think Ink Armor is a little overrated,
but it does have its uses. People think it’s a great shield, but it might not protect you
as well as you think. So out of a possible Using 2 condoms, (don’t do this), I give it
an undercover brella. Inkjet
Launch into the air on a jet-pack, then shoot at enemies from the sky with ZR. Press the
B button to get a little boosty every few moments. For Damage, it does 30 to 50 splash damage,
120 direct damage, and the exhaust spray below you does .5 damage/frame At base it lasts 7.5 seconds, You can’t use Main or Sub during it, and Special Power increases duration of the
jet and increases blast radius of the shots The Inkjet turns you into a sitting, or hovering,
duck, but with a grenade launcher. Your shots don’t have infinite range, but the range is
still pretty long. It’s easy to get shot, but your shots are pretty good too. It’s almost
like you’re playing a blaster in that you want to get directs with your shots, but I
mean, even if you don’t or can’t get direct hits (like me), it generally takes 3 hits
to get a kill. You opponents will either do one of 2 things
when you activate Inkjet. Attempt to transform into an anti-aircraft tank, or GET THE FUCK
OUTTA THERE. When someone takes out an inkjet, they feel like Mr. Big Dick. You draw out
the enemy’s aggro like Reyn from Xenoblade, the best Xenoblade. 3 major tips I have with it is to a) activate
it from a safe or hidden spot, like behind a wall or on top of a ledge or something b)
if you use the shoes ability Drop Roller, or if you’re using Dualies, you can roll when
you land after the inkjet and have a better chance of surviving if someone is trying to
camp your spot, and c) I recommend constantly mashing the B button to get the little boosties
to make yourself harder to hit. For a Rating, I give the Inkjet a Badum out of a possible Ba-da Inkstorm
Activate it to pick up the…weather machine(?), then throw it with the Right shoulder button.
When it makes contact with something, a Ludicolo somewhere off-screen uses rain dance and a
big rain cloud is shot up into the sky, and said cloud rains down ink and moves across
the map for a little bit, painting turf like Jackson Pollock would and doing chip damage
to anyone on the other team underneath it At Base, it lasts for 8 seconds Can’t use your Main or Sub until after throw
the weather machine, and Special Power increases duration and throw
range Inkstorm is helpful on both offense and defense
by doing chip damage and impeding your opponent’s movement. Worst case scenario, people just go around
it, so throw it in a way to make it inconvenient for them to have to go around. Also, if someone
long-range on the other team is just hanging out on a point that you can’t reach, you can
throw it them to make them leave at least temporarily. In Splat Zones, you can use it to neutralize
or retake the zone on defense, or to hinder people’s approach on offense. In Tower Control,
you can throw the acid rain at the tower to make people fuck off. In Rainmaker and Clams,
it helps with pushing forward on offense and preventing pushes on defense. Inkstorm works
like a more gradual Booyah Bomb. Not really a ton of nuance here, it’s a big
rain cloud. For a rating, I give it a “I make it rain” Splashdown Launch into the air for a second, then slam
back down covering the area in ink and damaging anyone in the area. You can also use it at
the end of a super jump, and in this instance it actually activates faster and gives people
less time to react For Damage, it does 55-70 Splash Damage and
180 Direct Damage Can’t use Main or Sub until after the Slam, and Special Power increases range of lethal
damage So Splashdown seems like it would be a good
get-out-of-jail free card…does everyone know what I mean by that by the way? I probably
should have said this earlier, but by get-out-of-jail free card I mean that if you’re getting shot
at and about to die, you can activate your special and get away. So Splashdown seems
like it would be ideal for that, and in the right situation, like trapping someone in
a corner, or if you’re lucky, then it definitely can be that. Splashdown also gets rid of any
bombs in the explosion area, so there’s that. However, at higher levels of play, most players
will have the reaction time or muscle memory to either get outside of the one-hit KO range
of the splashdown and only take partial damage, or worse, kill you while you’re up in the
air before you’re able to slam. It’s like a tinder relationship. It doesn’t last for
very long, but like, way longer than it should’ve been. So, the better option may seem like only using
it at the end of a super jump. It activates faster and you’ll be safe. Plus you can bait
people in because they’ll see your super jump ring and they’ll be like, “hell yeah, easy
kill,” and then you’ll dunk all of them instead. However, if you do this more than
once, people absolutely will begin to expect it. But this kind of begs the question: when
would this ever be the best option? Your first thought may be, “oh, I can recharge
it up quick after respawing and then jump back into the action!” And some weapons
may be able to charge it up quickly, especially if you’re using Special Charge and/or Special
Saver. But remember what I said at the very beginning of this video about not overly relying
on your special? Your teammates are probably better off with you just getting back into
the action as fast as possible so that they’re not at a numbers disadvantage, rather than
charging up your special by yourself in the corner for 10 to 20 seconds, then jumping
back in. It’s like, “thanks for the one Splashdown, but why weren’t you here this
whole time?” This applies to every special, not just Splashdown. Newer players will think it’s OP, but more
experienced players will realize that it’s not that great. At least it’s the best special
in Salmon Run. So for a rating, I give Splashdown a “Come on and Slam” out of a possible “and
Welcome to the J-” Sting Ray fires a big-ass laser of death across the
entire map. If you’re not actively shooting it, you can see your enemies through walls
like they’ve been covered in thermal ink. The laser starts starts small, then after
half a second gets big, just like like what happened to every weeaboo’s dick when they
reached this part in Xenoblade 2. It does 1.8 Damage per frame, which means
it’ll kill you in slightly less than 1 second At base, it lasts for 7.75 seconds Can’t use your Main or Sub while it’s activated and Special Power gives increased duration
and, what does this say? “negates targets use of cold-blooded to hide behind close-up
walls,” whatever that is supposed to mean There’s not a ton of nuance here, it’s a big
death ray, use it to get free kills across the map. The further back you use it, the
more small adjustments to aiming it will cause big adjustments to the ray on the other side
of the map, so don’t forget about your angular velocity. People will try to juke you out,
so have an idea of where the other team is before activating it. You’re very vulnerable when you’re shooting
it, but since it covers, you know, THE WHOLE MAP, you can use it safely from near your
spawn and be fine. You can no longer use it inside your spawn, but you can still super
jump back to spawn, use it next to spawn and be safe. Sting Ray is better on skinnier maps like
Arowana Mall and Port Mackerel, but honestly it’s good on every map. Even if you don’t
necessarily get kills with it, a giant cum-lance being wagged across the map is still pretty
good at applying lots of pressure on the other team. Sting Ray is especially good in Tower Control
defense since you can shoot it at the tower and your opponents have no choice but to dismount.
In fact it’s so good to the point where often times tower control is almost unplayable just
due to the constant Ray spam. Sting Ray can also be really good in Rainmaker
since you can also slice up the rainmaker carrier from across the map, pop the shield
from a distance, or give the carrier on your team some really good cover fire. I don’t know if Sting Ray can currently be
considered broken, but there’s no denying it’s really good. Remember what I said about
not overly relying on your special? Yeah, you can forget about that for Sting Ray. A
some players even do, to the point where a handful of players can be considered “Sting
Ray Mains” since all they do during a map is charge Sting Ray and spam Sting Ray. Kind
of takes the fun out of the game for everyone else, but you do you I guess. For a rating, I give the Sting Ray a Tenta Missiles
Show the location of the other team, locks onto however many you get in the circle at
once, then fires a bunch of small missiles at them. If you only lock onto 1 person, if
fires 10 missiles at just them, If you target 2 people, it fires 5 at each of them, and
3 or more people, it launches 4 missiles at each person. You can also target the rainmaker
shield. For Damage, it does 30 Splash and 150 Damage
for a Direct Hit, however it’s a really small hitbox to get a one hit KO. Like, your opponent
has to straight-up be REALLY unlucky. You have 10 seconds to aim, and it launches
the missiles pretty quick, and fires faster if you lock onto fewer targets Can’t use your Main, or Sub while aiming,
but you can swim around and Special Power Increases size of missiles,
and also increases turf inked by missiles that hit the ground, which, like, ok, I guess Tenta Missiles are…well they’re not the
best, but I do think that they’re a little bit underrated. A lot of players rate specials
purely on “how easily can it get me free kills,” but I think there’s more to special
weapons than just that, and I’d say Tenta Missiles are more of a tactical special than
anything else. Before you fire it, you can see everyone’s
location on the other team. With this info, you fire the missiles and then make a plan
of attack and go into slayer mode. I can see that wouldn’t be a crazy-useful ability in
a team-setting with voice chat, since, you know, call-outs exist, but if playing solo,
like most people do, then it can be really useful. Also, if you lock onto someone, you
can see their location even if they’re hiding in the ink as long as they’re onscreen, until
the missiles come down. Targeting 1 target can be really good since
10 missiles coming down all at once can be pretty tough to dodge. Also targeting multiple
targets can be good since sometimes when fleeing their own missles, people will run into missiles
intended for the other person. In addition, if you’re using a shorter range
weapon, Tenta Missiles can apply pressure to longer range weapons, at least, temporarily.
Tenta Missles take a random amount of time to reach their target, so that uncertainty
can cause players to have to prioritize dodging for a few seconds, which gives you some time
to do what you gotta do. But that’s not all! Tenta Missiles are also
the best special for countering Sting Ray. I mean, it’s not a hard counter, but if you
fire missiles at someone as soon as they started using Sting Ray, they won’t be able to use
it for nearly as long. Tenta Missiles can also be very effective
in Tower Control, since locking onto anyone on or near the tower will make them have to
leave it. If a weapon you want to use has Tenta Missiles, don’t automatically sleep
on it, Missiles can be really effective in the right situations. I’ve played in matches
before where everyone on the other team had missiles as special, and they did staggered
launches, so I was basically being targeted by missiles for the entire time, and it was
miserable. So for a rating I give it a, I dunno, a hawkeye.
You know, not as bad as you think, maybe he’ll do something cool in Endgame. Ultra Stamp
It’s a big hammer. Press ZR to swing it once, or hold ZR to run around wacking things with
it. You can also jump and swing it in mid-air. You can throw the hammer at any point with
the R Button, but the special will end when you do that. For Damage, the Stamp does 30-40 Splash, 100
Direct Damage, and the Throw does 30-60 Splash, 120 Direct It lasts for 9 seconds as base, Can’t use Main or Sub during it, and Special Power increases duration of the
Special. So you can use the pound mode to ride the
hammer into enemy territory, and you have some protection in the front, but you’re vulnerable
from the sides and behind, so watch out for that. Just like when you’re in the bedroom,
you can’t turn very sharp while pounding it, think of it like you’re on train tracks, all
aboard the Pain Train! Going all “banana slamma” can possibly be helpful forging paths Clams
and Rainmaker. I recommend always throwing the hammer at
some point before the special expires. It can attack enemies way outside your range,
and if nothing else, it makes for a good distraction. If you throw it close up and only do partial
damage, you can follow up and get a quick kill. After activating the special, you can’t
throw it at someone until after a brief pause, so if you activate behind cover, and find
your target then “They’ll never see you comin'” So yeah, always throw the hammer, It’s better
when thrown than when it wielded in melee combat. For a rating, out of a possible Stormbreaker
from Infinity War, I give it a Tomahawk, from Fire Emblem Bomb Launcher
Throw a bunch of bombs. You can throw each bomb farther by holding down the R button
then releasing it, but that means you have less time to throw more bombs. For Damage, each bomb does regular bomb damage,
watch my how 2 sub 2 video for how much damage damage that actually is Lasts for 6 seconds, which means you’ll be
able to throw a maximum of 11 bombs for splat, suction, autobombs, 12 curling bombs, or 16
burst bombs You can’t use your regular sub weapon during
it, but you can fire your main weapon and Special Power increases duration, which
lets you throw more bombs. All 5 bomb launchers are good at map control
and applying pressure on the other team. This is also the only special weapon where you
can also use your main weapon during it, so take advantage of that. Also if you’re wearing
any sub-weapon-related abilities, the bombs thrown from the launcher are NOT effected
by those abilities. You can also extend the launcher by 1 exactly
bomb if you happen to be using a weapon that also has a bomb as its sub weapon like the
Sorella Brella, by throwing out one bomb over your own and then activating the bomb launcher. All 5 launchers can be good in the right situation,
but unlike people, they’re not all created equal. I don’t know if there will be weapons
in the future with Fizzy Bomb Launcher or Torpedo Launcher (probably not until Splatoon
3), so I’ll just talk about the 5 that currently are in the game. Splat Bomb Rush is the best one of the 5.
The bombs detonate fast enough to get kills in their range, and they cover a lot of area.
With this one, Suction Bomb Rush, and Autobomb Launcher, I recommend throwing 1 or 2 near
your feet so that if someone rushes you in an effort to cut off your bomb launcher early,
they’ll die too. Suction Bomb Rush is the next best one. It’s
easier for your enemies to dodge, since suction bombs take longer to explode than Splat Bombs,
however they have a larger explosion radius so it’s better for overall suppression and
map control. Autobomb Rush is…ok? What often happens
with it is that the chickens lock onto someone and follow them, but then they all end up
exploding in the same spot. It’s easy to dodge and is mostly useful for annoying the other
team. Throw them near statue players and they’ll be unable to do much of anything until it’s
over. It’s hard to rate Burst Bomb Rush since it’s
only on…1 weapon, being the Bamboozler, but you can activate it to greatly increase
the kill potential of it. Getting pestered by a whole bunch of burst bombs, or shooting
a full charge bambo shot once, then following up with 1 or 2 burst bombs, or vice-versa,
can be a good way of getting 1 or 2 quick kills on a weapon that otherwise sometimes
struggles with kill-confims. And Curling Bomb Rush is…honestly not too
great. Might be the worst special in the entire game, but I’m sure that’s up for debate, and
Aerospray mains will get mad at me for saying that. It’s super easy to dodge, and honestly
is only decent at covering turf. It’s just like…look them. There they go, covering
turf and nothing else. So for a rating of all 5 Bomb Launchers, I
give them…I don’t know, fuckinnnn…Power Rangers. Some Rangers are better than others,
but all of them can get the job done. That’s it, video’s over.

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  1. Thanks for watching! This video has Closed Captioning in case I'm hard to hear in some sections. I'm not used to talking so fast, but I didn't want the video to be an hour long either. Feel free to comment if you have any tips for any special.

    And also, if you have a question for the 10K sub special, then either reply to THIS comment with a question, or reply to my pinned tweet on my twitter (@CptAstro). This will probably be the only Q/A I ever do, and Twitter Questions will take precedent over YouTube Comments, but I'm still going to try to answer every question regardless.

  2. In ranked, all I do is build up my Tenta Missiles and annoy the other team. I get like, 7-8 specials off per game usually. Somehow this strat got me to the upper levels of rank X.

  3. pro tip for tenta missiles: use them in splat zones while the other team is dominating the zone(s). while the other team will almost always run from the zone(s) to avoid coverage, their only options are to either leave the zone or give your team a chance to neutralize or take over the zone(s). i feel like this wouldn't work in higher level play (read: anything above c rank) but it works pretty well for me so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. I find curling Bomb rush to be useful for things like Rainmaker or Clam Blitz especially with the Tenta Sorella Brella for both offense and defense. You can completely control a lane while adding pressure and keeping your teammates protected. I like to deploy the Brella first into the lane then immediately follow with the launcher to slowly advance through the lane. I find this tactic especially useful for maps that have lanes near the bases such as Camp Triggerfish, Port Mackerel, and even Ancho-V Games.


  6. Booyah Bomb
    What it looks like: Haha, nobody could ever splat even the noobiest of noobs with that wimpy little explosion!
    What it feels like: I would like to present to you, Inkstrike 2.0, the newest version of Inkstrike.

  7. Everytime I used the Splatdown off of the top of the roof of Shellendorf institute I literally feel like God just retired then promoted me to god

  8. The ultra stamp is the best because You can crush your opponents to the ground and ink up the turf where they were CRUSHED

  9. Recommended: make all of your abilities (including sub) special weapon charge up. Then make sure that your special is either:

    Tenta Missiles
    Some kind of bomb launcher
    Sting Ray

    Have fun 🙂

  10. For the Booyah Bomb, I'm not sure if you notice, but you're missing the Aerospray PG. But maybe it was before that.

  11. As someone who was a bamboozler main in 1 I don't understand all the hate they get :/
    I'll admit I liked the kit I had in 1 more than the one I have now, having burst bomb sub and inkstrike special, but I still have a blast playing it in main most of the time. I think it's easier if you think about playing it in a different way. It's like the flingza roller of chargers. Not gameplay wise but more 'You gotta play it differently' wise.

  12. I'm a nzap main (( most of the times unless I decide that tri slosher is better in that lobby))
    And I copied this really memey special charge and power up outfit and basically I'm as annoying as possible to the other team. It's the true power of tenta missels which is the best special in my opinion in ranked battles and such. But like hey I'm doing good for random team matches if only my teammates would help pressure ppl too 😥

  13. Personally, I love Tenta Missiles on Tower Control, mostly cause it's a nice way to pressure the opposing team off the Tower or they die. Same is easily said for Sting Ray, but I find Tenta Missiles easier to get off quickly than Sting Ray, cause while Sting Ray is good for keeping the opposing team off the Tower, Tenta Missiles I feel is good for quickly getting them off it in between Sting Rays.

  14. If you're using Booyah Bomb, be aware that some weapons like Splatlings, Glooga Dualies, .96 Gal and MPU Splattershot pro can often deal enough damage quickly enough to break the shield. If the other team has these, they can sometimes solo your armour so be quick.

  15. The soda slosher also has burst bomb launcher the bamboozler isn't actually the only one that has it. (Or was the soda slosher not out then?)

  16. The part about it refilling your ink, so you should use your sub before using it….

    I’ve been doing that since I got the game lol

  17. I like to start off the match by charging up a splash as quickly as possible, then jump to a teammate in the middle of the enemy. hoping that there are enemies around them.

  18. Curling bomb launcher is really good and just as good as the other bomb launchers, sometimes even better. its really good at pushing and easy to cover turf with because of the trail it leaves, its probably my favorite bomb launcher special

    Jk i main tenta brella not aerospray

  19. As an Aerospray main…
    I am not mad, I do know what you mean with the curling bomb special.
    However let me add something here:
    It is quite a good special to cause confusion to the enemy if you have a wall nearby. I got some very creative kills by firing at different directions which the enemy does not suspect.
    You can even continuously fire while moving to the very left/right and then hide behind one of the bombs to get a pretty easy kill while assaulting in (I do recommend using Ninja Squid for that tactic).
    You can also use the curling bomb special as a quick form of transportation and in some rare cases as a last minute saver (or "get out of jail card").
    I mostly use the special for one to cut of possible ways for the enemy to retreat and as a sort of supporting attack, as I mostly fire bombs from a distance to then close in.
    There are better options for sure, but it is not completely bad; you can get quite offensive or defensive with it. Guess the only drawback is with chargers

  20. I'm hella late to this, but I feel like I should mention that you don't have to evacuate the tower if you get targeted by missiles. Unless you're at a checkpoint, the tower will just keep moving and dodge them for you

  21. Well I use the Ultra Stamp to regain the zone, to tell someone get out my way, or just throw it to kill them.

  22. Very irrelevant, but there's nothing fragile about a man getting mad at an ad that literally hates men. Dumb and unfunny joke

  23. Baller=Kraken
    Tenta Missiles=Inkstrike
    Bomb Launchers=Bomb Rush
    Sting Ray=Killer Wail
    Ink Armor=Bubbler
    Echolocator never got a Counterpart
    Splashdown is sorta similar to Inkstrike
    the Inkstorm, Bubble Blower, Booyah Bomb and Ultra Stamp don't have a counterpart in OG Splatoon

  24. It’s ok but just use 1/10 for crying out loud like you expect every one to understand all the references and even if that did it would be like saying I give it a cat out of a dog then to be like so is the cat better or the dog and how far apart are that are there outher anamals in between are thay right next to each other like I came here to know how to use specials better not to see a bunch of random references mashed together with a little splatoon in between

  25. Here’s a tip for inkjet.

    If you do a boost and duck into the ink, you can immediately boost again after

  26. Inkjet tip:
    People try to shoot you. Spamming B doesn't always help. If you are getting shot at, turn into a Squid. It helped me many times.

  27. Ever wanted to make your own Lego shorts? Well, now you can! With the products being sold on my market, you can create anything from the Lego ad commercials by Wilfilm to the Lego Movie by Animal Logic using the characters and Lego shaders provided at my online store.

  28. Baller: "Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', WHA-?"
    Booyah Bomb: People only use it to be Booyah'd back and kill Superjumpers like using Killer Wail on only one Superjumping person.
    Bubble Blower: Laughing Its a terrible special!
    Ink Armor: B O N E L E S S (Literally)
    Inkjet: All fun and games until theres a Japanese Charger Main. (The Human Aimbot)
    Ink Storm: It's raining *Woomy!*, H A L L E L U J A!
    Splashdown: 1: Use it as a panic button. 2: Spamming superjump until ONE person tries to jump-camp you.
    Sting Ray: Ranked: Usefull. Turf War: S W E E T R A V E P A R T Y!
    Tenta Missiles: "Oh, you want to swim from the Missiles? How about I leave a trail of Missiles for you~?"
    Ultra Stamp: All fun and games until you fall off the edge from getting too trigger happy. Y e e t.
    Burst Bomb Launcher: There is a reason why it's only on two weapons, with two words: BULL, SHIT.

  29. Special weapon ranked (by me) :

    1) Booyah bomb
    2) Tenta-missiles
    3) Ultra Stamp
    4) Ink Storm
    5) Bomb launcher : auto-bombs
    6) Baller
    7) Sting ray
    8) Blubber
    9) Inkjet
    10) Ink armor
    11)Bomb launcher : burst bombs
    12) Bomb launcher : splat bombs
    13) Bomb launcher : suction bombs
    14) Bomb launcher : curling bombs

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