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Sphinx Standard and Compact Duty Pistol Overview

– Hey guys, Alex and Patrick here and we’re back out of the ranch with these Sphinx SDP Duty
and this Sphinx SDP Standard. – You know, this is the one I’ve been excited about for a long time. When I shoot a pistol, I generally want a full-sized pistol because I shoot for recreation,
I shoot it long distances and back in the day, I used
to shoot in competitions, so I guess I’m more
comfortable with a large gun. Patrick and I both have the SDP Compacts. I believe you carry the SDP Compacts.
– [Patrick] Yeah, I do, I do. I carry the Compact and this is the Duty, which has got the full-sized grip on it. – You know, these are
remarkably well-made pistols. The fit and finish is great. Like I said, I’ve always
been looking forward to the full-sized to hit the market. I’m glad it’s finally getting there, so. – Yeah, no. I’m really excited to go ahead
and get behind the Standard. This one’s pretty cool but that
one’s really got me excited. – I’d say so. – Alright, let’s get to shooting. – Let’s do it. (gun fires) – Alright guys, so I’m going
to give the SDP Standard a go. See how it goes in double action. (gun fires once) Ah god, that’s good. (gun fires) (chuckles) Alright, Chris might not
be getting this one back. – Alright guys, now it’s my
turn with the SDP Standard. I’m going to try it one-handed
as if I’m bullseye shooting. (gun cocks) (gun fires) Really nice, great recoil impulse. Feels tight. It’s like shooting a CZ 75. It’s nice and tightened up. Everything I’d want out of a
gun like this realistically. (gun cocks) (gun fires) – Alright, one shoot is
just as good as the Standard but it’s just a little
bit more concealable with that shorter barrel
for short guys like myself. – Alright, guys. We’re going to shoot both
handguns side by side. See who’s the better
shot, once and for all. (Patrick laughs) (guns cock) (guns fire) – I thought it’s not a race? – It’s not a race. – Oh. – Alright guys, so between us, we probably have at
least, what do you think, 4000 rounds?
– [Patrick} Yeah, probably. – We both have the Compacts. We really enjoy them like we said and I’m going to be honest with you. I really like the Standard. I wish they had some
kind of trade-in program where I could trade up
to the bigger pistol but I’m just as happy having both. – Yeah, no, I would be happy. I’m happy with having both. I always want more guns. I want the Subcompact too. – Sure. I do like the tan coating
on this gun as well. – See, I’m a fan of glossy black. – Sure. Realistically, guys, these
are fantastically accurate. We did some good shooting today and I shot fantastically with it. I was on point. It doesn’t happen very
often with me and pistols. I really a love-hate
relationship with handguns. Patrick shoots them a lot more but I picked these guns up today and I was just doing very well. – It’s alright. I mean, I still won that
competition earlier. (bell dings) – Whatever, anyways. These are quality pistols. The SDP Standard. Look for it on the market soon. I’ll put the MSRP right here and I’ll put the MSRP
of this guy right here. – Yeah, I think they’re all about the same and you guys should take a look into getting one of these things. If you like CZ 75s, this
just does everything better. – I would equate the CZ 75s as maybe an off-the-line Suburban and these guns are definitely Cadillac. – Yes. – So with that said, we like
to thank Ventura Munitions for helping us out with the
ammunition cost and our videos, and we would like to
thank you for watching. We’ll see you next time. Hey guys, it’s Alex C with TFBTV again. If you like that video, why not do us a favor and check out our sponsor
Ventura Munitions. They really are a great
company and without them, videos like this would not be possible. Click the link in the description. Best place to buy ammo online.

57 thoughts on “Sphinx Standard and Compact Duty Pistol Overview

  1. Aren't they just copies of CZs P-07 and P-09? How come 1000$ msrp when the CZ are obviously better and somehow CHEAPER?! ~600-700 msrp for these as far as I know.

  2. So, for all the short bus riders who think these are expensive compared to a standard CZ, these are more inline of what you would get from the CZ Custom shop, go check out the prices from there.

  3. Is there any meaning of TFB? I'm a subscriber but I don't log in youtube using the work computer. Every time I try to get into the channel, I type FTB, TFV, BFV, or whatever combination. TFB is really hard to remember as the sounds are easy to mess up.

  4. you guys really ought to check out the Grand Power P1 and K100. From what I gather theyre amazing weapons and are also very affordable.

  5. Has anyone watched one of these videos with a handgun yet where the little guy hasn't stuck his hand in front of the muzzle like 5 times?

  6. I was lucky enough to find one at close quarters tactical and rent it for 30 minutes. It feels good and shoots nice, and it's built like a Swiss watch.

  7. The P226 clone from Arex will probably blow this thing out of the water when the first import batches show up. CNC-built for only $50 more than a Glock 19.

  8. I think some of the negative nancies are forgetting that Sphinx has been making competition grade pistols for decades. Yes, they are licensed to use the CZ-75 design, but if you think that all you get for that money is just an expensive clone, you're kidding yourselves. Sphinx pistols aren't like Cadillac Escalade EXTs (which were rebadged Chevy Avalanches with better interiors & trim). They are seriously nice, extremely well made pistols.

  9. Wish somebody would put the Sphinx SDP standard, the CZ P-09 and any other polymer CZ in a Ransom Rest and try low, medium and high grade ammo. The best gun reviews have to have machine accuracy testing as a baseline reference. Then have a man and woman use the guns on some steel match stages. Naturally the finally stage of any great review should be sitting around on the couch fondling the objects of our desires, and endlessly debating their value and place in the gun world. Ahh…, if I were king there would be a law requiring such rigor for something as important as firearm quality.

  10. Any idea when the standards are gonna ship?? Been waiting for the standard for a while.

    I'd also really like it if they offered one with a safety instead of the decocker but that might be asking for too much.

  11. I got the shot the compact before, but not the full size. I am sure they are very similar. I liked it. The only problem I had was I had a bit of trouble getting a hold of the slide. I find that true about the CZ as well. It is just a product of the smaller slide. I do not own one because I have plenty of pistols that are almost as good that cost a lot less. I do see where they high price tag comes from though. Very tight fit and finish and the trigger is really smooth.

  12. so hard to spend 1000 bucks on a hand gun when u can buy a used glock or m&p for a quarter of that price and get same accuracy and perfect function with more and easier to come by mags

  13. I love the sound quality in your videos. The guns sound so impressive and powerful, not overly distorted like in other videos.

    We can tell that you use proper sound recording equipment to record these beauties, and that doesn't go unoticed, I can assure you!

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Its an ugly gun and I think if I was gonna have an ugly 9mm ill just go ahead and get a Glock for $500, or a Diamondback 9mm for $350 for compact. Only pistols id ever spend $1K on would be hand cannons.

  15. Man. I feel like such a dope listening to all this. The technical side of guns seems so fascinating, and I don't know squat about it, haha.

  16. After 2 months of use my SDP broken the trigger spring (unacceptable); i have been unable to get the spare spring from Sphinx (in Italy)…

    Fixed it with a Tanfoglio spring; sold the gun…

    Sphinx… Never again!

  17. the sdp compact is pure butter and shoots like a dream. What I want to know is how you got a standard size one because no one has them. I want the standard version really bad please advise!!!

  18. Pointless video. No in-depth information. Also Bullshit. There are some things better on Sphinx(like barrel locking system), others are better on CZ – solid frame, IMHO. Many IPSC shooters reported "lower" part of the frame coming loose "under rigors of competition". Shpinx3000 was a great pistol – no longer produced. Instead they pushed "semi-custom" SDP series on the market.
    Shot 600 of 9x19mm through SDP compact. Not impressed at all. Single action is good. Double action is just horrific. Stacking up, and bottoms-out. FTFs. Called them, basically, no spare parts (have to send in for even minor repairs that could be DIY, had spare parts been sold, no alternative sights, etc… You are stuck with what you got, and totally dependent on them if anything goes wrong.

  19. You guys needed to mention name of the one of your sponsors, that's why you made this video. None information, just zero. Where in the US, for example could I buy a standard Sphinx SDP you brag about?

  20. Can you tell me where to purchase the standard model? I'm looking on, " Gunbroker" and am not finding any.   Thanks!

  21. Any chance of the standard ever coming to market? It's been over a year now sense this video and still no standard in sight.

  22. I can't found info about that pistols any were, so if somebody provide to me info about SDP would be nice, and my questing is: if the magazine holds 10 rounds is it a single stock or not, I see all different numbers 10, 15, 17, 19. Any body please!!!

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