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Specialist Firearms Training

My name is James Leon. I am the owner and
director of Specialist Firearms Training. an innovative new company whose concept
has been designed to instruct the firearms operator in dynamic movement
behind the gun Without any compromise to the shooting accuracy Or operational safety of the firearms operator The fast movement of your body mechanics and weapon manipulation Required under gun fire stress, are paramount to win the fight Being dynamic with your skill set, whatever your level of training Is crucial for success, if faced with that imminent threat Specialist Firearms Training teaches the necessary fitness discipline To enable firearms operators to operationally be effective within disruptive environments The benefits are enhanced development of your movement Your balance, the overall improvement of your shooting speed and your coordination Being dynamic, having good bio metrics, good body mechanics, being fit All these things come together as a package There is no set tactics for one situation. I always cater for the skill set of the individual All training is not created equal

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