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Special Price: CM9 Gen 2 Pistol 9x19mm ​By Sarsilmaz Arms

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Wednesday, May 17th, and we have
a fantastic deal for you today. I know I say that a lot, but this one is extra
special. We’ve got something that we can bring to you
way below market value. I think it’s going to be an incredible deal,
so we’re going to jump right in and tell you about it. Dylan’s running the camera. Dylan, come in a little closer and let’s tell
the people the story on these incredible little CM9 combat master pistols. These are the CM9 gen twos, all the bells
and whistles on them. 9MM, high capacity, mid-sized pistol, polymer
frame with a steel slide, lots of stainless steel there. These are based on the CZ75. But before I tell you more about the pistol,
let me tell you about the deal and why this is such an incredible deal at this price point. Back in January at the shot show, all the
industry does a lot of their buying early in the year when they have the trade shows. We saw these pistols at shot show, at the
importer’s booth. We made a deal for them at that time, it was
a shot show special. We purchased these – I’ll tell you our cost
– we purchased these at that time at $249.99. Subsequently, we came back, we ran them in
some e-blasts, had them on our site, and we sold them anywhere from $289-$299, did very
well with them. They’re certainly well worth that cost. A lot of people bought them at the $300 price
point, everybody seemed to love them. And then we ran out and for a while were not
able to get any more. So we’ve actually been out of these on the
site for a while. Recently, the importers came back to us, they
said, “We saw how you marketed those first pistols. We have a deal for you. We’re going to allow you to do some inventory
liquidation for us.” And they gave us a fantastic price on this
pistol. For a limited time, while we have the quantities,
we’re going to be able to offer you at the buyer level exactly the same price that we
were paying at distributor level on the shot show special. For a very limited time, you can purchase
this very fine hand gun with all the [inaudible 00:02:11] that come with it for only $249.99. Folks, that’s distributor direct, as a buyer,
directly to you. In fact, it’s a very deep distributor price
point on this particular pistol – $249.99. I’m very excited about it, we don’t get deals
like this often, so I would encourage you to take advantage of it. Now Dylan, having said that, come on in even
closer and let’s show the folks what they’re getting. As I said, this is the CM9 combat master by
Sarsilmaz. Sarsilmaz is one of the oldest and most respected
handgun makers out of Turkey. They’re known the world over for their quality. This gun is certainly no exception. The pistol comes with two 17 round drop-free
mags. So you have 17 rounds of firepower in a moderately
sized handgun. Let’s see, I’ve got the mag out, so we’re
going to have to lock the slide open. This handgun is based on the CZ75, so it has
the tilt type barrel action, all types of nice features, beautiful cock and lock ambidextrous
safety, really nice adjustable sights as you can see there. The slide is very smooth and locks up tight. We put the mag back in it, never like to show
a handgun without the mag. Come back in a little closer again, Dylan. This is a feature I really like. It has an ambidextrous cock and lock safety. A see red, shoot dead cock and lock safety. Folks, I really like this pistol for a number
of reasons. I even like it as a concealed carry handgun. Now, if you have a very small frame or if
you’re slim guy, which I don’t know much about that personally, but if you have a small frame,
maybe this is not the concealed carry gun for you. But as a larger guy, I enjoy this size of
pistol as a concealed carry. In fact, I may even get one for myself. You can see here the size comparative, how
it would look in the pants. A couple of things that I always look for
in concealed carry, and this is just me, my own personal opinion, for a concealed carry
personally, I like a hammer on a gun because I like to be able to carry it at the semi-cocked
position, which is very safe without a full cock. If you drop it, you don’t have to worry about
an accidental discharge. I also like a safety on my concealed carry
gun. I want that extra level of protection, knowing
that should it be dropped or should it be taken from me, some type of accident happen,
I’ll always have the safety to fall back on. Never rely on a safety, but it’s there for
that extra level of protection, which I like. Also, as a guy with a larger frame, I’ve kinda
learned how to carry one of these. Rather than carrying it conventionally, I
always carry these – and this is just a personal thing – but I always carry them backwards
in the pants, as long as I have on a belt and can tighten and cinch it up, the pistol
were able to lay outside the belt, and it carries very nicely right there on the hip,
even without a holster. Now, that’s all personal preference, but it
seems to work for me. As a matter of fact, I’ve been carrying one
in that manner the entire time we were doing this video, and as you can see, it works out
great. Folks, I’m sold on this little pistol, particularly
at the price point. Less than $250, two, 17-round mags. Come back over here, Dylan, as we close out. Two 17-round mags, so 18 rounds of firepower
in the handgun itself. Additional back straps, cleaning brushes and
so forth. You have the owner’s manual and warranty card
from Sarsilmaz, plus the importer who is here in the states if there’s ever a problem. Fully warrantied in the hard shell case. Only $249.99. Folks, it’s going to be a limited time and
a limited quantity, so don’t wait on this one. Jump on it now. As always, we appreciate your business, and
thank you for being with us at

22 thoughts on “Special Price: CM9 Gen 2 Pistol 9x19mm ​By Sarsilmaz Arms

  1. Adjustable rear sight . It looks as if one can change out the rear sights . I wonder if the sights for cz will fit on this ?

  2. What a salesman. LOL. Under $250 dollars! Only one penny under $250 so you are really paying $250 dollars. It is a good gun though.

  3. This is the only English video on this gun currently. I'm interested in a shooting review but I'm sure its a steal at 250.

  4. You can use the Ruger P-95 holster for these it fits perfect since this pistol has ambidextrous safeties like the P-95

  5. WOW should've gotten one but @ the time i bought a Taurus Millenium G2 and subsequently traded it for the SARB6P of which am very happy anyway… guys sure have a variety of good stuff…my bro made me a believer AND i am a Christian also! bless

  6. 1st off… You're doing good job. Keep it up.
    2nd I don't know why but nobody ever talks about holsters with this gun. I don't want to buy a generic bulky as hell uncle mikes fabric holster has anybody made mention of what'll fit this beauty.
    3rd … prospectively most importantly … Nobody (including this guns super detailed manual) says anything whatsoever about how to change the backstraps… I'm obviously hoping to get a how-to from someone who's successfully done it. And apparently nobody that's ever changed the backstraps on this pistol have ever posted anything about it.
    It's turkeys best kept secret.

    I don't wanna start hammering what looks like a roll pin out till I'm sure.
    Want to avoid damage.

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