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Special Forces Sniper shows off a Minigun | Sniper Locker | Tactical Rifleman

All right, we get asked all the time. You know, “What about the minigun? What about the minigun?” Overseas, you’re running your soft humvees or whether you’re going around through Baghdad out in the desert wherever Normally your humvees would we’d be running either a M2 50 cal on top or Mark-19 you start getting into areas Deep in Baghdad We’re in a lot of urban area we’ve gotten away from using the 40-millimeter grenade launchers either the Mark-19 or the Mark 47 Simply because you’re literally sometimes so close to those buildings that those 40 millimeter rounds don’t have time to actually arm Before they hit the buildings now what does that mean what that means is now off the front of that concrete building bouncing off and coming back to me [are] a Little 40 millimeter bombs landing all over the place not real good when you got a bunch of humvees with assault is Loaded on top of them 50 cals great great weapon because that Ma deuce it will literally Fly right through those concrete walls deeper inside the buildings Swing arms on the vehicles. We would have the 240 machine guns of the saws They bring a lot to the fight however If you want to break the enemy’s morale bigger than anything else there is nothing on the battlefield better than the breath of Allah, the minigun got that name running around in Sader City ictf and the green berets that were being advisors for them. We’d mount these on our humvees different deployments [it’d] be on the lead recon vehicle other units would run them one vehicle back so that they could protect that lead vehicle But no matter what it was when you got in that gunfight? Yeah, trace is going here. [coming] both ways when you open up with this garden hose right here 3,000 rounds a minute running downrange it is literally a garden hose. You’re just painting the windows that you want now They won’t go through the concrete Walls but and I saw it happen in Sader City You start a map at that third-floor window even if he goes the guy in the pajamas cuts back inside the room You work a couple hundred rounds inside that window they start going off all the walls inside the room bouncing around Making a nice little food processor form it was a great great gun runs off of the two actual motors One motor will be on top of the ammo can mounted and behind you in the humvee It’s got a hopper [three] [thousand] rounds in it per can The motor on top of the can is pushing the ammo and pulling it up out of the can the other motor up here is pulling the ammo up through the food chute and rotating the barrels Runs off of electricity because it’s fed the Mount into the vehicle There’s no recoil in your hands at all that the vehicle is absorbing all of it And it’s not a impulse like the ma deuce that would actually get the vehicle rocking. It’s a constant push It’s a very very smooth weapon to shoot and that’s why the door gunners like to use them on the helicopters my particular deployments We had the fixed rate guns that would only shoot 3,000 rounds a minute There are other versions of the mini guns where it’s variable from a lower rate to a much higher rate very very easy Flip up the Safety switch it basically covers your trigger and After that you grab onto these spades you push that button down And you just hold on you just start writing your name on the side of the buildings beautiful beautiful thing some point .62 great great round The actual minigun ammo is a hard link in other words. It’s not your regular 240 Mm Or the links are actually a little bit harder So the belt doesn’t stretch The other difference is it will come linked with a tracer one every ten rounds instead of one every four. so one every five one in four mix Great great weapon system, the only downside is you’ve got to maintain it. You’ve got to keep it clean Yeah, you definitely want to be careful of anybody turning these barrows, what setting in Mortville? We would actually take a big orange [harold] screwdriver and set it down through here So people would know [that] the gun was hot, Dave you got anything you want to add Everything you said I didn’t hear the word accuracy you talked about the impulse of that gun in that vehicle rocking, but this thing. That’s smooth Extremely accurate Karl: very, very accurate Dave: and we can mount any optic on this thing with the [real] accessory nighttime daytime lasers Karl: run the big Surefire Hellfire spotlight on it with the IRL our machine guns we’re always taught 6 to9 round burst net were designed to get a tracer or two out there for spot They sing a high rate of fire it is [it] is deadly accurate. Breath of Allah. We’re not the ones who named it. Karl: We didn’t name it. They did

100 thoughts on “Special Forces Sniper shows off a Minigun | Sniper Locker | Tactical Rifleman

  1. all the gear, and the guy in pajamas with the rusty ak / sks / lee enfield is still winning…. your politicians been selling you lemons since the 1950s…

  2. shoot one it's a instant hard on trust me. everytime we shoot I have to go spend 5 minutes alone afterwards

  3. If you happen to experience an erection lasting more than three hours after firing this weapon contact a doctor immediately….

  4. The 1st time I saw this gun in action was in Predator and when he cut down the jungle with it it was the most amazing thing ever for a little boy.

  5. What about one shot one kill what ever happened to accurate precision fire and not spraying and praying. Nothings worse than witnessing accurate single shot kills all around you not just hearing the spraying and twang of heavy machine gun fire

  6. What he put his hand on the weapon calling it a motor is actually a feeder/delinker. Does exactly what it says. The gun drive motor is the peice that has the cannon plug on it.

  7. I think it would just be better if the U.S. would just get some MG03 from Germany since its still a fairly high rate of fire but not as much as a waste of ammo compared to the minigum.

  8. Awesome! Thank you sir. – "However, every once in a while, someone would be stupid enough to pick a fight with us, and I would get to flip up that Red Safety, hit that trigger, and let that โ€œBreath of Allahโ€ sing."

  9. Lol….. I have got to get me one of these bad boys(Trust me, I know they are not sold to the public.)!!!!! Lol…!!!!! I'd simply die of a heart attack, if I ever were to find myself on the business end of one of these.

  10. I find it distasteful how casually these guys talk about killing people. I get it, it's either them or you etc. and if you think about it too much, you're unable to kill others…
    But c'mon… show some humanity. It's not a sport is it? :/

  11. Thanks to the DLA guys on the 5th floor who keeps the GAU humming. Barrels and links are the key. I was the M2 guy for a year. Spent 11 years on MRAP Team too.

  12. I would pay five dollars a month to be subscribed to a podcast of yours.
    If you guys just told stories for sixty minutes every week itโ€™d be gold.

  13. The more I look, the more I find with your videos. For that i thank you, Sir.
    Only downside is I could watch them ALL day and not get anything else done. LOL
    As for the Breath of Allah Minigun, in a word, AWESOME!
    I'd LOVE to own one but feeding it would cost a bundle in order to get to play with it outside.
    Thanks for the video, Karl, and for your Service!

  14. Do conventional forces outfit with these now, they didn't in my day, pretty much just sf had these luxuries! Love the channel!

  15. Breath of Allah!! I remember guess calling the minis on the spooky ships that back in the day! Another I remember is Allah's fingertip which is what they called the javelin!!

  16. lol iโ€™m thinking ok team we gotta clear that house. no worries i got this spray the whole house then yell out itโ€™s clear now.

  17. So, If I decide to carry this for EDC….spare Ammo Cans forward….there a pouch for that? For a 1 1/2" wide belt ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Thatโ€™s awesome, so the rounds would bounce all over the room and eventually make contact with the intended target? Thatโ€™s a pretty cleaver idea, I know you guys are know to be creative.

  19. It's fun to shoot as well as a morale breaker, but on 3000rpm you've got just a minute of trigger squeeze, so I see why sf guys are mostly the only ones using it

  20. I used these in Iraq Australian army โ€œ. We have a 50 cal version 3 barrel in a triangle configuration up to 2800 a min it brings the pain that fucker.

  21. Wonder why it wasn't use in Somalia during that ranger and Delta operations that cost lives of soldiers. The actual footage the Humvees not one have minis .

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